Harry Valentine Calls Bull Pucky on Dr. Paul & EOHU on Fluoride Safety LETTER TO THE EDITOR

LTE UCFN – A member of Cornwall City Council recently released information that the City of Cornwall had temporarily suspended the addition of fluoride to the municipal water. Without public knowledge, the situation that had been ongoing for 2-months, the result of problems related to the storage of the hydrofluorosilicic acid that is added to the municipal water.

Readers may recall that the area medical officer of health appeared before Cornwall City Council to suggest that hydrofluorosilicic acid was actually safe . . . and most of Cornwall City Council literally bought the suggestion, hook, line and sinker. HOWEVER, a resident of Alberta recently used the Freedom of Information Act to require that Health Canada release documentation proving the safety of the compound.
Health Canada replied that their department had no documentation on file to such effect, as revealed in this .pdf copy of their correspendence:
If the national ministry of health is UNABLE to provide documentation to attest the safety of hydrofluorisilic acid, then what was the source of information used by the medical officer of health during his presentation to Cornwall City Council, alleging the supposed safety of the compound? The packages arrive at the filtration plant with skull-and-crossbones clearly marked as well as a disclaimer, “Not tested for human consumption”.
The HEALTH CANADA ACT requires that ONLY substancess that have been tested and approved by Health Canada be used for medical purposes. The absence of any certification of Hydrofluorosilicic Acid opens the door for a citizens’ group to make application to the courts for the following purposes:
– Present to the judge the relevant section in the Health Canada Act that forbids the use of substances unapproved by Health Canada for medically related purposes
– Present to the judge documentation that Health Canada has neither tested nor approved of the substance called Hydrofluorosilicic Acid for medically related purposes
– Present to the judge evidence that the City of Cornwall has been adding a substance unapproved by Health Canada to the municipal water supply
– Make application to the court to issue a court order that may be served on the City of Cornwall to suspend the addition of a substance unapproved by Health Canada, hydrofluorsilicic acid to the municipal water supply until such time that Health Canada actually tests the substance and issues a writ of approval for the application of the substance.
At the future time after Health Canada has tested hydrofluorisilicic acid and has issued a writ of approval for that substance, the Medical Officer of Health may then obtain official documentation of such approval from Health Canada, the sole agency that has authority to approve medical substances across Canada, and present such documentation to Cornwall City Council.
The Medical Officer of Health may already be aware that there are other approved fluoride compounds such as medical-grade sodium fluoride that may be considered as a possible substitute to the unapproved hydrofluorosilicic acid.
The citizens’ group may also consider contacting the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons to inquire as to that college’s stand in regard to members of their college suggesting that municipalities add to their municipal water supply, substances such as hydrofluorsilicic acid that have neither been tested NOR APPROVED by Health Canada for the alleged health benefit of a community of citizens.
In regard to the additional of hydrofluorosilicic acid to the municipal water in Peel County, Ontario, a lawyer recently appeared before that City Council to advise the municipal council that the municipality as well as individual members of council could be liable for the medical expenses of city residents whose health may be harmed by hydrofluoroslicic acid, as reported by Toronto Star:

The manufacturers and distributors of the compound have already absolved themselves of liability by displaying the skull-and-crossbones printed on each package. Based on the presentation by a lawyer who appeared before the City Council of Peel, elected members of Cornwall City Council who persist to enforce the addition of hydrofluorosilicic acid to the municipal water, could find the municipality and themselves liable for any harm caused to citizens by a substance NOT tested and Not approved by Health Canada.

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  1. Even if Health Canada does eventually approve hydrofluorosilicic acid for medical use, the mass medication of the population through the water supply should never be allowed. Paroxetine is approved by Health Canada. Should that be added to the water as well? It’s known to relieve anxiety and make people happier.

  2. The way I see it is if someone doesn’t like the way the municipal government does something then they have two choices…grin and bear it or move.

  3. The decision to consider applying for a court order on this matter is based on a precedent set by judges, who excuse themselves from hearing a case if they are personally acquainted with a defendant or a complainant. They do this to maintain a high standard of professional IMPARTIALITY and to avoid any suggestion of Conflict of Interest.

    When Mr Paul Brisebois of Fluoride-Free Cornwall appeared before Cornwall City Council, a senior member of council advised that he was a member of the board of directors of the EOHU. Two other members of Cornwall are either members of the EOHU board or have connection to that board and/or the medical officer of health. When this citizen forwarded information from a PhD in chemistry to members of Cornwall City Council as to the make up of hydrofluorosilicic acid, one member of council replied that they “will only consider input by the medical officer of health”.

    Based on a precedent set by Canadian judges who have excused themselves from hearing cases when the defendant or complainant is a friend, it is the opinion of this citizen that there may be a possible conflict of interest involving some members of Cornwall City Council and the medical officer of health.

    While some members of council may be partial to the opinions of the medical officer of health, his opinions would be of no relevance to a judge. The relevant documentation to be brought before a court would need to include:

    – Documentation from Health Canada that they have no record of ever having tested and approved the compound known as hydrofluorosilicic acid

    – Documentation of an Ontario regulation that pertains to municipal water, forbidding the addition of any compound not tested and not approved by Health Canada. The compound known as hydrofuorosilicic acid falls into this category.

    – Documentation from Health Canada that only compounds that have been both tested and approved by Health Canada, may be used for medical or health purposes across Canada. The compound known as hydrofluorosilicic acid falls into this category

  4. Author

    Harry, conflict of interest in Cornwall? Pshaw! 🙂 (he typed tongue in jest) This is almost like Mayor Kilger and Councilor MacDonald not only not recusing themselves, but actually voting on funding for the Benson University report which too date has never been received at council….

  5. Further to all the concerns here, when it comes to conflict of interest,perhaps it is time to ‘follow the money’.

    Perhaps it is time to have a transparent accounting as to all trails from corporate ownership, right through shippers, handlers all along the route.

    Money as we know can be a major motivator for the intransigence witnessed with this counsel and our EOHU.

    Of course it could simply be an ego trip as to who gives the orders……an arrogant council or an arrogant EOHU and friends covering for friends and associates.

  6. Feel free to start a citizens group to pursue this. We all know how well citizens groups do in Cornwall and other cities.

  7. Wasn’t Bare Ass involved in the ethanol gas made from corn and there was a plant somewhere not far from Cornwall and there was a big stink where to put it. I remember reading something about that some years ago.

    One other thing is that doctor in Cornwall in charge of the health department said that the vaccine for young girls against cervical cancer was safe when all the time there were deaths in the US over this vaccine. I remember disagreeing with him on that vaccine.

  8. And we’ve seen how well the group has done so far.

  9. Fluoride Action Network Canada


    The Council of Canadians
    Acting for Social Justice

    26th October, 2010

    The Council of Canadians :
    “We have taken the position that there are environmental and health concerns associated with the fluoridation of drinking water, and that this is an issue best decided through public consultation and debate at the local level.”

  10. @ Hugger. Are you saying that if your local council says you must ingest a certain medication, your choice is to either take the medication, or move out of town? Seriously?

  11. Fluoride Alert. Org


    Water Fluoridation Overview:

    Communities Are Starting to Get the Message:

    In recent years, communities throughout the United States and Canada have started to reassess the conventional wisdom of fluoridating their water.

    Many of these communities, including over 50 since 2010, are reaching the obvious conclusion when stripped of its endorsements, well-meaning intentions, and PR-praise, fluoridation simply makes no sense.

    Europe reached this conclusion a long time ago. It is now time for the U.S. and other English-speaking nations to follow suit.

    For more : http://fluoridealert.org/issues/water

  12. Hugger when I first saw your post of people should injest that poison or move out of town I was literally shocked. What happened to you did Domtar and Courthaulds poison infiltrate your brain and did damage? You have always been intelligent but this took the cake. I had to read it enough times and sit here asking myself what happened to Hugger. It was some comment that came as a shock. WOW! Fluoride itself was used by Hitler in the camps to keep the prisoners calm and it is a poison. The same with fluoride in toothpaste it tells people not to swallow it and call poison control. You really put out a shocker to some of us. I can’t get over this post of all the posts that you and I disagree and agree with this one really blew my mind and I didn’t know what to answer you.

  13. I NEVER said to inject that poison as a few of you refer to it. We elect governments for a reason, to govern. Without governments we’d all be left to fend for ourselves. Yes, sometimes they make mistakes. Until the experts on both sides of the issue can agree on if we should be putting flouride in the water I’ll stick with what the municipal government has decided. But that’s kind of a moot point as seeing as its not being used in Cornwall now. And no, I don’t care to discuss it. This topic has been discussed far too much IMHO.

  14. I love the head of Cornwalls anti floride group like a brother while he rails against a non existent problem(floride) in the water he smokes cigarettes

  15. StopDrone/strikes…I guess it’s do as I say, not as I do, eh?

  16. Not everyone in this community smokes cigarettes!

    Those who care about their health expect protection/education from Dr. Paul at the EOHU.

    Residents in this community and every community have the right to know what is in the water they drink and the air they breathe!

  17. I do believe there is legislation for the right to refuse treatment at the federal level and that there is no municipal or provincial jurisdiction that countermands that right.

    Therefore by adding this product they are infringing on our rights as well.

    If the city has willingly put hazardous chemicals in our water there is an act of negligence with intent to cause harm. (Ignorance is no excuse for breaking the law).

    Maybe a legal course of action is in order at a higher level of courts

  18. @ StopDrone/strikes. Dumping non-approved, or even approved medications into the public water system is “a non existent problem”? What does smoking cigarettes have to do with it? Would his opinion be invalid as well if he drank beer, or ate Big Macs?

  19. There are more worries than fluoride in the water and that is the flushing down of anti-depressants, birth control pills, along with so many other meds. Even in the urine of a woman who takes birth control pills that goes into the water system as well. These are things that people are not talking about but exists and is a serious problem on people’s health.

  20. All toxic compounds that enter our body should be of great concern to everyone.

    Also: What negative impact did the fluoride programs in schools years ago have on the long-term health of the children who received those treatments?

    Will we ever know the results of what fluoride did to those young children. Food for thought.

    There are thankfully locations to dispose of unwanted or not used medications. There is no need to put such drugs into our water systems/rivers or lakes.

    People are talking about these issues and that is why people share a collective concern regarding toxins,our daily life, our health, the air we breathe and our environment.

  21. It should be up to the community to decide whether to fluoridate or not, but do so after informed debate between both sides with the community involved. Why worry about fluoride in your water? Don’t rely on the majority of the anti-fluoride rants you read on the internet. Are you worried about the aluminum sulphate (it has a big T for toxic on it’s label), sulphuric acid (also a skull and crossbones!), polyaluminum chloride (Toxic!)or the various polymers used in water treatment from time to time as conditions of raw water change? The fact is, the municipal water from your tap is safer than bottled water. It is tested to meet very strict tolerances whereas there is an incredible laxness with spring water and even the almighty Perrier. Our life expectancy went up as we began to treat water and when fluoride was added tooth decay rates went down. Facts. Industry and agriculture have really messed up things and mother nature has an army of organic nasties that can really make you sick. As someone who works in the water industry (and yes, sells HFSA and other chemicals)I remember with interest the public debate in Hinton, Alberta and there were two doctors, one for, one against on each side of the room and in the end, the townspeople made their decision. I suggest Cornwallites concerned stop referring to it as a “toxic poison”, as many substances in high concentration will kill you. Instead, focus on the cost of hydrofluorosilicic acid and call it the unnecessary budget item that it is. Now that we’re all brushing our teeth with fluoride toothpaste there’s really no need to ingest litre after litre of fluoridated water. It’s a solution who’s time has passed.

  22. @ Greg Reynolds. You seem to be suggesting that if the majority thinks that mass medication of the population through the water supply is a good thing, we should all STFU and drink the medicine. Am I reading that right?

  23. I’m not falling for the “medication without consent” angle. If I brush my teeth I’m medicating? The milk industry is medicating us by adding vitamin D without our consent! There is too much internet distortion on this issue and the anti-fluoride propaganda keeps changing with the times. First it was a cheap way for the Carnegies and Mellons to ditch an expensive byproduct, then it was the Germans! Oh those dastardly Germans were using it to keep their people calm, LOL… and so on, and so on. Every 10 years or so the stories get wilder and wilder yet after all these years, the FACTS continue to speak for themselves. Look, your rights to say no to fluoride are not being taken away from you. Buy a reverse osmosis filter. Buy distilled water. But how often do kids in Cornwall (example) go to the dentist? Be honest. How many families take themselves and their children to the dentist every year? I’d bet that those who are able to NOT go the dentist for long periods can thank the fluoride in the water. Anti-fluoride crusaders love to tout how Europe has stopped adding it to the water supply and the decay rates are stable and or dropping. Europeans also enjoy dental care and fluoride treatments in their school systems and generally have better access to treatment than North Americans, and specifically Americans. . Fluoride naturally occurs in foods and groundwater. Some water plants are de-fluoridating because there is simply too much. Fluoridation fears are irrational. No one is playing a trick on you. A lot of bottled waters have more fluoride in them than tap water because producers aren’t required to state concentrations. So in the end, communities should decide what they want or don’t want in their water. My own belief is that I don’t require fluoride in my water nor do my kids. We go to the dentist and use toothpaste at least twice daily. To add it to our drinking water is redundant and a waste of money but perhaps to someone who does not have a dental plan like mine it is still doing some good. Cornwall’s not adding it to water presently. Good! Now never add it again and keep an eye on tooth decay. In a few years you’ll have all the answers.

  24. @Greg Reynolds . . . . during the very early years of water fluoridation, naturally occurring calcium fluoride was the compound added to water. Quite often, it occurred naturally in groundwater and in streams. At the present day, the finest optical lenses used in cameras and in the optical-telecommunications industry is made from calcium fluoride, as is some jewellery. As a result, the cost has sky-rocketed.

    @Furtz . . . . . Many jurisdictions and nations that previously engaged in the practice of mass-medication via municipal water distribution systems, have discontinued the practice. Unfortunately, we still have a prevalence of paternalistic behaviour amongst some elected and public sector officials in several jurisdictions across Canada.

    @ Filtration Plant Staff . . . . . you have a handbook at your office that includes an Ontario statute that forbids you from adding compounds not tested and approved by Health Canada, to municipal drinking water. You and citizens across Cornwall can click on a link in this letter, that opens a .pdf file from Health Canada . . . advising that their department has no record on file that pertains to any testing of HFSA (hydrofluorosilicic acid). However, it is likely that either an elected official or a non-elected official who is on the public payroll, may issue an order to add the compound to Cornwall water . . . . and in a democratic society, the people have a right to know the identity of the official who issued that order.

  25. When fluoride and other chemicals are bad for the health then they should be banned. Fluoride is mighty dangerous and does not stop tooth decay at all. Brushing regularly and eating the right kinds of foods is the source for good oral health. Calgary banned fluoride from the drinking water.

  26. I agree with Greg Reynolds where Europeans have much better dental care and not only dental care but a much better health care in general and my own family physician and others said the same thing. Another thing that is going positive for Europeans is a much better diet than what we have here in Canada and the US.

  27. @ Greg Reynolds . . . . you raised a very valid point about European dental care for children . . . and they have very low rates of dental cavities/caries. One problem across North America is the predominance of processed foods and snacks that contain large amounts of sugar. Diet is one of the major determining factors of dental health.

    However, the sugar industry is financially very powerful and politically very well connected . . . . so getting excess sugar out of people’s diets is a long way off. In wealthy families, parents ensure that children eat a healthy diet and learn dental care at home.

    In poor families, children may likely eat more junk food that includes more snacks that are high in sugar content . . . and fewer children from poorer families would have learned about proper dental care in their homes. Its a sad statement that fluoride compounds were added to drinking water to protect children from poorer families from the result of their diet and the state of dental care in their homes.

  28. @Furtz
    I only suggest that he dedicate more time to stopping the drug that is more likely to kill -Nicotine. Stopping the big macs and beer would be next on my list..floride about 99th
    To Lighten the mood I was almost killed by people dropping their gd cel phones off the bridge yesterday while taking photos..three at least…talk about a danger!!!!!

  29. Author

    Why were you standing under the bridge on that day of all days? 🙂

  30. Furtz were you in the water by any chance for a cell phone to almost kill you? LOL LOL. I just had to have a laugh on this one. This morning in the park many people were taking pictures of trees, shrubs, etc. and my husband was wondering if that group belonged to a photography class at Algonquin College. There were seniors painting on canvas as well – so many beautiful scenery around. I am happy that I have a few photos of the old bridge which is history. I would be mighty afraid to walk or ride on the present bridge.

  31. @ StopDrone/strikes. I get it. Only those who have no bad habits and who are as pure as the driven snow should be permitted to express concerns about chemicals being dumped into the drinking water supply. Perhaps the debate should be
    restricted to include only vegans and yogic flyers?

  32. Jules….The new bridge is safe and a lot better than that old rickety one that will be coming down soon.

  33. Hugger with the old bridge I was scared out of my witts crossing that one but this time it is low and more like water skiing. LOL LOL. That one gives me the willies as well just being so close.

  34. It’s better to be closer to the water than higher up.

  35. You’ve got that one right Hugger. I used to cringe being so up high. I can count the number of times that I went over to Massena which was very few.

  36. Does any one drink bottled water? Do you understand how the bottled water industry is regulated? Are you aware that it is generally accepted that tap water is much safer? Personally I would be more concerned with the chemicals (that most of us could not pronounce) in our food. Really people, fluoride can be naturally found in water sources and in higher concentrations than our tap water. It is a nutrient not a medication. Its specific addition to our water is a point of issue because there is not a good case to support either side of its usage.

  37. Once again David, I call BS. Radio active material such as radon, and other toxins such as mercury, trichloroethylene, fluoride etc. occur naturally in our subterranean water supply. Just because something occurs naturally, doesn’t mean it’s a good thing. If you want to drink more fluoride, go for it and enjoy. But just because you think it’s good, shouldn’t mean everyone should have to drink it.

  38. @Furtz…you create the impression that when you have passed your judgement on someone anything that they comment on from that point on is subject to your small minded verbal abuse and shallow wit. Had you actually read what I wrote and comprehended the content you would have realized that I was neither pro nor con concerning its usage. Rather I was acknowledging that it was a contentious issue. I would invite you to be more mature with your comments. No disrespect intended.

  39. Just for the record too much water consumption can kill (ingesting not referring to inhaling). This simple truth I believe has to do with sodium amounts. Any amounts of chemicals that have been added to drinking water have been done so at what is universally considered to be tolerable levels for human consumption. Other than sodium deaths (drinking to much water too quickly} I am not aware of any other deaths attributed to other chemical additives to our drinking water. Anyone?

  40. Just the cheap stuff if tax money is paying for it.

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