Group Forms to Legally Rebuild the Vincent Rink in Cornwall Ontario – Will You Help? JAN 7, 2015

RIP VRinkCORNWALL Ontario – While City Hall may not have supported the ice rink on Monaco Crescent in Cornwall, the people of the community and frankly, all across Canada clearly do.

So much so that a group has been formed to rebuild the Vincent’s rink.  Members will be meeting Thursday at City Hall in hopes that staff will assist in making sure that no laws are violated and that with a little help from the public and Mother Nature the family and community  will not lose too much ice time.

The city pushed through demolition of the rink boards which resulted in fissures in the ice surface and collapse of sections of the pad.

Currently there are no operating out door rinks in the city which appealed for volunteers to assist with their eventual operation.

The story has gone viral across Canada and we’re hoping to show that Cornwall is a great place to live and grow a family.

Mrs Vincent responded to whether she’d want to see the rink back in her front yard and she said;

Yes!! I actually had a farm call me last night and offered to donate and deliver enough bales of hay to build ‘boards’…

Vincent Rink JAN 5 2015That would be pretty cool

In the meanwhile it will take some help and resources to quickly rebuild.      CFN is proud to be a part of this group.  Frankly I think this city will show Canada how awesome we truly are and that people can really make a difference and pull together.

If you wish to participate you can email  or dial 1 855 444 1133.

Please continue to show your support for the Rink by signing the petition below.

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CFN as part of our community support also do online petitions.

Please consider signing the one to keep the rink alive below.

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  1. Author

    David I’ll be advising the group after meeting with officials today. I want clear concise advice and assistance.

  2. Good for them. Don’t let the rules get you down, instead let them work for you. Being positive and proactive wins out every time. And I bet those bales of hay or straw will be like daggers to the heart for one or two of the neighbours..Gotta luv it.

  3. I’d like to see the rink back up and running.

    BUT, brrrrrrrrrrrr winter. Not a fan of snow, cold or winter. But at least you don’t have to shovel cold.

  4. Jamie…Let me know when and count me in. We had a rink when we were kids, it’s part of being Canadians in the winter time..The city stopped putting up hockey rinks and the kids have no place to play in the evening and weekends. Street hockey is not the same.

  5. Is there nothing else going on in Cornwall or in the world?

  6. Since it was a violation of the bylaws to put stakes in the ground (although not very deep) on the city road allowance for the sake of doing something good for the kids of the area, then would it not also be the same violation of the same bylaw to put campaign signs up all over the city, on the city’s road allowance? After all, the stakes for the politicians signs are driven in much deeper. Or is that not a safety concern, as the mayor claimed it was. ( Elections are just around the corner. May want to give that some thought Cornwall City Council) If you need someone to complain about them (signs), consider this as your first complaint.

  7. It’s too bad there is no one in the city available to look after the possible outdoor rinks available. I drove by one on Ninth Street, lights were on. But no one was skating. It’s too bad some of the community groups couldn’t take these over and run them during the winter.

  8. I will do what I can. I was really hoping our rally would have helped. I have lots of tools if needed. I also have a plow to move snow if needed. Just want the Vincent’s to have there rink back.

  9. Author

    Ken we’re having a rink building party Saturday. Read the next story.

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