Cornwall City Councilor Mark MacDonald Donates to Save TAG Cornwall FEB 9, 2016

Cornwall City Councilor Mark A MacDonald has donated a generous cheque to the struggling public art gallery of Cornwall.
TAG Cornwall is facing a funding and community support crisis and is having a meeting Tuesday February 9th at 7PM to see if the community will step up to ensure the future of the gallery.
John Lester started the flow of cheques into the gallery with his generous donation on the weekend.  More have arrived.   The Gallery asked Council to individually donate and support the gallery and Mr. MacDonald is the first to write a cheque.
He stated:
The Art Gallery needs support, and I’m a supporter of the arts.
markmacdonald01Best of luck with all future plans. 

The meeting is at 7PM at 168 Pitt Street in Downtown Cornwall Ontario.


  1. I have always said that Mark MacDonald was a good man to have on board and he proved himself way beyond what I would have expected. Mark MacDonald is a true gentleman and he is a leader. We always get stuck with people who don’t care or don’t know how to lead.

  2. Mark MacDonald stood apart from the pack when a commonsense approach was employed to deal with Cornwall’s seniors growing residence requirements (General Hospital sale). I applaud his donation to TAG.

  3. Yesterday I thought a great deal about the old Cornwall General Hospital and I haven’t heard a thing about what is happening since the sale of the hospital to some engineer here in Ottawa. The man wanted to make clinics out of the hospital and bring in doctors from elsewhere and that made me laugh. The old General Hospital would have been ideal for the aging population and it is a must to have that facility for that purpose. Cornwall’s population is mostly elderly and that facility would have been a must but Ontario is broke because of McGuilty #1 and McGuilty #2 which is Winnie the Poo. Good health care is a must and something has to be done. What did this engineer do – buy the building so as he can play tidlywinks. The town has money to burn on a lot of mighty stupid things but nothing that is important for its citizens. The town of Cornwall should have taken over the old General Hospital. What in tarnation is going on with that facility?

  4. Jules….the old General Hospital site is now called “The Care Centre”.` It is being transformed into a one-stop shop that caters to health-care needs of the community, in particular seniors. Final touches are being put to leases concerning senior residential units, and professional spaces are also available on the commercial side. Between fifty and one hundred residential units should be soon available, if not available now. There will be no LTC beds, as there are no LTC beds are available in the province. A social worker and a psychologist are already working out of The Care Centre, as is an office for Elder Abuse Ontario. The Care Centre is also reaching out to the community to create new partnerships. A four-person advisory committee has been created to bridge the gap between community needs and the vision of the owners of The Care Centre.

  5. Hugger at least the old hospital is being put to good use. My daughter called our doctor’s office this morning and she found out that our doctor is retiring on April 14/16 and we have to find another doctor. Well at least there are clinics here in the meantime but will get her blood tested soon so as she can get another prescription for her thyroid meds until she can find another physician. We are very short of doctors here in Ottawa as well. Our doctor is in his 80’s and we have noticed very few patients going to see him lately and I think that they knew that he didn’t have long left to practice medicine. Our doctor has been in Canada since 1963 and practiced in Montréal and then sent to Ottawa and he said that he practiced medicine in Cairo Egypt before coming to Canada so he is quite old. My daughter is feeling bad about it since she has to find another doctor. My husband was laughing saying that at least he won’t be around to “euthenize” him since all they are talking about is euthenasia. LOL LOL. We had that doctor since we arrived back in Ottawa and I had him a few times back in the middle 70’s era – gee I knew him from way back when.

  6. Jules, I wish you luck trying to find a new doctor. I used to use a site to find doctors accepting new patients, but it seems that site is no longer available. But you can try the link below. My doctor is in Ottawa. I would like to get one here. But I can;t find one I like. Before I change / add doctors / specialists I research them on the Internet. I’ve found some here accepting new patients before. But once I researched them I decided they weren’t for me. My wife has suggested I move to her doctor. But I don’t like how he works and runs hs office, so I won’t be using her doctor.

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