TAG Cornwall President Wyatt Walsh Letter to the Editor – MARCH 18, 2015

Wyatt LORNA Brian FEB 19 2015Dear Editor,

It was suggested at the Budget Committee session that TAG was not a stable organization or that there were questions about its future?.

TAG Cornwall has been around over thirty years, over twenty in the same location.

While it has endured criticism, as all organizations have at one point or another; it has functioned and nurtured some of the finest talent that has ever been exhibited in Cornwall.

It has also been the place where many young people have been exposed to the arts via school and Summer programs.

TAG Cornwall is not about making money.  It’s about promoting art, especially local art and frequently local artists have been given an opportunity that they would not have in a traditional commercial gallery.

This incredibly important service is vital to any community if it truly values the Arts & Culture.

Sadly, five of our eleven elected officials essentially recommended cutting off further funding for TAG for the balance of this year.   The questions asked at our presentation were not related to the presentation.    The statements made were hurtful given the sacrifices that this new board was happy to make to ensure the future success of the Art Community in Cornwall and the area.

We hope that council as a whole would consider the full and true impact of TAG and its place in Corwalll and support the Arts as many of them stated they would during the election.

As President of TAG Cornwall I would like to invite all of the community to let council know that the arts are important to them and that TAG Cornwall is the centre of Art in our great city.

I hope to see many of you at the March 23rd Council meeting.

Wyatt J Walsh, President TAG Cornwall


  1. I agree with what the budget committee did. Until TAG shows some stability I believe it was the right thing to do. TAG has not shown stability over the last few years. With the amount of changes that have occurred on TAG’S board of directors the last little while limiting their access to taxpayers money was correct. If they show some stability then they can re-apply in the fall. As well TAG has shown up at budget committee meetings previously with incomplete documents and / or applications. This is taxpayers money they are asking for, it is not their personal piggy bank where they can withdraw money when they like. It’s time to rein in all of these organizations who toddle up to the trough year after year after year.

  2. It appears the city should have put an end to support for TAG a long time ago. Clearly issues were ignored even while some public figures used (therefore abused) the arts to enhance their own agendas.

    Now is not the time for sour grapes, or to abandon TAG, its volunteers or community artists.

    TAG can play vital roles in the community as fulcrum for the arts; helping grow and sustain a vibrant and cohesive arts community; playing an ambassadorial role on Pitt St. and most importantly, enhancing Cornwall’s reputation.

    If TAG support is ended, artists should rise up and demand the city’s PR site delete all mention of the arts and artists. Either a city chooses to include the arts as one of its core values or doesn’t.

    A city should never fake it.

  3. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Marek and I have been asked to coordinate and organize volunteers for TAG. I will be at the TAG meeting this Wednesday and intend to fulfill my part of revitalizing, renewing and bringing TAG alive. It may not be easy and the challenges may be onerous but with your support and the communities efforts TAG will remain and become a place to showcase local arts. The past teaches us lessons the present provides us the chance to create and look forward to a bright future. I lam anxious to start working with all the volunteers in the near future and help TAG revive, revitalize and carry on forward. Cornwall has a vibrant arts community and needs a place to showcase its talents.
    Thanks for your support.

  4. Mary Anne Pankhurst….City support for TAG should have been put under better control when TAG was running its circus. In previous years it knew when the budgetary meetings were and should have shown up prepared. But it showed up continually with incomplete grant applications and / or incomplete documents. There was no excuse for that.

    The new BoD says it’s going to do a better job. But we’ve heard this before. Until TAG and its BoD proves it has its act in gear I say the restricted funding provided is the right decision.

    Yes, TAG can play vital roles in the community for the arts; helping grow and sustain a vibrant and cohesive arts community; playing an ambassadorial role on Pitt St. and most importantly, enhancing Cornwall’s reputation. But until TAG and its BoD proves it has its act in gear I say the restricted funding provided is the right decision.

    City funding should never be seen as a major or significant source of income for an outside group. If an outside group relies on the city for a major or significant source of income then that outside group should examine if they truly should exist.

  5. Hugger and Mary Anne what I have been thinking for a while now being silent on the Arts Committee is that the Arts should be put under one system whether it be acting, painting, etc. I love art and I am into fabric and wool art and love it and it is something that is my hobby and just now like every day it is on my desk in front of me to work with. I think that everything of art should be under one system and not one operating in one place and another in another place. I think that there should be one board for all and a very responsible board. All expenses should be up front and no games played.

  6. Good idea Jules. But try and get them all to agree on one thing, let alone how to run the organization.

  7. Hugger if they cannot all agree together on how to operate the arts centre then they shouldn’t be in business. It takes a mighty good business mind to operate a business or else you will go down. That is why so many stores and other businesses fail because they don’t use good judgement. People have to learn to co-operate and get along to make a business of any kind work and it goes from the top person down to the lowliest position. Arts is no different to other things you learn to co-operate and work as a team or else forget it.

  8. I applaude Mr. Marek Plachecki’s open invitation to the community to show support for TAG through volunteering their time or providing input and ideas. It seems like a fresh start to me, perhaps I’m wrong in saying that, I can not recall an open public forum with regards to TAG in the past. I agree there have been past issues and currently there remains obstacles for this organization to overcome, but shouldnt we help?

    If TAG could secure it’s own funding through other sources, create annual fundraising events, and build strong community partnerships, then we could have a successful TAG, not a DRAG. TAG should not rely on City funding, as we see, it creates operational problems. This gives the City too much power if TAG succeeds or fails, it appears City Council puts the Arts on the back burner when it comes to funds. I come from a long line of musicians, painters, writers, and free thinkers, much would be lost if TAG goes under or sits on a shelf. We’ve already lost this years’ Lift Off, Winter Fest is done with, whats’ next?

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