Cornwall Cat Hating Mayor Bernadette Clement Calls Special Council Meeting After Hot Reaction to Wood Fire Pit Burn Ban. By Jamie Gilcig 091319

Flipper Clement blinked fast after huge amounts of public backlash for the utterly unprofessional and backwards circus this past week that saw her council vote 8-3 in favor of banning back yard wood fire pits and chimeneas.

In what clearly is a by law issue she and her council continued their rampage of curtailing people’s ability to enjoy their homes in the city while taxes have sky rocketed up in a clear attempt to emulate the worst of other larger cities instead of cherishing the little good that exists in this city.

She published this weak sauce announcement today on her social media page:

As the Mayor of Cornwall, I will take ultimate responsibility when there is public concern over a City decision. Going into Monday’s meeting I knew the open air burning recommendation was going to be a controversial subject. This means that the obligation for public consultation is even higher and I accept that we did not meet that standard on Monday night. This must be corrected.

This is where we are right now:
– The current by-law allows open-air burning for people with a permit.
– At Monday’s meeting, Council voted to replace that by-law.
– A recommendation was also approved to stop allowing open air burning.
– A new by-law has not yet been drafted, debated, nor approved.

I continue to believe that this is an important measure to protect the health and safety of the residents of Cornwall and would bring our by-laws up to date with other cities. It is a good neighbour measure. This aside, I will always listen to what people have to say. I won’t always agree, but I always want to hear from you. I have called a Special Council meeting for Monday night to discuss how we invite feedback not only on this topic, but going forward, on all topics. A diversity of ideas and solutions leads to by-laws and policies that are more representative and supportive of how we live and conduct our lives together in this community.

The meeting details will be listed on the city website. Like all Council meetings, the public can attend but won’t have the opportunity to speak. At this meeting, Council will be reviewing ways for the public to give feedback, such as an open house or town hall meeting.

Will you attend this meeting?


  1. The public can attend but won’t have the opportunity to speak. Then what the hell is the point of attending’ Do you just want marionettes in your gallery? You lead and pathetic council. The old clowns ( Gardiner, MacDonald, Grant, McIntosh) have to go. As well as Hebert and (Todd Bennett who i thought would be a better councillor). Throw in Dupelle who‘s no better. Bring back the ward system.

  2. Author

    Pete there isn’t a single member of this council who isn’t tainted. All you had to do is see who signed the nomination papers or donated to the candidates.

  3. Interesting how when Ford flips on decisions, “he’s also shown a willingness to reconsider positions…” yet when Ms Clement takes a step back, she is “Flipper Clement”. Tell me again how you are not a racist misogynist…

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