Retired Cornwall Firefighter Mark A MacDonald – Bob Turner Would Make 1 Central New Fire Station LTE 100218

The new Council really needs to consider the possibility of having one central location for the new fire station, such as the old Bob Turner site.
Attached is a map of the city that clearly shows a 6 minute response time that covers most of the city and is still well within the allowable response times for an Initial Full Alarm Assignment.
Don’t be fooled by the empire building that is presently going on.   Schools, hospitals, churches and banks are being closed and realigned and yet they want to build another fire station. 
It’s time to enter the digital age and modernize our public safety services.  We need less fires, not more fire stations.  The focus needs to be on prevention and enforcement. 


Mark A MacDonald – Retired Cornwall Firefighter


  1. It’s a good idea. HOWEVER this city’s love of one way streets is a deterrent to it being successful. Fourth St E would have to be converted to two way traffic. Other one way streets in the area would also have to be considered for conversion to two way traffic for this to work successfully.

  2. Author

    That’s not a the biggest obstacle Hugger.

  3. No, it’s not the biggest obstacle. I’d say the biggest obstacle is the firefighter’s union. Is the Bob Turner former site large enough for a super station that would include fire station, offices and training facilities? If we’re going to have a central station then the offices and training facilities need to be located there as well. I wouldn’t want to see Joe St Denis field encroached upon.

  4. What in TARNATION does the small town of Cornwall want with so many fire stations? Things must be really heating up down there. OMG if I sneezed at one end everyone would hear it at the other end. This is really crazy. I am picturing the characters on the old movie screens jumping around all over the place that would be what would go on in Cornwall and they wouldn’t know where to start.

  5. Jules, it’s one proposed super station to replace two outdated stations. Though some will debate whether the Second St E station needs to be replaced.

  6. Hugger I remember so many many many years ago when I was a student in the French system of St. Lawrence High School which is now La Citadelle and a bunch of us went over to the fire station where it is downtown and one of the girls that I was with – her father was in the city in a high position. I agree with you that things have to be updated and that is so true.

  7. Jamie,

    Do you or does anyone know where Mark A MacDonald landed / no where to be seen here ?

    Seems he’s disappeared , Phone # cancelled , what’s up here ?

    Have you any answer to the questions asked ?

  8. Author

    Bill Mark is a private person right now. His city cell is of course no longer active. I’m sure if you wish to communicate with him, if he wished to communicate with you, communication will happen.

    I think Mark, like many of us, have lives inside and outside of Cornwall. Most of my social life for example is outside of the city because I get tired of the local bs and drama.

  9. Editor,,,,,
    I’m somewhat surprised that Council or HOTC, has not suggested the Legion Ball Park as a potential site ?

  10. Author

    Are you trying to be a SDer? 🙂 Happy 2019!

  11. If it happens it has to be a central location.

  12. There is or was an old fire station in the east end on one of the streets and no you sure don’t need so many fire stations in Cornwall it is way too small. All you need are two for such a small town and the most fires are in the east end. If you build one big one central and have enough fire engines and manpower it should be ok and it depends on how busy things are down there.

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