Are Cornwall Voters Mentally Handicapped? By Jamie Gilcig #CWLPOLI June 28, 2019

So I’m reading coverage of a special group think with the assistance from someone from Kingston.

They came up with five priorities. The Waterfront, more population, better housing, Economic Development, and Environmental Sustainability (the last of which I’m sure they farted out because they couldn’t’ come up with a real fifth. )

Most of this council is made up of Seniors or people that have been around the council long enough that they should be utterly embarrassed to come up with these conclusions as they are responsible for the issues.

How you say? Am I just being a career complainer as the utterly ignorant and medicated Etienne St Aubin publicly stated when I held him and Madame Mayor accountable for overspending her personal campaign donation by over 29% after he asked for and was given the formula by the clerk!!

While it’s easy to point fingers and offer criticism let’s look at some of these issues.

When Elaine MacDonald, Bernadette Clement and others around the horseshoe voted to allow a large apartment group in the centre of town to go Condo without replacing that rental inventory what did they think the result would be? Honestly who the heck is that ignorant of the issues?

While it also might be easy to say that management steered them wrong who hires the CAO who hires said management?

Bob Peters has run ED as his own party place of favoritism for over a decade now. When you watch Economic Development crumble in Cornwall while expanding their salaries, and department budget why would you keep someone in that position? Why wouldn’t you try someone else?

Again, the buck stops at Mayor Bernadette Clement and her circle.

How does a city re elect such utter failures like Glen Grant and Syd Gardiner who simply are padding their meagre pensions.

Many on this council were on duty for the Chem tanks. Where have their voices been? Why didn’t they seek outside legal advice on how to fight the tanks? Why on earth did they partner with Akwesasne for lands that belong to Cornwall? If Akwesasne had a claim on the land then bless them, let them go to court and win it all. Why simply give up half and then essentially do nothing which has happened.

When you have such utter failures as Maureen Adams, Bernadette Clement, Elaine MacDonald, Syd Gardiner, Mark Boileau, Geoff Clarke, Glen Grant, Maurice Dupelle, Justin Towndale, Todd Bennett, and Claude Macintosh steering the ship how on earth could you expect anything than the mess this city is in?

It comes down to the voters sadly who elected theses wee stinky monkeys who allow even stinkier monkeys to earn Sunshine List salaries while delivering Minimum Wage quality results, if even that.

And it will not change until the people of this city have had enough and say it’s time to wipe the slate completely clean.

But you won’t have growth or retention as long as things don’t change from the top down. You will not have economic development. You won’t have much of anything, especially when the debt balloons up with follies like the Bank of Montreal Art Centre chicanery.

Brampton 2.0 may come to Cornwall Ontario by the next Election. It may never come, but spending money to figure out the very basic issues caused by the people now spending money is utterly insane.

And if you don’t get that you are part of the problem in a city which is failing so badly people are moving to Quebec from it more than people from Quebec moving to Cornwall.

There are solutions, but this group of elected officials and city management are not capable or fit to achieve them. It’s that simple.


  1. WOW, just WOW!! So much to potentially comment on. But I won’t. I’ve moved on from insulting comments , etc.

    Good way to get people on your side by continually insulting them.

  2. Author

    Sorry Hugger. The only insult is the actual result which has set back and hurt this community and those of us that invest in it. We all lose when the corruption of this paradigm is allowed to repeatedly occur.

  3. I guess some just don’t get it. The continued insults over the years have done it for me. And anyone who says they haven’t insulted me and others on here is lying through their teeth or just lying to themselves. I don’t think I need to name names.

  4. Author

    Hugger if I don’t react to the many insults, mostly based on lies, I’ve endured in Cornwall what on earth are you complaining about? Jules hasn’t even posted in this thread!

  5. What am I complaining about? In one post a few years back I was insulted not once, not twice, but three times. And I lost count of how many times Miss Jules has insulted me.

    I refuse to be sucked in by attempts to get me to trade insults with anyone.

  6. Author

    Huggar nobody is asking you to do such a thing. This story is about those that voted for this clusterpuck council, and support the corruption at City Hall.

  7. Jamie you spoke too soon. Guess what I am here and I am laughing up a storm at Hugger. Hugger if you didn’t have the backward mentality of Cornhole you wouldn’t be down there at all. How about those insults. I just came on and had a good laugh to make my day. I was born and raised in that God Forsaken Backwoods of a town and the place hasn’t changed in all of my 68 years on earth.

  8. It’s time, it’s time………………….

  9. And THAT is exactly what I was referring to. But I won’t. I’ve moved on from insulting comments , etc.

  10. Hugger Jamie didn’t post the insult that I gave you yesterday (MODERATED) Jules cut it out. That’s one of the reasons we’re ending viewer comments on CFN.

  11. To be clear…my original comment was about the article, not about any insults in this articles comments or previous insults.

  12. Hugger you have insulted me numerous times but I take it with a grain of salt. Change your napkin and have a good cry. Cry and you cry alone. Something is surely wrong with you and you are not a man at all.

  13. {MODERATED} Jules the biggest reason viewer comments are done on CFN as of July 31st is because I’m not here to run a daycare. Regardless of who makes the comments it’s not a lot of fun seeing the crap I have to read.

    Comments should be related to the topic. They should not be personal attacks. They should add to the conversation. How sad is it that our audience has failed at that?

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  15. {MODERATED} EDITOR’S NOTE – Congrats on earning a ban this close to the end of comments Jules!

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