CFN Announces Changes to our Comment Policy – DEC 3, 2014

CFN Banner 1140x250-VER05CFN – Free speech and media comments are a hot topic as we are about to enter 2015 and we at CFN have been innovators in that area in this region.

We are proud to announce our new comment policy on CFN which will take place as of December 7th, 2014.

At that time all those wishing to comment will have to do so posting their  names.  Your email address will have to work as we do checks to verify.   While there is no one system that can be 100% perfect in this world we think it’s important to have vibrant, lively and occasionally even intelligent and thought provoking feedback and comment from our valued users.   There will be no further anonymous comments on CFN.

Those who have registered a pseudonym with us prior to that date as per our current rules will be grand-fathered in.

Again, we encourage and value the contributions of you, our amazing viewers, but commentary sections should be more than troll caves.

If you have any questions you can email us at

Thank you again for reading Cornwall Ontario’s favorite newspaper online!

(Comments and opinions of Editorials, Letters to the Editor, and comments from readers are purely their own and don’t necessarily reflect those of the owners of this site, their staff, or sponsors.)

Comment policy reminder 

CFN suggests you post comments using your real name. If you wish to post with a pseudonym you can register that user id by emailing with your name, address, phone number and user id you wish to register.


  1. Perhaps Furtz. But as long as a few of us remain it’ll be lively.

  2. I don’t think so Hugger. A few of us “grandfathered” anonymous posters won’t cut it for long. We already know each other’s politics for the most part. New people and their opinions are what drive interesting discussion groups. New people will stay away in droves with this new policy.

  3. Author

    Furtz we always monitor CFN. If this policy has a negative impact on our newspaper we will adapt it in whatever manner projects to help the most.

  4. I think enough new people will be interested in posting, even with the updated TOU’s. Agreed, new people are interested. I think the ones who were “grandfathered” will continue to post. And new people who don’t have a reason to use a pseudonym will continue to join.

  5. People have a right to use their nick names , they give u their emails, u can easily check those. I think this new policy will drive new people away…..Merry Christmas

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