Allegations SD&G OSPCA Refused to Accept Stray Cat in Cornwall OCT 14, 2016

Cornwall Ontario – Local media received allegations that a worker at the local SD&G OSPCA refused to accept a stray cat and suggested the person return it to the streets.

For Joanne Carbonnell it was a frustrating experience.   She had never expected to be told by a SD&G OSPCA worker what she alleged below.

There has been a stray cat where my sister in law lives for the last two weeks.

Normand Carbonnell caught the cat. They brought it to the OSPCA on Boundry Road.

Julie the worker there told my husband and sister in law to put the cat on the street as they did not have the room for the cat. Norm and Linda were quite upset and said what are we supposed to do – let the cat get attacked by dogs, get runned over by a car, starve etc…

They said there is nothing that they can do. When they got home, I called the OSPCA in Cornwall, spoke with Julie and she was quite rude. I asked her what Norm asked her and she said to put the cat back on the street. That there is nothing they can do.

This is the OSPCA that we donate to, that a lot of people volunteer and they cannot do anything for this cat. So let the cat starve, be cold, get attacked or run over…they don’t care. Please share…..

CFN spoke with Ms Carbonnell via telephone this afternoon where she again confirmed details of the event which allegedly occurred Thursday October 13th at around 4PM.

I just don’t understand how they could suggest that…

She said she was told by the local OSPCA worker that they were only taking reservations for mid-November surrenders.

The OSPCA was contacted locally, and to its head office via telephone to Brad Dewar and Alison Cross.  None have returned communications prior to publication.

After going public on social media it appears the cat will be adopted!

Ironically attacks and complaints against a local pet store that sold kittens could be a factor in over crowding at the SD&G OSPCA affiliate which has had discounted cat adoption days.   Cornwall, which has a stray cat issue, has some sketchy cat issues in that strays are supposed to go through by law officers and not the OSPCA.  The city has also had issues with Parvo and other animal diseases.

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  1. This is heartbreaking and something has to be done. When people have pets have them spaded or neutred. If you cannot afford a vet do not have pets. The same goes for food and care it is your responsibility. We live in a society today that people are being euthenized and aborted and there are no more feelings of any kind left. Humanity is gone completely to hell and then some.

  2. All shelters are full 90% of the time. Contact them prior to trapping a stray animal. If you choose to trap an animal be prepared to care for it and find it a forever home. Don’t rescue feral cats except to spray/neuter them and re-release where you found them. House cats should never be released to the wild. Often you are just sentencing them to a horrible death.

  3. It is not the poor feral cats fault that people don’t spade and neuter then dump those poor cats cause they don’t want them any longer. It is humans not being responsible for the pets they take in and then dump outside to fend for themselves. The blame is with humans totally and what do these irresponsible pet owners expect will happen? I feel sorry for all those poor cats.

  4. Tamara is absolutely right and it is the responsibility of the owner of the pets to have them spaded and neutered. There are an over amount of pets and most are not responsible people and just go and get it to have one. That is all wrong and people should have the good intelligence of being good owners. There are plenty of feril cats at the back of the Parliament Bldgs. here in Ottawa.

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