Charity Starts @ Home for Agape Food Bank Chair & Cornwall City Councillor Maurice Dupelle 020819

Calls, emails, and social media messages to Cornwall City Councilor Maurice Dupelle, who’s also the chair of the Agape, have gone unanswered as of press time.

Johanne Couture, the Agape Executive Director responded with a nasty “NO COMMENT” regarding allegations that Mr. Dupelle has essentially hired several family members to work at the local food bank that he chairs.

Maurice Dupelle has ordered a restructuring of Agape allowing more of his family to be hired. Right now his 1 sister, 1 sister-in-law, 1 brother in law, 1 nephew and his son during the summer all have been put into positions.

That was our first missive. Another arrived:

I can tell you the positions. You could call the ED and verify or just the receptionist: sister: pauline..volunteer and food coordinator. Jerry brother in law is the truck driver. His son was a summer student. His sister in law is a sorter of clothes and his nephew works on the dock

And this more disturbing message:

.. someone who knew him where they had their xmas party overheard staff talking about nepotism and his family all be hired without advertising the positions The chairperson approached staff directly about what he had been told by his friend who overheard this comment about nepotism and he  tore a strip up one side down the other to the store staff without even knowing who actually said it without even asking who said it. Total assumption. A few weeks later one staff is completely let go with no other offers and a store staff was demoted with more changes to come.

None of these claims have been proven, but if true offer a disturbing window to the troubled charity. Dupelle personally reached out to the public to appeal for donations last year in spite of boycotting this newspaper.

The Agape was also alleged to have dropped pallets of Rotary Hams into the dump due to a lack of freezer space and warmer than expected holiday temperatures a few years ago.

CFN would be more than happy to publish a response by the Agape or Councillor Dupelle. He can reach us directly at


  1. This is all what Cornwall is about and this is the very reason that the town went under. Cornwall is like one gang and if you are not one of them then you don’t belong. You never saw anyone pack so fast was what we did to know what kind of a town that it was all about. It is a place to go and die to be buried and nothing else.

  2. Knowing this, I will never support, donate, or volunteer to help with putting on a meal for Agape. Further, Dupelle couldn’t come close to buying my vote.

  3. Surprise, surprise. From Facebook earlier this week there was a long time employee (receptionist) released with no valid reason given. If these allegations are true it paints a bleak picture for Dupelle and Agape. FB was trying to gather letters to help the released employee.

  4. Author

    They should’ve contacted CFN Hugger.

  5. People can donate the Betty Poop Bread to the Hard Up Food Bank. Bon Appétit. LOL LOL. I have to tell you all something. One day many years ago while working in the federal government I went out to a drug store to purchase a chocolate bar and in the chocolate were ants and I started to eat that chocolate and my co-workers got sick looking at what I purchased and I threw it out right away.

  6. Are MD and JT a new breed of Cornwall Councillor; little fish that think they’re getting bigger, while it’s just the pond getting smaller. Cornwall is in decline, but really, have we stooped to electing the self-deluded as to their importance and entitlement?
    Lording over vulnerable persons and unrepresented workers, or basking in the forced salutes of “underlings”; these do not a leader make.

  7. Author

    Simone we tragically get the gov’t we deserve. Anyone that reviewed this last term or council and would re elect a single one of those that sat I think needs medication or has an agenda like our local municipal unions. This isn’t a gov’t as much a proxy for corruption with the taxpayer held hostage.

    It should be interesting to see if the public figures it out by 2022?

  8. Arrggghhhh!!!!!

  9. What a hoot! The guy next to Dupelle has a LinkedIn page promoting himself as a, “City Councillor, Soldier, Business Owner, Board Director”. SOLDIER! Ha!!
    Intelligence is clearly not his trade if he advertises himself as a soldier along with his photo. Fortunately this “doughie” boy will not ever deploy. He’d never last in theatre.

  10. My garbage shute needs my used clothing and food waste more than Cornwalls Food Banks. We learned many very valuable lessons many years ago. I used up a lot of old clothes into quilts and between the quilt top the padding and the underneath material I am quite set to use up everything that I can. No waste at all. Waste not, want not.

  11. Speaking about what Lassie posted about someone with a Lindikin post of being practically the jack of all trades is a real joke. There was a man some years ago who was caught some years ago in Cornwall for portraying a cop and military, etc. I wonder if this is the same wacko. LOL LOL. ROLF!

  12. The guy next to Dupelle is city councillor, and reservist Justin Towndale, Another little fish in a very dirty pond

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