5 Reasons Why David Murphy is Unfit to Run for Mayor of Cornwall Ontario by Jamie Gilcig 050218

Cornwall Ontario – Like the fat kid chasing after the ice cream truck to be first in line conflicted Cornwall City David Murphy registered to run for Mayor on the first day possible.

It was no surprise to many including the #metoo women he hit on while teaching at St. Lawrence College or local barmaids. Mr. Murphy has refused to respond to questions about hitting on his former students and other local media have so far given him a free pass on the issue.

Murphy essentially is a stooge candidate for the Benson team.  He just voted to give the Benson vanity thingy a ten year $500K bag o cash from taxpayers at a facility that doesn’t pay municipal taxes based on this spreadsheet presented to council.   That clearly isn’t being fiscally responsible.

There’s not much originality that emanates from his yap.   He flows with the directives even to the point of flip flopping.  For example he stated that he wants to support an arts centre (the city apparently has just purchased the BMO building on Pitt) yet not only has a poor track record of supporting arts in the community, but was a juggernaut to kill funding for the City’s only art asset, the former public art gallery.

At one point he skipped a board presentation to council and then just popped into the meeting to essentially trash the gallery and vote against funding.

He clearly doesn’t understand that elected officials are there to serve all, not just those that pay their salaries or think they’re cool like Dan Allaire who has been announced as his campaign manager, but has not announced if he will be taking a leave from his Corus gig as clearly that would prejudice any other candidates.

While serving as the chair of the lay committee people that didn’t run, but were related to council members were given seats at the free pizza table while others were not allowed no matter how many committees they applied to or if they ran for election or not.  Normally anyone that runs for office is given a priority for committee selection.

When we ran our mayoralty poll his name was included even though he’s shown gross prejudice against this newspaper and we aren’t a public service, but a company that has suffered from a prejudicial municipal boycott during his term of office.

He doesn’t understand media or how to communicate with them.  For example, he didn’t send a release or invite to this newspaper even though we have the largest viewership in this city, in this community he is asking for support from.   He may not like what’s written or the owner, but what does he have against those of you reading this; many of whom wouldn’t even know he was running today if you only read CFN?

He’s a coward.  Straight up.   When yours truly challenged him to a boxing match a few years ago he accepted and then kept adding conditions; all of which were agreed on until he simply chickened out and backed away.  He later did a charity match with his campaign manager that looked more like sumo wrestling than anything resembling pugilism.

And finally, he IS a large part of why for two terms a city management and council have allowed the tax levy to rise by about 20% per term.    He can whisper sweet nothings to the voters, but the reality is that he was a key part on key committees of each of those councils that tax raped the residents of Cornwall.    He’s made mention of things he’d like to see, but doesn’t seem to have a clue how to effect them which really isn’t leadership.

A vote for David Murphy represents the very worst that is Cornwall.     And that would be very sad for this city when it’s at a critical juncture and fighting for its fiscal survival.    He just led a motion that will discourage development of property in Cornwall just to get to a mystical voodoo moment of saying a record tax increase was only 3.97% when even he would know that if you have to borrow cash and put off needed repairs to shave the number down you’ve essentially failed.

No thank you Mr. Murphy.   You’ve proven your not fit for any public office, and certainly not fit to run for mayor.

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  1. Mr, Murphy and Dan will wipe the floor with the amount of votes garnish in October, not sure the 6 you’ll receive(ADMIN) will be enough to make you the grand Poubba.

    Editor’s Note. It appears this comment was made by one Jeff Primeau who can explain to the Racine family why he’s an utter douche. It was not pulled down because yours truly isn’t as thin skinned as Mr. Murphy and most of our council and clique members. Some of actually understand that when you’re in the public eye, morons like Jeff Primeau will exist and spout their nonsense.

  2. I’m surprised you only listed 5. It’ll be interesting to see who else runs. From rumours, etc. this will be an interesting election. If the mayor runs again I wonder who he’ll throw under the bus this time. The current crop of monkeys MUST be defeated if they run again!! Not one of them deserves to be reelected!!!

  3. Author

    Hugger anyone that knows anything local when it comes to politics knows that Les didn’t win the last election. It was yours truly and CFN viewers that were what it took to get him in office. This time around he’ll have no such support. Looking at how he’s been voting it looks like he’s been courting labour. IE the line at the Doug Ford event when a local businessman asked in mock surprise if Les was still a conservative. 🙂

  4. I’d be surprised if O’Shaughnessy runs again. The way he runs council is disgusting. He yells and tries to intimidate councillors to vote his way. That is not how a mayor should act. That may work in other cities, it won’t work here. All 11 monkeys deserve not to be elected. This council has been a utter failure and that is all I can say and still be nice and not be censored.

  5. Author

    Hugger are you letting your inner “jules” out?

  6. Moe The Toe & Jamie ,

    I find it very disrespectful that any person would attempt in any way to
    connect their opinion to Cornwall’s own very great and respected Ottawa
    Rough Riders lineman & kicker known far and wide as Moe The Toe Racine .
    Moe passed away recently and should be shown proper and due respect .

  7. Jamie I bet that you and everyone misses me badly. LOL LOL. ROLF! I am having a good laugh at this end. Yesterday and today were the first times that we got hubby out to drive us (my daughter and myself) to the stores for some groceries. Hubby didn’t go inside yet and is taking one step at a time. I thought that I would bring you and all up to date. I would like to see you as mayor Jamie.

  8. Not everyone is a leader and OShaughnessey is not a leader at all. The present cousellors are only good for one thing a really good laugh but nothing else. A good laugh will not help with the high cost of living nor for jobs or anything else. New people are very much needed and people who are educated and know about budgeting, etc. Monkeys indeed and are there for the free chow.

  9. Jamie you have leadership abilities and I know that you have some good ideas in you for Cornwall. The people have to make some changes in themselves if they want to get ahead. There are problems here in Ottawa with the condos and they cost a lot of money and you are not really an owner – you share with everyone else and really have not much of a say. I hope you get the mayors seat.

  10. I wouldn’t go as far as saying I’m letting my inner Jules out. This council has been bad from day one. But lately they have, IMHO, earned their new moniker that I have been using “monkeys.” As in “monkey see, monkey do” It’s time to sweep the cage clean.

  11. Author

    Again Jules, last time I ran a corrupt police chief with Mayor Kilger and his campaign manager Pat Finucan on the police board, allowed me to be put in jail and a even more corrupt Crown, Julie Burke, refused to drop the charges after they were categorically proven false. IE, their disclosure said that I made calls from my phone on exact dates and times where I allegedly uttered threats. A production order from Bell stated I never made the calls. Police Chief Parkinson pulled in nearly $800K since, Sgt Maxwell and Cst Macgregor were never sanctioned and Mike Bedard, who issued the false claim was given a free pass with the police refusing to charge him.

    That wouldn’t want to make anyone go through that again, especially as it was outsiders and not locals that stood up for my defence including the late Gerry Conlon of the Oscar winning movie Name of the Father starring Daniel Day Lewis, and Conrad Black amongst many others who reached out and helped me endure being smeared, tarred, and feathered, especially by local media.

  12. Pat Finucan… The crooked dean at St-Lawrence. He’s a POS! He just looks like a weasel!

  13. It’s Hugger1, not Jules.


  14. Hugger you must have the jules bug of some sort. LOL LOL. It is a great honor to pass it around. ROLF! I cant stop laughing. Honestly Jamie for a great many years Cornwall has been electing the same bozos for many years and all part of THE BIG CLUB of Cornwall and if one is not part of that BIG CLUB with the same warped ideas and panhandling to one another then you didn’t get in.

  15. I hope more people put their names forward before nominations close on July 27. The list now does not bode well for Cornwall, if all the incumbents put their name forward. But if O’Shaughnessy runs again at least we’ll be rid of either him or Murphy.

  16. More people should be on that list for mayor of Cornwall. One thing is sure is that if I was living in Cornwall I would vote for Jamie Gilcig. I know that Jamie went through hell down in Cornwall and I wouldn’t wish that on anybody and those responsible should be charged and in prison for what they did to Jamie. Jamie Cornwall does not deserve you at all. You are too good a person for that.

  17. Jamie any good legal system would never approve of this happening to you. This Jennifer Burke should have her licence taken away. Jamie there are many reasons why I wouldn’t go back to Cornwall and this is one of them – a very bad legal system and the clique that I hate so much. Things are a great deal worse today than what it was in past years.

  18. It doesn’t take 5 reasons to decide whether a mayoral candidate is unfit.
    To be a good mayor, one should be a good person… ’nuff said.

  19. Jamie I never say anything that I don’t mean. You know by my posts which includes those that were never posted by you that I feel that way 100% and more. You went through hell down in Cornwall and there are many people who go through all of that without anyone to help them and the laws stink to high heaven. There is no justice only JUST US and how very true that is my friend.

  20. It’s not often that I agree with Jules, but now I do. The way the city is being run it’s time for someone like Jamie to be mayor and show the clique the backside of the door hitting them as they’re swept out of office and our lives.

  21. Author

    Send a cheque hugger 🙂 Hope you voted in the poll. Honestly I am getting asked to run, but geez, it was so gosh darn fun last time with the false arrest with the mayor on the Police Board, his campaign manager its chair, and Dan Parkinson needing a near $1M new contract to lead him to his retirement.

    I’ve always said if I ever left Cornwall it wouldn’t be because of the bad guys and gals, but because the good people don’t care enough about their own community.

    And judging from the lack of real support this newspaper is getting we’re right at the red line.

    Life is too short to waste on people that would rather destroy each other and their homes than build something together. There’s nothing wrong with not being first or not being the best, but there’s something really wrong with a culture that simply is too toxic for creative and progressive development to occur.

  22. Jamie we haven’t met yet but honest to God I call you my friend and the same way with Hugger LOL LOL. ROLF! Hugger I don’t say anything that I don’t mean and yet you are a good man. Jamie Cornwall has been very toxic much longer than my 67 years on this planet. The people of Cornwall want everything for nothing without lifting a hand. Jamie if I was in Cornwall I would help you.

  23. Jamie hubby had 2 tubes coming from his lungs into a small container that our daughter drained every day and both tubes were removed lately. Hubby had pneumo sepsis and Dawn knows what that is about. Remember the actress Patty Duke well she died of sepsis. This is a deadly disease if not treated on time.

  24. Author

    Jules I’m glad your hubby is making it through. He’s lucky to have you and your daughter to help take good care of him.

  25. Jamie I remember very well that it was your paper that got Les elected. Oh yes I remember that very well. I remember that you were in the first row filming Les and others and Les came out with something about his competitor was filming him. It was your readers who voted for Les. There is that horrible clique and backward mentality that has to be thrown out and drastic changes needed for Cornwa

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