Cornwall City Council Candidate Guy St. Jean Moving to Florida – DEC 3, 2014

Cornwall City Council Candidate Guy St. Jean Moving to Florida – DEC 3, 2014

Guy & Charlie of Neo VintageCORNWALL Ontario – Cornwall City Council candidate Guy St. Jean appears to be bailing on Cornwall and moving to Florida with his elderly husband Charlie.

From his blog:

Although I was running for Council, the decision to run was a joint decision.  It is extremely important to have your partner’s 100% support, as without it, things would be extremely difficult.  We had many talks about this.  Although our common goal was to eventually spend more time on a beach and enjoy life, I had this passion inside that needed to be expressed. With Charlie’s support we had an understanding.  If I was to get elected, I would give my all and proudly serve my community; and, we would continue to call Cornwall our home.  But, if I wasn’t elected then we would go ahead in achieving our other goal, which was to purchase a home in Florida and live our lives “in the moment”.

That is where we are now.  I guess we never thought that I would finish 11th and on the sidelines, and perhaps, eventually get called up if anyone was unable to continue to serve for whatever reason.  I am not willing to wait for this to perhaps happen.  It may be selfish of me to think this way, but we have to lookout for ourselves and be happy. Thus, we have decided to move forward and make the move.

The irony is the 11th place candidate has a good chance to gain a seat as Councilor Brock Frost is under fire for his handling of the Cornwall River Kings and the fall out from the team potentially folding.  Mr. St. Jean was a front runner in early polling but faded fast as election day approached.

Mr. St. Jean was one of two openly gay candidates (as opposed to at least one still in the closet) that ran for office.  Both failed to gain a seat at the table.

Next in line would be former Councilor Denis Carr.

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