Should Council Kill Fluoride in Cornwall Ontario Drinking Water? Decision Tonight – Sept 8, 2014

water or flourideCORNWALL Ontario – Council decides whether accept a report from management and decide on September 22, 2014 to foot the bill and add fluoride to our drinking water or not.

With the new treatment plant upgrade costs could be steep while many in the public are demanding an end to the adding of these chemicals to our water.

Currently no Flouride is being added to Cornwall drinking water and it will cost between $250-$300K to upgrade plus about $50K per year in costs to administer.

While it should seem like a no brainer this is the Kilger council we are talking about.

Video below of Anti-Fluoride protest in front of City Hall.

CFN asked all of the declared candidates for a comment for publication.

Candidate Rony Macarone stated:

 I would like to see the fluoride out of the public drinking water supply.  

This is a substance that has no proof of any health/dental benefit at all via ingestion. 

From candidate Gary Samler:

Fluoride is a highly toxic corrosive substance  that can cause a range of adverse health effects over long time usage.  Adding these chemicals to our water system is unsafe, unnatural and unnecessary

There is no scientific proof that adding fluoride to our public water system is in any way effective. I will work to support any safe water campaign.

Eating healthy and brushing your teeth after meals will benefit our health and environment more than adding dangerous chemicals to our water.  Gary W. Samler

Candidate for Mayor Jamie Gilcig added:

Fluoride was a strange trip to nowhere that needs to end.  It’s time to clean up our water and stop adding poison to it!

What do you think dear CFN viewers?  You can post your comments below and please vote in our poll.

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Should Council Add Fluoride to Cornwall Ontario's Drinking Water?

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  1. @ Jules, You are welcome.

    @ Hugger, no person should be made/forced to take something against their will. We are not given a choice, it is being made for us and without our consent. This is wrong regardless of the reasons why people state it should be in the water.

    This is why this becomes so dangerous, not only from the health standpoint but morally. We each have the right to take a medication or not.

    We each have our different point of view, and many people feel the same, yet it is obvious from the many communities and countries that have abandoned the use of fluoride in the water that the overall health community and the voice of public opinion has spoken loud and clear.

    Fluoride should not be in our drinking water.

  2. @ Jules.

    In one comment you said you hoped that Canada would burn, hopefully Jules you are aware of the deadly dangers of Woodsmoke Pollution, breathing the fine particulate matter (PM 2.5), the harm to our daily health and our fragile environment.

    People in Canada are suffering daily from exposure to Woodsmoke pollution that comes from Residential and Recreational wood burning.

    Woodsmoke is associated with COPD, Cancer, STROKE, Cardiac and Cardiopulmonary disease, learning disabilities, Asthma and more.

    A quick search of Woodsmoke and our Health will bring you to thousands of articles regarding how toxic this form of airborne pollution is.

    See: Clean Air Revival

    See: Families for Clean Air

    Woodsmoke contains many of the same toxic compounds as tobacco smoke. We cannot filter the fine particles that enter our lungs when we breathe PM (2.5). These particles go deeply into our lungs crossing over into our cells, causing irreparable damage.

    70% of Woodsmoke from wood burning stoves enters into other homes. Woodsmoke cannot be kept out of our homes.
    The fine particulate matter enter any and all crevices in a home, which means even if you do not smoke you are being made to smoke the toxic chemicals from neighbourhood woodsmoke pollution.

    Jules, please take a moment to become informed about the deadly toxic chemicals in Woodsmoke and I am certain after reading more you will decide that you do not want Canada to burn or people to continue to suffer, become ill and die premature deaths from one of the many associated Woodsmoke known diseases.

    You can also check out the Woodsmoke Activist.

    Hopefully you will take time to read this information because many people remain unaware of how deadly woodsmoke is to our health.

    Even healthy people can be harmed by woodsmoke pollution from all forms of biomass burning.

  3. Until all the “experts” can agree on a course of action where do we stand? Some “experts” say flouride is good for you, other “experts” say flouride isn’t good for you. So, we are no further ahead until they all get on the same page.

  4. Author

    Hugger isn’t that what the argument was for smoking? How many died because of generations of dragging on what was pretty darn clear?

  5. I agree. But the pro “experts” on smoking were from tobacco companies. The “experts” in the flouride debate are in the medical field. Until they agree on what is what I’ll continue to drink city water.

  6. Admin,

    Thank you!!

    This is exactly the point and again, thank you for making this so clear to the reading public and many viewers.

    We face the same concerns with Woodsmoke pollution in our urban communities due to the fact that woodsmoke contains hundreds of toxic compounds, many such as Lead and Mercury and others that are found in Tobacco smoke.

    Yes, generations suffered from the smoking issue and it took time for people to become informed and our Health Units/Boards to act and our municipalities to adopt by-laws and bans.

    In fact Chicago has just banned smoking in 580 parks, as activists and the Lung Association recognize the urgent need for banning smoking in public places. Bravo for Chicago.

    Those who care thank you also for speaking the truth regarding this toxic issue.

    We need more strong voices who care!! This sets the tone for a city that cares and wants to move forward not stay in the dark ages of denial and ignorance.

    Like many things, the writing is clearly on the wall, all we have to do is become informed and take action.

    People are sick, people are suffering and attention should be brought forth to the public regarding issues that involve everyone.

  7. For anyone interested you can find the smoking ban article in today’s Chicago Tribune.

    Also: Chicago Park District Bans Smoking at Parks.

  8. Hugger it isn’t that Cornwall is the only city with corruption what I was trying to say is that it is the only town that seems to have a clique in charge of the hen house and trying desperately to hide the dirty dealings and dirty laundry wherever they can and to chase very good people out of town by any means. We have seem that with Perry Dunlop and I am sure there were others as well. The Barney Fife PD is mighty corrupted and must be replaced and the sooner that it is replaced the better. The clique must be run out of town before any more disasters happen and that includes Bare Ass and Parkinson.

  9. Author

    Jules when you post in the manner that you do you have the opposite effect that you probably mean. You come off hysterical and missing a few screws frankly. I think we have to give you another mini vacation.

    When you’re ready to come back please note that we have to moderate comments. We hate deleting comments; but you can’t say things that could get people sued and damaged. You’re allowed to have an opinion; but please remember that nobody likes broken records.

    I think at this point you don’t like the establishment in Cornwall and think that it’s corrupt. Many others do. Change comes from voting for change; not from screeching into the wind.

    We have over 60,000 viewers per month and we have to moderate thousands of comments. You can’t suck up as many resources as you have been doing.

    Please think about that during this mini vacation and if and when you come back please keep your comments short and on topic without potentially being abusive. I don’t want to ever have to moderate or delete one of your comments again.

  10. OK Jamie. I will just answer a few just now and will come off for a while. I wrote you about your beautiful pets and they are precious. Take care.

  11. It was industry (tobacco) that deceived so many!

    It was the medical teams/associations and many dedicated activists who brought light to this deadly issue of smoking, certainly not the Tobacco companies, as they denied for years the deadly facts about the harm tobacco smoke does to human health, including second-hand smoke and even third hand smoke.

    Certainly, industry will always tilt and slant the facts in their direction. Why not, this is what they do best…sell, make money, many times deceive people into thinking this is a good lifestyle and a great product, buy it was their motto! Package it up so it has appeal, sell it and reap the tobacco harvest.

    Millions/billions of innocent lives were lost and people became addicted to the toxic chemicals in tobacco/cigarettes.

    So the “pro experts” as you state Hugger, deceived millions and had no intent on helping, saving or caring about the health and well being of anyone.

    The only thing they cared about were the profits that went into their pockets and lined their bank accounts and the many perks that went with it. Of course, just as many died of smoking-related disease in the long run.

    Thank goodness for the dedicated souls who fought for the rights of others to be able to breathe healthy air–tobacco smoke-free. For those who work and dedicated their lives to see that bans were adopted, that you could actually sit in a restaurant, smoke-free, not some half way no smoking zone which was senseless and still killed workers and people, like Heather Crowe.

    We owe such thanks to those who never gave up and who wanted to protect the young lungs of children, teens and adults. Due to them, we can eat in safety, go into public places and breathe the air. We can be in a hospital where there is no smoke, we can even live in buildings now that are designated smoke-free buildings.

    It was never, never industry pro anyone that cared about the rest, only their agenda to sell a product that was toxic, deadly and took human life and breath away from people.

    What the tobacco industry became “pro” at was deceiving the public with no regard to human life, health or the consequences of people becoming addicted and dying from a horrible lung disease/death.

  12. Admin,

    What excellent words:

    “Change comes from voting for change”

    Thank you for the clarity you offer to so many subjects and important issues in our community.

    We do have the power of our vote.

  13. Admin,

    As a daily reader of CFN thank you for allowing so many in the community a safe place to air their issues, discuss with others their deep and sincere concerns regarding our community and it’s future and most of all for taking time out of your very busy day to reach out to so many, personally, via your return comments.

    CFN offers something very unique to our community, I hope this continues to grow with support from the community residents along with other readers in various locations.

    Continued success CFN/Admin!

  14. Author

    Thanks OWC. And thanks to all of our viewers.

  15. You are welcome Admin.

    You have done a great job, opened discussions many never would dare to do, and you have offered a fair place where we the viewer can be expected to be treated with respect and decency while we open discussion on so many urgent and ongoing issues that touch all of us in one way or the other.

    I have no doubt that so many daily viewers see this taking place and realize the same.

    We need a “safe place” and this wonderful gift you have given will always be appreciated.

    It has become a place for good sound thoughts, a collective sharing and I feel in CFN, we have found a leader and a friend.

  16. If Jules thinks Cornwall is the only city with corrupt leaders she is living in a bubble. I can’t recall which city it was but there is a city near Montreal whose mayor had to resign due to corruption charges. It happens a lot. To me it is magnified in Cornwall due to its previous history and size. By being magnified I mean because Cornwall is small the problems seem bigger than the same problems in larger municipalities.

  17. Admin,

    If possible I would like to add the name of one very important person in the anti-smoking campaign who became a hero to many and will have helped saved millions of lives world-wide. I did previously mention Heather Crowe, another hero and I would like to include and should have before, Barb Tarbox.

    Thank you.

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