Conflicted Council in Cornwall Adds $500K to Benson Vanity CIC Slush by Jamie Gilcig

Cornwall Ontario –  David Murphy has aspirations to run for Mayor of Cornwall in 2018.   In the meanwhile he voted to support the vanity project of his long time employer, Gerry Benson.

The farcical waste of cash and Liberal slush funds going into the CIC are shameful pork of the rankest reek.

While the likes of Murphy voted Monday night to give an organization a TEN YEAR $50K per year commitment this is what was presented to council.

Any elected official who would look at this sheet and go “Yup, let me just roll you out $50K per year for 10 years” clearly is unfit for office.


Can you imagine what “ol moonhead” would do if he was mayor? 


With the city in a tax and budget crisis where was the sanity in this?  In other media reports, a very unqualified Kelly Bergeron blarted that somehow a free ten week course via this excuse to pump city cash into NAV Can, who doesn’t pay municipal taxes in Cornwall, will lead to jobs that pay nearly $100K per year!

Now that’s magic from someone who’s listed on the above napkin scrawl for $30K per year herself.

Benson, who led the now failed and dissolved Community Action Groups charge to reign in taxes, and whose pledge to reign in taxes Murphy signed, was present Monday night to watch his chums dole out the tax dollars.  Many who voted Monday night were on the CIC Steering Committee which means that they petitioned the city council for cash and then voted to give out said cash.

Murphy had recused himself from previous votes but seemed to have no issue with the lame duck $500K payout.

Does it really make any sense for the taxpayers of Cornwall to subsidize any outfit that doesn’t pay municipal taxes or the vain whims of a an old man who simply is looking for a legacy other than hiring pedophiles?

Does it make you feel like this legendary video from the movie Network from nearly 50 years ago?  Is it time taxpayers in Cornwall get mad too?

What do you think dear CFN viewers, especially those of you in Cornwall facing a whopping near 5% tax increase this year with a lot more to come next year?

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  1. And I thought it was just Elaine MacDonald that didn’t understand conflict of interest rules. It appears most of the monkeys around the horseshoe don’t or do as Elaine MacDonald does and just closes her eyes to it. Arrggghhhh!!!!!

  2. It’s absolute BS! This needs to stop. The people in Cornwall need change! Jamie for mayor!

  3. Conflict of interests demonstrates a failure to whom they represent….constituents. Those who have money seem to have a different set of rules, just like the corrupt council before them who got away with wasting millions of tax dollars to cover up incompetence. They all need to go especially the lawyer who seems to be able to differentiate the rules and look the other way.

  4. These “political” elites keep forgetting who they work for. It is idiots like this, without work experience or common sense, make decisions that impact all of us.
    Do we need traffic circles or roundabouts? Only the well paid consultants/friends of the political elites have the answer.
    So what if we’re the only city with a traffic circle? Big deal!

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