Harry Valentine on Fluoride in Cornwall Ontario Water – FEB 21, 2016 #LTE

A news item appeared on Feb 19 that Cornwall City Councillor Andre Rivette wants fluoride reintroduced into Cornwall municipal water, citing comments from the medical officer of health that fluoride-free Calgary recorded an increase in childhood dental cavities. The news media reported that University of Calgary recently conducted a study on childhood dental cavities in BOTH Edmonton and Calgary, involving grade-2 level children. The study advised that “BOTH cities recorded dramatic increases in the occurrence of childhood dental cavities” and Edmonton actually ADDS fluoride to their drinking water.

Perhaps Councillor Rivette and his friends at the EOHU may care to explain the dramatic increase in dental cavities in fluoridating Edmonton!! The news media in fact reported on it!!

Historically, it is a known fact that somewhere between kids starting school and their pre-teen years, Mother Nature causes their ‘baby teeth’ to fall out, replaced by permanent teeth. Grade-2 kids are at an age where their ‘baby’ teeth begin to fall out. In the process, the human body reduces the amount of nutrients and minerals to ‘baby’ teeth that are on the way out. So it is perhaps a foregone conclusion that despite Edmonton adding fluoride to their city water, that grade-2 level children’s ‘baby’ teeth could have cavities prior to falling out.

Perhaps there’s not enough fluoride in the toothpaste, or perhaps people are not applying sufficient fluoridated toothpaste to their teeth at high enough frequency. However, tubes of fluoridated toothpaste carry a warning, ‘DO NOT SWALLOW’.

While Councillor Rivette is panicking about Calgary, Vancouver gave up fluoridated city water over 30-years ago . . .  and over the past 20-years has recorded an identical rate of childhood dental cavities as fluoridating Toronto. With regard to Councillor Rivette seeking to reinstate hydrofluorosilicic acid into Cornwall city water, let us recall that a concerned citizen paid a fee to invoke the Freedom of Information Act to legally require Health Canada to release data attesting to the safety and dental effectiveness of hydrofluorosilicic acid. CFN actually carried a link to the reply from Health Canada that they had zero information on file to attest either the safety or dental effectiveness of hydrofluorosilicic acid. Prior to that reply going public, Cornwall’s medical officer of health made statement about the compound to Cornwall City Council.

However, a minority of Cornwall City Council advised that they will only take directives on the fluoride matter from the medical officer of health, perhaps implying that with them, a statement from Health Canada obtained under the freedom of information act in regard to hydrofluorosilicic acid would be of zero relevance, despite Health Canada being unable to directly provide information to attest to the dental effectiveness of hydrofluorosilicic acid. If Health Canada is unable to provide such information, neither can the medical officer of health.

The last time the fluoride issue came up in Cornwall, the issue of fluoride pollution from Massena aluminum smelters also came up and was dismissed on public radio by a representative from EOHU that “it occurred in another century!” However, study dating from 2008 and commissioned by the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne revealed fluoride hotspots within a 20-km radius of the aluminum smelters . . . except zero information about fluoride pollution at City of Cornwall, see:



The intake for Cornwall’s municipal water is located right across from an aluminum smelter and it is unknown as to the amount of fluoride that entered Cornwall’s water supply at the intake pipe. Except that both Cornwall and the Mohawk region record a very high rate of disease that could be caused by excess fluoride intake.


  1. It’s going to be an interesting debate. Hopefully “experts” from both sides of the debate get to present their arguments to council on seperate days. The presentations should be on seperate days and then another meeting should be set aside for council to debate and vote. Nothing worse than trying to get your points across and having someone disagreeing with your POV.

  2. Calgary Alberta took the fluoride out of the water and if you contact Calgary to find out what is going on with the people then you might have something to go on whether to keep fluoride or remove it. There are many cities that have taken out the fluoride and it is harmful and even when they tell you not to swallow toothpaste it is for very good reasons.

  3. Yes cities have removed fluoride from their water, other cities have it in their watet. What does that tell you? Not much other than it’s hard to determine who really is the “experts” on this issue.

  4. Ask yourselves about that heep of garbage dump that Domtar left behind in the middle of town and that adds to the pollution of water. Who in heavens name made a deal with Domtar to leave that cancerous garbage behind. That too does a great deal of harm to the water table and people seem to just accept that filthy crap that they have to breathe in every day who was paid ot look the other way.

  5. Contrary to others beliefs we have not accepted Big Ben and choose to ignore it. It was agreed upon by previous governments. It should be a priority of governments to rid Cornwall of that monster.

  6. Author

    Hugger if people don’t pressure said governments nothing will happen. If people aren’t aware of Big Ben they will not know to pressure anyone.

  7. Will Cornwall City Council consider environmental industrial fluoride contamination in the region between 1900 and 2015 ?? We could be dealing with up to 35,000-tons of fluoride in the area’s soil . . . . with measurements only taken south of Cornwall. The head of EOHU is no expert on environmental fluoride contamination . . . and Cornwall residents may have grown veggies in soil with fluoride

  8. I agree Admin. But in Cornwall there doesn’t seem to be the desire to push governments to do something about the giant environmental disaster sitting in our city.

  9. If only the sheeple knew about the amount of cancers that come from Cornwall they would all be up in airs about what is going on and has gone on. The poisons from the mills which spewed into the air and soil will not go away not for hundreds of years and fluoride alone is a very minor thing compaired to the other poisons that still linger and will never go away – you can’t smell it but it is ther

  10. There is a young girl in Cornwall of only 14 years old in the east area (better part) of Cornwall who has cancer. A baby on the Native reserve died of brain cancer. My husband’s nephew of 53 years old has brain cancer in Lebanon and we all ask where in the hell does all that come from. Something is not right with so many people afflicted with cancers and other endocrenic diseases and heart, etc

  11. Hi Jules, between 1900 and 2016 the smelters at Massena pumped out an estimated 35,000-tons of fluoride emissions . . and much of it definitely fell over Cornwall Island and City of Cornwall. Except we only have toxicity measurements for Cornwall Island . . none for City of Cornwall, because measurements were never taken.

  12. Hugger if people don’t fight back then nothing gets done. The stupid brain dead idiots who go and slide or ski on that mound of cancer causing chemical dump in the middle of town have to be as brainless as can be. Winter, spring, summer or fall you are breathing that garbage into your lungs, etc. and it is mighty cancerous. Who in their right frame of mind accepted for that dump left behind.

  13. An interesting debate? What debate? The present council knows nothing about debate since they have no capabilities of doing anything. The previous municipal government had a bit more sense than this one which is a real joke. God Help Everyone when you have a useless bunch who are there to make jokes and collect a pay cheque and nothing more. Nothing ever gets done in Cornwall.

  14. Cancers are not unique to Cornwall. Ottawa has some due to Domtar and other paper mills previously being in Gatineau, Shawvilla and others along the Ottawa River. This is not a Cornwall exclusive problem.

  15. Does anyone know who allowed Big Ben to be created?

  16. I remember CIP Research in Gatineau when we were living here years ago as well as E.B. Eddy and both were like Domtar pulp and paper mills. E.B. Eddy that I can try and recall was situated at the entrance area of Ottawa and Gatineau – hard to remember in my senior years and it stunk to high heaven. Shawville is well known for cancers as well and I got the name from Mr. Oldham.

  17. Hi Hugger1 and Jules . . . The rate of illness along the south side of Cornwall is much higher than east Ottawa or Shawville. Akwesasne has a high rate of illness . . . they were downwind of the Alcoa smokestack (fluoride) while south Cornwall was downwind of both the Reynolds (fluoride) and Domtar smokestacks

  18. The ‘experts’ who addressed a previous city council totally ignored the question of industrial fluoride emissions and related fluoride soil contamination in this area. Subsequent to their addresses,Health Canada was unable to verify the dental effectiveness of HFSi-acid, leaving a question of possible conflict of interest involving the ‘experts’.

  19. Ontario’s MOH, Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health, Health Canada and the World Health Organization all consider fluoride safe to use. And to quote from another publication “And what about Calgary? Just three years after they stopped fluoridating municipal water, a reputable study shows a significant increase in cavities for children in grade two. How sad…” Who do you believe?

  20. Author

    Hugger regarding Calgary I’d like to compare that study to other communities that have stopped fluoride and see if any of them saw any “upticks” in cavities in children.

  21. Admin….it’s like i’ve said a few times…..with “experts” on both sides of the debate who do you believe?

  22. Author

    You weigh the real data and resolve. You look at studies and look for the real data and not the spin.

  23. Hugger1 and Admin . . . the 7-year long Calgary ‘study’ has been scrutinized. Cavity rates were rising steadily on a straight line curve over the 5-year period while Calgary was still fluoridated . . . and continued to rise on an extension of the same straight line curve for 2-years without fluoride. Why were Calgary kids’ cavities rising during 5-years of fluoridation ??

  24. And determining who provides the real correct data is just part of the fun.

  25. The ‘safe’ fluorides are calcium fluoride (aka fluorspar) that is now used to make optical lenses, lab-processed lithium fluoride that is very expensive with applications in medications and nuclear power industry, purified sodium fluoride that is used in drugs and in toothpaste and previously used by municipalities. Zero safety info about HFSi-acid from Health Canada

  26. Hugger1 on the question of who allowed Big Ben to be created? The City of Cornwall wanted to permit the development of a toxic waste dump within the city limits. While the City had final authority they had to lobby the provincial government for approval. The council of the day was successful and the rest is now part of Cornwall’s history.

  27. Hugger1…in 2007 the Ministry of the Environment approved the dumping of asbestos at Big Ben plus the coal tar and creosote contaminated soil from the Circle Square shopping centre site. In 2010 the Ministry granted Paris Holdings the right to divert runoff from leachate polluted lands directly into the St. Lawrence river. The Benson Centre is built on polluted soil. This is all public info.

  28. So, Big Ben will be a Cornwall legacy. Oh, joy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. God Almighty it took Mr. Oldham to come out with the truth about Big Ben and everything was hidden. I knew very well that the federal government was behind all of this fiasco with Big Ben and everything else and if any of you believe in Global Warming you need to get a new brain because it is all a hoax and the government is steeling from the people and its long overdo to wake up.

  30. I knew about the Benson Centre being constructed on polluted land and I knew about Paris Holdings after reading so much of things going on in Cornwall and about Willie giving money to purchase that piece of polluted crap land that Domtar owned. I have seen the leach flowing into the St. Lawrence River while on my walks some years ago. You all have a nice little gift left behind from Domtar.

  31. Furtz did you know that the governments want to impose a flagilance tax. You, your animals as well as my husband would be in deep trouble. LOL LOL. All of that is pure nonsense and there is no global warming because it has been going on for milenia long before any of us ever existed and the governments are steeling from all of us. They should get rid of Big Ben as well as the Benson Centre.

  32. Big Ben . . only part of the story about Cornwall’s legacy of pollution. We has gas galore from the paper mill smokestack . . . . . and the pollution that came from the smokestack at Massena that winds carried over Cornwall and Cornwall Island . . . . measured in thousands of tons of it and very definitely in the soil on the island (and they want to add it to our water)

  33. Now we see why there is so much cancer in Cornwall and Mr. Harry Valentine awoke me to something that I haven’t even thought about. I knew about the aluminum plant in Massena but it is much worse than I thought. When I see the Ministry of Environment approving of Big Ben and now what Mr. Valentine said Cornwall is in worse shape than what I thought. This is a disaster.

  34. Just a clarification point….the Ministry of Environment (MOE) is the Ontario government, noty the federal government.

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