Justin Towndale for Liberal Fed Candidate in SD&SG? Andre Bourgon? Bernadette Clement? DEC 5, 2014

Justin Towndale NOV 2014CORNWALL Ontario – What’s in a name?   Well if you’re name is Justin it might just be a hot thing in the 2015 as a Federal election is zooming up.

Some think that our PM will even trigger an early vote.

Here in SD&SG our MP Guy Lauzon has announced he will run again.   Why not?  It’s not hard work for a MP that really doesn’t do much other than parrot whatever Ottawa tells him to say.

While many have complained about Mr. Lauzon’s lack of local representation the local Liberal party has made his re-election easy with multiple implosions.

Denis Sabourin ran against him and lost.   The solution was to bring in Bernadette Clement, a lawyer and Bernie Boo Boopopular councilor.   Clement was recently the only incumbent to get more votes in the 2014 election even with the taint and scandal of the last term of the Kilger clique.

She literally spent nearly two years hiding from the local Conservative machine before pulling in less votes than Sabourin.  Her “New Way” clearly wasn’t the way desired by voters; certainly not in Dundas.

Rumblings in Liberal land is that hot shot lawyer Andre Bourgon is the “Guy”, but now that Justin Towndale has returned home from his first political exploits in Toronto and gained a seat on council word is that he’s being fast tracked to be ready to run in 2015.

Mr. Towndale has denied any such thing; but the thing about buzz and rumors is that they don’t usually happen accidentally.   Liberals are far more loose lipped than Conservatives and under Trudeau they have their best shot at regaining this seat.

The riding association has really lost its footing.  It’s recent Maple Leaf dinner with VIP guest Marc Garneau drew less than 40 people and was said to actually have lost money which is never a goal for a fund raiser.

What do you think CFN viewers?  Do the Liberals have a chance in this riding in 2015?   You can post your comments below.

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  1. While I agree that the Liberals need a “name” candidate does Justin Towndale have that name? And is he known outside the city of Cornwall?

  2. Mr. Editor,

    Interesting article, my concern with Justin, is who will he represent ? He is in my opinion, a very fine young man, well educated, good values & his parents could not be better people. However, IMO, his father was instrumental in pulling his “blue ribbon” strings in getting Justin elected. In an election, that’s all fair game, but will he be able to represent the other people, that do not attend those “blue ribbon events” ? Let’s be perfectly honest, prior to the election, he (Justin) was an unknown ! Am I being cynical ? It is my hope that he becomes the shinning light for us at City Hall, then moves on to higher Office ! Best of luck Justin.

  3. Author

    Well Bebe CFN is not allowed to cover his dad’s CTC event so you may be onto something. I’ve never understood why any charity would put all its eggs in one media basket? Is it about the cause or about the perks of running the charity?

  4. There are two that I have in mind and one is Bernadette Clément and the other is Justin Towndale. Both are very bright people and can help defeat that idiot Lauzon. All these people have to do is practice how to send out bereavements to people who are not even deceased. LOL LOL. ROLF! The two that I mentioned have a lot more brains that Lauzon ever had and Lauzon is fit to retire.

  5. I think the clock has run out on Bernadette Clement running as the Liberal candidate in a federal election. She was defeated soundly by Guy Lauzon in the last federal election. Would she be willing to have round two? I don’t think so. Is the solution Justin Towndale? or someone else? I guess we’ll see when the local Liberal association calls their meeting to declare their candidate. And is Justin Towndale even interested? Perhaps he should gain some experience at the local level first before venturing on to provincial or federal politics.

  6. I agree with you again Hugger. I think that experience is a necessity for anyone to go at it at the local level. Bernadette (queen Bernadette) has the experience in local politics and she is a lawyer so that would give her a point ahead. She sure does love to talk and reminds me of a certain someone – me. LOL LOL. Seriously between Bernadette and Justin Towndale both are intelligent and the only thing is that Bernadette has more qualifications and experience. I know about the Bourgon family and went to school with Jeannine but I don’t know André Bourgon. If Bernadette and Justin are going to be treated as “outsiders” then this will not work out at all. The people of Cornwall and area will have to modernize or else no jobs will go there at all.

  7. Justin Towndale is very intelligent but it takes a great deal of political experience that starts at the local level. I have seen Justin on some videos where he did some work in Cornhole but I would advise this young man to run as mayor of Cornhole before going any further. You need to know the ropes and how they work or you can be toast. Be careful about those bereavements. LOL LOL.

  8. Jamie and folks this one is out of line. My daughter came back from work and she said that she served some Native people from Cornhole. She said that she felt a little at home. LOL LOL. No way José is what I told her. She is teasing me just now about Cornhole. I said “over my dead body”. LOL LOL. ROLF!

  9. Justin Trudeau has a B.A. in literature and 2 years teaching experience. Justin also appeared in a made for T.V. drama (CBC). While Justin Towndale is likely overqualified in comparison to Trudeau for the office of Prime Minister he might do well as an M.P. Will he get the nod for the next election in 2019 (or sooner)? What would he offer this riding?

  10. Author

    Sadly Justin has played local politics and has not accomplished a lot. He has stayed silent on many of the big issues while pandering to some of the minor ones. He’s getting his face known, but do we need to elect style over substance, again? He’s still young and still has a window to grow, but he has to up his game.

  11. Jamie you are right about Justin after I gave that some thought yesterday night. We have enough Justins to last us a lifetime and I am mighty sick to my stomach with the one here in Ottawa that I call Justine. No tanks enough is enough of this kind – a show off and is a nothing. I like someone real and not artificial. I like someone who gets the job done. This mayor and council are a real jok

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