Odd Mischief Charge in Ottawa After Neighbor Complaints MAY 27, 2016

Ottawa man charged with Mischief


(Ottawa)—The Ottawa Police Service has charged an Ottawa man for mischief regarding incidents dating between December 2015 and May 2016.

East District Neighbourhood Officers (NHOs) investigated complaints from residents who live around the Edge Hill Park located in the 1200 block of Ridgemont Avenue.

Complaints were about disturbing and odd items left behind in plain view on picnic tables or near play structures.   Items consisted of 1980’s pornographic magazines, used condoms, plastic cups, etc.

Surveillance was conducted by NHOs on different times of day, afternoons and nights yielded negative results, until May 25th.  At 1:00am, that day, a man was seen leaving such items in the park.  The man was arrested without incident.

Yannick SABOURIN, 38 years old, of Ottawa, was charged with one count of Mischief, and one count of Indecent Acts.

He was released on scene with a Promise to Appear and Undertaking with specific conditions.


  1. The entire south end of Ottawa has gone way down hill and nothing but gangs, drugs, guns, etc. My daughter had friends from school and Brownies who lived on that street and area and now they are all grown up and most likely gone. We never saw the problems back then like what we do today. The entire world has gone completely nuts to the core.

  2. Perhaps this guy is just a little off his meds. What else could explain that behaviour?

  3. More effort to control gang violence and activity would be appreciated more I believe.

  4. A lot of people here in Ottawa are on some sort of drug whether legal or illegal. The entire city has gone to hell compared to what it used to be. It is a city that has changed so much even though there were problems in the past but today it has gone to hell in a handbasket with today’s decripid society.

  5. Perhaps Hugger1 he is one of Justin Trudeau’s new brand of Liberals. That could certainly explain the behaviour.

  6. Holy Jumpin’, David! What would do without Trudeau?

  7. David Oldham..I’ve always been a Liberal. Except in provincial politics. The sooner we get rid of McGuinty Jr the better this province will be. The Ont Liberals green energy plan is a disaster and has been since day one. It was not thought out and is killing this province slowly.

  8. This morning a woman (young) went down in the elevator with us and had that insane cell phone in her hand and wasn’t paying attention to where she was getting off and all I see everywhere are those stupid cell phones that have deteriorated peoples brain cells. The society today is gone to hell and that is so true. You wonder why society is so perverted and brainless that is one reason.

  9. The park on Edge Hill is very small and more for very young kids which I have seen driving by with my husband. This isn’t a park that would hold many people and nothing of real interest for an adult. No wonder neighbors complained about seeing that man doing vulgar actions and terrible for kids if they were around at the time.

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