The medical officers of health across Ontario are pushing hard to add fluoride to municipal water and companies that supply fluoride chemicals will certainly make a profit. One Ontario MPP even wants to mandate compulsory municipal water fluoridation across Ontario. Except that citizens who want fluoride free water have severalContinue Reading

A news item appeared on Feb 19 that Cornwall City Councillor Andre Rivette wants fluoride reintroduced into Cornwall municipal water, citing comments from the medical officer of health that fluoride-free Calgary recorded an increase in childhood dental cavities. The news media reported that University of Calgary recently conducted a studyContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – Council decides whether accept a report from management and decide on September 22, 2014 to foot the bill and add fluoride to our drinking water or not. With the new treatment plant upgrade costs could be steep while many in the public are demanding an end toContinue Reading

CFN – A member of Cornwall City Council recently released information that the City of Cornwall had temporarily suspended the addition of fluoride to the municipal water. Without public knowledge, the situation that had been ongoing for 2-months, the result of problems related to the storage of the hydrofluorosilicic acidContinue Reading

CFN –  A determined group of protesters filled petition sheets in front of City Hall in Cornwall Ontario.   After being rebuffed once, Liz Leduc and her team have starting a petition that can be signed across Cornwall and the area. I shot some video of the group trying toContinue Reading

CFN – Liz Leduc was peddling her bike all over Cornwall this weekend getting people to sign the petition to ask the City of Cornwall to stop adding fluoride to its drinking water. Fluoride Free Cornwall will be gathering signatures for a petition to end water fluoridation outside of cityContinue Reading