Only in Cornwall can the weird get this weird. What we have is a city that historically has not supported the arts. Right now they are paying more to keep a building empty than they gave to keep its former public art gallery open. The city should not be inContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – What a weird group around the council table Cornwall has.    It’s odd, as though some on council have brain function issues….or simply are trying to copy Brockville. Brockville’s art centre renovated an old theatre; with much public money, into a stunning and lovely facility that isContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Corruption is not new to Cornwall.   Sadly it’s in the culture.  Bullying and ignorance is far too common.   This writer experienced it first hand during my time saving our former Art Gallery before it ultimately folded simply because of the insane politics of this area.    IContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – The last stages of the end of the thirty six year old public art gallery of Cornwall are about to start.  The location itself closed in August. The gallery’s permanent art collection; mostly collected during the 90’s in more friendly tax receipt days, will be going to auction.Continue Reading

Cornwall Ontario as a community has historically poorly supported the arts.  With an influx of seniors from communities that do support the arts it makes sense for some of those sports dollars to shift. Sadly, that isn’t the case.  The city’s 36 year old public art gallery, TAG Cornwall, isContinue Reading

A lot of good people have been hurt this year trying to save the City of Cornwall’s public art gallery.   From years of historic corruption, poor governance, and a lack of support in a community that is very very weak artistically the final insults to decency were delivered thisContinue Reading

The problem with media is that sometimes, really bad journalists with really poor integrity can take innocent bits of an answer and build a perspective that creates an entirely different meaning. Today the Seaway News issued yet another hatchet job against TAG Cornwall, the city’s 34 year old public artContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Barrie Wentzell has met and worked with almost every musical great during his stint with Melody Maker magazine in London from 1965-75. That time included working with David Bowie who passed away after a brave fight with Cancer. Wentzell recently visited Cornwall for a fund raising exhibitContinue Reading

Jimi Hendrix, Freddie Mercury, Jim Morrison from the Doors, all of The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Miles Davis, Leonard Cohen, the Who, Bob Dylan, Aretha Franklin, and just about every major musical head liner from 1965 to 1975 crossed the lens of Barrie Wentzell. Mr. WentzellContinue Reading

Yes, I know, I’ve got emails from many of you complaining that I haven’t been writing as much here on CFN these past months. The truth is since January of this year I’ve been spending 40-60 hours per week trying to save our 33 year old institution that is ourContinue Reading

The buzz is that the Centre Culturel, which currently sits in a building owned by City Councilor Brock Frost will be moving into the Cornwall General Hospital where it will open a French Art Gallery and Library. The group is taking over a large 1000 square foot space as wellContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – Tonight council will most likely be giving out nearly $50K to an architectural firm for a feasibility study to create an arts centre in Cornwall or as many in our city are calling it, an utter waste of tax dollars. The community has written cheques to outContinue Reading

  TAG Cornwall was a busy place Saturday August 8th as the gallery handed out $1,000 in cash prizes to area artists who placed in its NEW FACES Juried Show! Rain Kazymerchyk won first place from  jurors Lorna Foreman and Ramona MacDonald Mark Anthony Watt & Ken Muir were tied for secondContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – It was an exciting day in Cornwall Ontario’s public art gallery as Canadian Icon and Master Cartoonist Aislin appeared to do some prep for his upcoming show at TAG! Pictured with Directrice of Awesomeness Kimberley Cameron he dropped by the gallery with his wife Anne and SparkyContinue Reading

I’m not big on veneers.    Politicians live by them.   I’d rather be liked, or disliked, for whom I am than who I want people to see me as. There’s been a certain irony to watch the hate and stupidity roll here in Cornwall of late. We have theContinue Reading

It’s been a tumultuous year for Cornwall’s public art gallery, but the board and public had some fun and enjoyed a lovely downtown Saturday afternoon in Pommier Square! TAG Cornwall wishes to thank the community and especially Andre Pommier & the Pommier family for allowing us to use their squareContinue Reading