SD&G OSPCA Fail to Rescue Mother & Litter of Kittens in Cornwall Ontario MAY 30, 2016

A feral cat gave birth to a litter of kittens a few weeks ago in Cornwall Ontario which resulted in a call to SD&G OSPCA on Friday  May 20th according to one witness.    An inspector from the local OSPCA attended at approximately 4pM but did not remove the mother cat and six kittens.

One witness said the inspector could not see the kittens, and another said they needed to go and get a ladder, but never returned.

wally mart cats

9 days later one of the kittens has disappeared, and the others are in ill condition hiding in a crevice between two roof sections of the building.  With temperatures over 30c this weekend there are concerns for the cats safety.

One tenant of the neighboring building confirmed that her daughter used a ladder to try and retrieve them, and give them some food and water, but the cats were not cooperating, and all people CFN spoke with at the scene were bewildered why the OSPCA did not return?

It was suggested that if a person had abandoned cats in this manner they’d be charged by the OSPCA.

CFN is expecting an update Monday from the OSPCA headquarters in Toronto.

wally mart mother cat

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Brad Dewar of the OSPCA still has not responded to our media inquiry from yesterday.

Maria Caravaggio  sent in the following.

Hello, not entirely sure where to send this but I apparently won’t feel better until I do! The Mother cat and kittens that were found and not helped by OSPCA live just a block from me (which I didn’t know!) but the case of the disappearing kitten I DO know about!

We caught one sole kitten in our neighbour’s backyard, and we called OSPCA to bring her in, but they were closed, and that’s when our OTHER neighbour informed us that his adult son wanted a cat!

So missing kitten is safe and sound in a new home, probably doing much better than her siblings. Sorry if this isn’t the right area to send this message, I just wanted it sent! Hope you understand and thank you for reading this!


  1. Who cares? Circle of life #raccoon lunch!!

  2. The OSPCA should do their job and if they cannot do it others will step in and take over. Toronto should investigate what is going on in Cornwall since this isn’t the first time that I read about neglect in Cornwall’s OSPCA. Not everyone should have pets and only those who are financially and morally fit to have pets and in today’s society that would be very few that would qualify.

  3. This is exactly like the case a couple of weeks ago in {MODERATED} responded to a complaint of abandoned starving cats & an emaciated rabbit in an apartment. She took a look, turned around and left them to suffer. As usual rescues did OSPCA’s job & saved the animals. Useless organization

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  4. Jules, what the hell do you mean by “morally fit”? And how does one pass a morality test before acquiring a pet. Are you suggesting that only heterosexual Christians should have pets?

  5. Yes Furtz morally and financially fit – whatever way you want to take it. LOL LOL. People these days take no responsibility for their actions. I think that the OSPCA in Cornwall is fed up with the negligence of the people who reside in that town.

  6. When we lived in Cornwall we have come across cats and kittens abandoned in Guindon Park and while here in Ottawa and looking at the toilet papers of record of Cornwall and seeing a dog abandoned on a highway and hit by a car and you ask what kind of a moral person would leave their dog like that in abandonment. Very few people are responsible as a pet owner or anything else.

  7. I live in a high rise building here in Ottawa and no pets are allowed (private owners) but some years ago there were some students from the university who were so mighty dirty and had many cats and a rabbit and you wouldn’t believe the stink and he super had to open he trap in the ceiling to help get rid of the stink. I don’t know what happened to the animals but the students were evicted.

  8. There are many people who cannot even look after their own children let alone pets. The moral highground is lacking in many people especially these days. People just don’t care about anything these days at all and lost all will to live and make good lives for themselves and their families. Cornwall is well known for all of this neglect and the lack of education and the lack of vision, etc.

  9. Yeap, here we go AGAIN with the Cornwall is uneducated, neglects its residents and lack of vision. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Like this is a Cornwall exclusive. I don’t think so.

  10. The answer lies in the authenticity of these being feral cats (wild animals). If in fact they are feral than they are no different than rats, squirrels, chipmunks, mice…etc. Maybe concern ourselves with something more at hand like Canadian children living in poverty.

  11. Mr. Oldham there are plenty of Canadian children living in poverty and there is very little reason for people to live in squallor here in Canada (isn’t it a country so very rich – LOL LOL I can just here the laughter from the Natives and others). Animals as well as children need protection and they should have it. There is way too much poverty and lack of education in Cornwall and it is known.

  12. In Venezuela the economy collapsed literally and people are literally starving and eating out of garbage cans. One man that I listened today on line said that soon there could be canabalism down there in Venezuela and he said that it could happen in his US because the country is in such debts.

  13. David, the responsibility of the OSPCA is to prevent the suffering of animals. Their mandate does not include the prevention of human suffering. Interesting to note your sudden concern about children living in poverty. You must have had quite the epiphany fairly recently. A quick question… How do you propose lifting children out of poverty without doing the same for their parents?

  14. What do poverty and a (perceived by Jules) lack of education in Cornwall have to do with this article? One trick ponies get tiring.

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