TAG Cornwall Raises $700 for NEW FACES Show With Dunk Tank & Pie Fight JULY 6, 2015

It’s been a tumultuous year for Cornwall’s public art gallery, but the board and public had some fun and enjoyed a lovely downtown Saturday afternoon in Pommier Square!

TAG Cornwall wishes to thank the community and especially Andre Pommier & the Pommier family for allowing us to use their square to hold our Dunk Tank fundraiser Saturday July 4th.

We also wish to thank Councilors Justin Towndale & Maurice Dupelle for being good sports and Thom Racine who also was dunked along with TAG’s Directrice of Awesomeness Kimberley Cameron and President Wyatt Walsh.
mark vincent TAG DTWe also wish to thank local Comic Mark Vincent for being our funny and talented MC for the event!

The event raised over $700 on the day and was highlighted by former board member Lorna Foreman sinking three victims, and a spontaneous pie throwing rumble that broke out!

TAG Cornwall has a goal to raise $40,000 this year after the Mayor & Council cut the 33 year old public gallery’s funding to zero.
Thom Racine TAG DTToday’s funds will help offset the cost of the NEW FACES show which officially kicked off and will last for the month of July.
kim jamie kevin tag dtThe show is designed to help nurture and develop emerging talent in the community and cost over $4,000.00
The show is open Wednesday to Saturday from noon to 4 PM at 168 Pitt Street right across from Pommier Jewellers.

Thanks to Jason Setnyk of Jasonsetnykphotography.com for some amazing pics!


  1. Floaties and pies??

  2. This was a funny episode and what a waste of food. There should have been a lot more than $700.00 raised for a good cause of keeping TAG alive and well.

  3. Author

    Jules the pies were shaving cream that was donated to TAG for the event.

  4. Pies are food?

  5. If only that was whipped cream then you could throw one to me. LOL LOL. ROLF! How about coconut cream pie or banana cream pie. YUM!

  6. A lot of people around town are asking why were you at the event to promote TAG wearing a CFN Tshirt promoting your business?

  7. Author

    Jerry a lot of people ask a lot of questions. A lot of people should do more to help the community instead of worrying about my attire. People have not been supporting TAG waaaaaaaaaaay before I was on the board. Those same people will still not be supporting the arts long after I’m eventually gone.

    We have way too many Philistines in this community. Sacks of salt that grunt around worrying about other people’s business and ripping things down.

    It’s sad.

  8. Isn’t that what you do Jamie? ask questions? If something seems out of whack .. its up to people to question.

  9. Author

    Jerry I ask people directly. Most hide. Some try and use the police to keep me asking questions. Frankly the Cornwall gossip game is boring and holds this town back. If you hadn’t noticed I don’t bother with it. There are no sacred cows. Most sadly can’t handle that or try to play games as you are doing right now.

    Btw, I just checked your email and IP number. You are not following our comment policy. IE, it appears that you’re a troll.

  10. Mr. or Ms. Troll, Please comply with our conditions for posting if you wish to continue.

    Comment policy reminder
    CFN has a new comment policy. You must use your real first and last name. As well if your email bounces we will terminate your posting privileges.
    We value all input from our amazing CFN viewers and are always trying to improve the viewer experience which includes making this a safe, informative, and entertaining platform.
    If you have any questions please email info@cornwallfreenews.com

  11. Mr Jamie
    Please tell me the seaway free ad paper has it wrong about the conflict court case
    I means its so clear those three shouldn’t have voted on the issue

  12. Author

    Mel I am working on my coverage of what felt like Judicial Rape. It’s interesting that two media outlets failed to cover a single facet of the COI application or issue until that hearing with Bill Kingston spending his energy trying to slur CFN as blog(as if that would really be a slur or a bad thing)

    Cornwall can be a very scary spot in a very scary world…..

  13. Were you in the dunk tank Jamie? It would have been better to use whipped cream instead of shaving cream for the pies. It tastes much better too.

  14. Author

    Hugger I had a attack of agoraphobia and chickened out. It cost me $200 🙂 Someone donated the shaving cream.

  15. I volunteered ONCE for a dunk tank. That water gets real cold real quick.

  16. I enjoyed watching these videos Jamie, wish more people would have come out for a good cause.A Big thankyou to Andre Pommier & those that goy dunk

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