Paying it Forward & Why Good Deeds Are Important – by Jamie Gilcig MAY 23, 2017

Cornwall Ontario – I received an email from a college alumni today.  They wanted to use a CFN photo of a certain politician.

This numpty financially boycotts this newspaper.  His track record is he got elected back home because of his family name after failing at the political game in a much bigger pond.

He’s now turned his seat on council into his own financial gain.   Hey, no sin, and some would say smart, but he’s been a bit of a petty little git, and following jack step with some of his senior political swine here in Cornwall.

A sad mistake, but it’s his life and his choice.   I was asked why I agreed to let this college use our pics.   It’s simple.

Just because someone is petty and ignorant is never a justification to do so.  We carve our legacies.   Sadly though lies travel faster than the truth far too often and there are some so hateful they refuse the truth even when it’s proven.

That’s their road.  Their path, and ultimately their legacy.

It’s far too easy to blame this on the bully culture of ignorance that is far too prevalent in Cornwall Ontario.   It exists everywhere.   Yes, because the dramatic departure of our youth and influx of seniors to Cornwall it may feel more extreme, but you never can go wrong planting seeds of good.

And sometimes the young ones like Justin Towndale figure things out before it’s too late for them…

Do you pay it forward and plant good seeds daily?  Weekly?  Never?

I remember saying to an old chum  something about not kicking a dog when it’s down and he giggled and said there was never a better time.   Of course he’s wealthy and I’m not.

But I truly believe good things and people come to us when we plant those karma seeds.   Do you?

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  1. That is so very true Jamie and when I go to vote for a candidate I analyse everything about the person and when I see that they have done nothing and are dumb and stupid I wouldn’t bother going to the polls. I want someone who is very intelligent and has done good things and I don’t go according to name – names are meaningless. Only dumb idiots go for a name.

  2. Jules, you made me laugh when you said ” when I go to vote for a candidate….”

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