Did Cornwall City Council Just Violate COVID 19 Coronavirus Crowd Gathering Ontario Law Including Police Chief Aikman? 040720

Cornwall City Council is live streaming Tuesday afternoon. In the council chamber during the live stream are 12 people at a time as photos from the live stream show.

CFN has learned that at least one complaint was filed with the Cornwall Police Service, but there has been no response as to whether they will take action.

On March 28th Ontario issued the emergency order that limited public gatherings to 5 people with strict exceptions.

Council is allowing members to participate in the meeting by phone, but have 12 people in the room right now. ( subsequent viewer counts allege as many as 14)

The city is also allowing many staff to work from home.

The meeting is being live streamed on You Tube LINK

We will be updating as more information becomes available.

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  1. Who gives a fudge? They do what they want. I’m so fed up at this sad bunch

  2. Nothing shocks me anymore about this “gang” ! They couldn’t organize a birthday party for a 2 year old ! They remind me of the Trump administration, absolutely incompetent !

  3. After tonight’s open council meeting, North Stormont has just voted to hold a closed meeting in person on Thursday 16th of April violating provincial law quoting a that they can ‘use their discretion’ in such matters.

  4. Author

    Will there be more than five people present?

  5. Unless the rules have changed the rules for closed door meetings are very loose. And left open to interpretation in a wide degree. I read them a few years back . In theory they could have a closed door meeting to buy a light bulb.

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