Would You Buy a Car from SD&SG Liberal Candidate Bernadette Clement? By Jamie Gilcig

City Councilor Bernadette Clement looked more blue than red as she finally kicked off her campaign in Morrisburg yesterday.    The heat was unbearable and wilted the crowd of mostly seniors and staffers.

bern sad event

Ms Clement looks like the heat was getting to her in the picture above during the hot and very lonely afternoon.   Her next opening will be here in Cornwall in the former Kia car dealership.   One of the staffer/supporters on her team is none other than her council confrere Justin Towndale.

Mr. Towndale returned to Cornwall shortly after his working for Sandra Pupatello in her failed run for the Liberal leadership.   Mr. Towndale himself is apparently the up and comer with political rumblings that he will be the candidate to take down Jim McDonell in the next Provincial race.

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  1. I’d by a car from you dog’s testicles first.

  2. Author

    From a smart one yes Hugger. They know they need your support each election and campaign donations 🙂 If they burn you hard once they’re done. All politicians lie. It’s only the bad ones that get caught ugly.

  3. Still a no from me. As you said “All politicians lie.”

  4. I am staying away from the polls and we are going to face humoungous crisis beyond what people can imagine possible and it is going to take a wizard to solve. Even though I don’t live in SD&G I put a vote in for Justin Towndale in place of MacDonell. I am more than sick of this MacDonnell representing the military and tearing apart poppies, etc. This is a real shame to have such a character around. Thank God I left years ago so as not to bend my head down any longer. Bernadette is a smart cookie and she knows what she wants and will get it somehow. The humidity is horrible and I sympathise with her on that.

  5. As a politician, maybe Bernadette knows how to get what SHE wants, but a representative in Parliament ought to focus on what WE “wants”.

    And while Bernadette Clement, Justin Towndale and (laughably) Brock Fraud may think that it’s OK to treat their city council seats as just stepping stones to provincial and federal political careers… well, they’re just stepping on the good people of Cornwall. Because that’s not what WE want.

    Proof of their commitment to their current jobs?…

    1. Clement, an alleged lawyer, sat quietly by for months on city council while a city employee was illegally harassed and fired for ensuring that: the law was applied on behalf of an elderly victim of abuse, and that the facility charged with that elder’s care abide by the law. Furthermore she sat by during a cover up, and as blame was dumped on everyone except the architects of the wrong doing.

    2. Justin Towndale is now becoming a media hog with sound bites for the camera; his latest being a comment that reflects his total naivety about local affairs — as though cigarettes are the local smuggling problem, and totally unaware of the weapons, people, espionage and more, that our leaky border accommodates for gangsters from eastern Europe, Ireland, Asia and even Latin America.

    3. Lastly, the joke that is Brock Fraud. Only a delusional could think that a credible political party would promote them in spite of a proven past as an ethical moron. For instance, a delusional idiot that pees in a tea cup in another person’s kitchen, or a puerile idiot that posts himself faking an orgasm over the phone to a stranger… or maybe just “Google” Brock Frost. Actually, here’s a link to get you started…
    … on this page you’ll find an entry by “CanadianKid” (aka guess who), trying to start some buzz for a Canadian Kid named Brock Frost.

  6. IMO, he’s a nice, personable young man, well educated, very nice family, but he reminds me of Harpers lackies in the PMO ? As someone has posted, he’s never seen a camera that he didn’t like. For God’s sake Justin, ditch those funky shades ?

    Unfortunately, he reminds me of Bernadette, talks the talk, but never delivers. The scariest part, will he be beholding to the movers & shakers that are connected to Daddy ? These are the crème de la crème of Cornwall society, will he, can he, represent the little people also ? His opponent (McDonnell) is a very weak politician & IMO Justin would soundly defeat him. I personally feel, that he must distance himself from his fellow Councillors, & be his own man ! I’m not saying , for him to go rogue, but this Council is so inept & leaderless, that being associated with them, would not be a plus ! If he does his home-work, deals with the local problems that arises, he’ll do quite well. As of to-day, I would support him .

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