Geoff Stephenson of Cornwall Ontario Asks Why Gas Prices So High – LTE July 5, 2015

How is it that in reading the news from various sources, not one mention of the recent fuel price increase has been brought up?

We recently saw a 6 to 7 cent per litre increase at the same time that North Sea Brent crude went down by 38 cents per barrel.

This price increase was felt across a wide area & by every company in the area. Does this not indicate price fixing & if not, what is price fixing then? I have written to both our Federal & provincial member of parliament & to date have not had a response.

Why are these companies allowed to get away with this but more importantly, why are our elected representatives not looking into this?

Geoff Stephenson – Cornwall Ontario


  1. They are allowed to get away with it because the government’s pull in mega $$$ from gas taxes. And the same reason can be given for why governments don’t look into it. It’s a pure money grab by both Big Oil and governments.

  2. The last anti-profiteering bill that I am aware of died a natural (predetermined date) death, December 31st 1979. This is easily verified. Part of that bill required that gas station owners/operators not raise the cost to the consumer until gas purchased at a higher price had been delivered to the station. Penalties had teeth.

    I am in agreement with Hugger1 in that the government gains on every increase in cost to the consumer. Big win for the oil and gas sector, great deal for any government in power and the consumer finishes…..well I guess as long as we get to keep something it really isn’t finished yet.

  3. We pay for gasoline whatever the oil companies decide what we will pay. It has little to do with the price of crude. It’s what is called free-market capitalism.

  4. Hugger just nailed it. The government is in bed with the oil companies as swell as all corporations. Look at the price of food, clothing, etc. and the government profits off the sales. Take a good look at our industries gone overseas and who profits but the very rich who own the corporations. Some of our people in government who are in the highest positions have stocks in the corporations and are making a killing in profits whereas the rest of us are screaming about needing jobs and jobs done here in Canada and the US. Today you buy junk made overseas that doesn’t last but you go out and buy it anyway. There are tons of chemicals in the foods (especially fast food) that make people sick and get cancers. Many years ago cancer was mighty rare but today it is rampant as well as diabetes, etc. I came across something yesterday and want all to read it:

    “God commands you to choose for yourselves rulers, just ment who rule in the fear of God.
    If the citizens neglect their duty and place unpricipled men in office, the government will soon be corrupt”

    Noah Webster

  5. 1 litre of unleaded is taxed : 10c federally. 14.7c provincially and pay 13% hst on all of the amount. It’s in the goverments best interest to jack up prices.

  6. Government’s best interest perhaps……taxpayer’s best interest not so much.

  7. This is exactly what it is. It disgusts me to know that if ever an answer is forthcoming, it will say things like “what the market will bear” or “it is a free market”. I can’t wait for the upcoming election campaign as I have a whole raft of embarrassing questions to ask!

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