Jean Béliveau Passes Away at 83 – Canada Loses a Legend – DECEMBER 2, 2014

Beliveau ALL STAR CARD SHOWSCFN – Sadly the hockey world has lost one of it’s genuine greats and legends.  Jean Béliveau  was a true gentleman.   Of course it’s all over the media and social media.    It’s the passing of a true Canadian.

I was lucky enough to work with Mr. Béliveau.   I was lucky enough to work many of the Legends of Hockey.   Jean did a signing for us in Ottawa to commemorate the anniversary of his 500th goal.  Bruins goalie Gilles Gilbert was on hand as well and artist Randy Duncan did a special print.

Time flies.   It’s amazing how we cross people’s paths and they ours.      Jean played for the Habs from 1953 to 1971.   I was 7 and remember watching him play on tv during his final year.  He was a member of ten Stanley Cup winning teams.

Time robs of so many greats. Right now Gordie Howe is fighting for his own life after a series of strokes.

Many of those I worked with in the 90’s have left us leaving holes that can never be replaced.


Our condolences to the Beliveau family and to all Hockey fans on this solemn day.

Jean Béliveau RIP  August 31, 1931 – December 2, 2014


  1. I remember watching him on TV and a few times at the old Montreal Forum.

  2. I was at that game against Minnesota. Number 500 completed the hat trick, but I have never seen the replays until today.

  3. I was a teenager & back then, if you weren’t a Canadiens fan,you were shunned. I ran around the forum one night looking to get his autograph. I rounded the corner where the CBC television room was & ran right into him. He was just coming out of an interview. I babbled something incoherent about wanting his autograph but he just smiled & signed my card. He accepted his role as a mentor & example to us all as easily & effortlessly as you & I put on a pair of gloves.

  4. When I was a Montreal kid in the fifties, Béliveau was for sure a hero of mine. And by all accounts, he remained a class act throughout his life.

  5. Author

    Furtz I had the good fortune to work with some of the greatest that ever laced while working in hockey in the 90’s. I once counted 61 Stanley Cup winning rings on a bus trip. A lot of great stories told on those buses….

  6. I was never a sports fan but my family are into sports. My husband only watched hockey when those like Guy Lafleur, Beliveau and all the greats were on along with my dad. Dad drove mom nuts with hockey. Hockey today is nothing because it is just business but back then that was a sport and people were into it. It is just like the programs and movies today that stink but in the past they were great. I miss the good days so much and I separated myself entirely from the TV since 12 years now and counting. Jamie you had a very exciting life and many are envious of you. I said earlier that you saw more than I did and I know that and you have lived with a lot of very interesting people. You have the best paper in town.

  7. Author

    Jules looking back I think I would have traded all my travels and adventures to have a better education, and finished my degree.

  8. Jamie you are very intelligent and it is too bad that you didn’t finish your degree. One thing about travel is that you see different people from everywhere and you get to understand how some people think and in your area of business (journalism) it helps not to be shy and to know people. You are a very intelligent person and you have accomplished a lot. Today a university degree is almost like high school because in order to accomplish something you have to be the kind who can invent something and patten it. There are a great deal of unemployed engineers and you have to be the kind who can invent something that hasn’t been invented since the days of the wheel. The same thing in journalism you wouldn’t believe how many are out there pounding the pavement for work. When I firsts entered the federal government back in 76 I couldn’t believe how many degrees in journalism, engineering, etc. and all contract work. It is all being creative to make ones own job and you have accomplished that Jamie. Be very proud of what you have accomplished. Just last year a man on my floor graduated from university in nursing and nothing and he left. You did mighty well for yourself. The situation is very dire and that is the reason why my daughter is working as a cashier (part time).

  9. Admin…looking back I think there are a lot of people who would do things differently. Isn’t hindsight a wonderful thing?

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