Who Won the First Canadian 2019 Election Leaders Debate? By Jamie Gilcig #CDNPOLI 091319

Justin Trudeau skipped the first leadership debate. It’s a sign of how bad things are in Canadian Politics and the protection of our Democracy.

That he didn’t finish last even though he didn’t attend says a lot.

Andrew Scheer did better than this writer expected. His people got him to grin less, and he was smart enough to not go too deep in the mud with his competitors. It was a strange debate in that all appeared to know it was a two horse race with one horse missing on the night.

Jagmeet Singh did better than expected too, but the NDP are going to crash big time this election.

Elisabeth May is a skilled debater, but her party is bonkers and still hasn’t dealt with their Separatist candidate in Quebec. As a former Quebecer the utter hypocrisy of all three leaders regarding Bill 21 while Singh and May went on about First Nations issues was galling. Scheer just ducked the issue saying the courts were dealing with it.

The debate was not the best run and was quite messy. The post debate scrum was more interesting with Scheer earning more brownie points.

Frankly what most Canadians really want in this election is to see Mr. Scheer and Trudeau get it on and duke it out. While Ms May and Mr. Singh might get to be Kingmakers, their actual party positions simply are weak sauce, if even that. While more voters will park their protest votes with the Green’s this election they simply are not tracking to gain many seats.

As a Canadian who still hasn’t committed my own vote it’s a bewildering hot mess.

Ranking for the night?





Did you watch the first debate? Did it move your voting intent? You can post your comment below.


  1. Bernier won it. Although he is inarticulate with his English, he made the best points, actually answered the questions, didn’t dance around the bush with his opponents. Interesting that you neglected to mention him at all. Bias, much?

  2. Author

    None, Any party that is so disrespectful to not send press releases or reach out to a newspaper doesn’t deserve any mention. Get it? Got it? Good 🙂 Have a lovely day. If Mr. Bernier, or anyone seeking political office thinks they can disrespect the viewers of this newspaper they really should consider another line of work.

  3. Jamie your paper is the best and SF is very envious of your accomplishments. SF is only good for shining windows and training your puppy and such things. There is no news in that paper that you can’t get elsewhere. Your paper is tops in Cornhole.

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