It’s Time to Stop Giving the Cornwall Colts a Free Ride by Jamie Gilcig 100418

Cornwall Ontario – Geez there are fire sales and bad deals,  and there is the sweetheart deal that the City of Cornwall is giving the Cornwall Colts for some reason?   I mean this is worse than a Marc Bergevin trade.

At issue is that the city has two facilities that have far too much empty space.

The Colts, who aren’t much of a draw and actually get players to pay to play on the team,  are now being offered a three year contract with a 40% discount on ice time and 100% of rink board advertising.

Does it make sense to give the team 100% of the rink board revenue for three years for about 30 games per season?   Nope.   Does it make sense to give the team a 40% discount on ice hours?  Well maybe at the Benson Centre, but the demand does seem high for ice time at the Civic Complex.

Let’s agree not to be a grinch and give them the 40 points, but for three years?  What if there simply is a better tenant that shows up as has happened and as had hurt the chances of success and thus more revenue for the city.

No no no.  This is just lame and very bad business.    The cost of the complex doesn’t even warrant a rink any longer, certainly not on highly valuable waterfront property.

This writer could understand that if no big tenants were viable for this season to give them a sweet deal for ONE YEAR, but what kind of really bad city manager gives out three year deals of this nature and what kind of council would rubber stamp it?

When your mayor is talking about a 7 percent tax increase for 2019 how can a city afford to keep filling Colts ownerships pockets at our expense?

If you care about the #taxrape going on in Cornwall you have to watch which of these councilors not named Murphy vote for such a silly deal.  It needs to be held to one year and the rink boards need to be the city’s to rent out in full.  Anything less is abusive to you and I and everyone else that pays the bills.

What do you think dear CFN viewers?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. Why should get the discount, let alone the rink board revenue?? Sounds like DM has his paw prints all over this. The deal stinks. If they get the discount then all renting should.

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