CORNWALL Ontario – The Art Gallery of Cornwall has overcome many obstacles in 2015.    Board changes, a punitive City Council cutting its funding to ZERO, but the 33 year old public art gallery has shown that art and artists are a resilient bunch.

Tired of the petty infighting within the local art community the board made a clear choice in moving forward with its NEW FACES show which is live at the gallery at 168 Pitt Street.  Almost all of the artists are from Cornwall, Akwesasne, and the Counties.

The show focuses on nurturing newer faces with artists that have been exhibited three or less times vying for the $1,000 cash in prizes in the juried show and gaining exposure to sell their works in the market section.


(TAG President Wyatt Walsh hanging a work of stained glass)

“To build an economy for artists they have to be able to earn money.  Art has to become profitable in Cornwall so we can retain and attract growth.  It’s a huge opportunity considering the talent we have. “

Wyatt Walsh, President of TAG Cornwall quoted above is leading the gallery with a new vision.

“We have a new charter, new membership levels and our Artist’s Guild.”

Jamie Gilcig, Director of Communications explains some of the new changes.

“In the past some artists were excluded from TAG and the gallery.  Due to funding shortages and management it didn’t have enough volunteers.     We realized that if TAG is to survive in Cornwall that had to change.  Instead of a group like YAC competing for our funding we have created an opportunity for Artists themselves to lead the gallery into the future by creating our Artist’s Guild which offers services and discounts to our members.”

TAG NEW FACES window 3

Mr. Gilcig pointed out the Board’s dismay with Economic Development & Council not even responding to its request for sponsorship for this show and two others as they drive tourism and more importantly create activity in the downtown core.

The board is entirely made up of artists and that they have one mantra, that they are here for area Artists & the Arts.

The New Faces Show runs until August.  For more information visit or on facebook.

Gallery hours are Noon to 4 PM Wednesday through Saturday although the gallery is hoping to expand them for the show and Summer.

For more information you can also email the gallery at


  1. very well done.inspiring really.

  2. A town or city without art is comletely uneducated and the same goes for libraries. Any place that has neither is completely and utterly dead to the hilt. Art and art galleries like music displays real talent.

  3. Well, we have art / art galleries, libraries and music.

  4. Great art,loved seeing this ,well done

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