Sick F*** Pleads Guilty to Killing & Hurting Kittens, but Not Bestiality in Cornwall Ontario 010820

Cornwall, a city with a world of possibilities, unless you’re an East End Kitten sadly.

Today media released that one COREY DENNISON pled guilty to 12 counts of the 60 he was charged with.

Original police release:


Cornwall, ON – Corey Dennison, 29, of Cornwall was arrested January 20th, 2019 and charged with the following:

• Killing an animal
• Cruelty to animals
• Bestiality
• Cause injury to animals
• Breach of probation for failing to keep the peace

It is alleged in 2018, the man recorded multiple videos of himself injuring and causing suffering to multiple kittens. Police were contacted and an investigation ensued. On January 20th, 2019, the man was taken into custody, charged accordingly and held for a bail hearing.

“Corey Dennison, 30, pleaded guilty in a Cornwall courtroom Wednesday morning (Jan. 8) to one count each of killing or wounding an animal, not providing adequate care to an animal and breach of probation for failing to keep the peace. The other nine counts were for causing unnecessary suffering to an animal. “

Unlike the horrible media outlet that published certain painful details about the case, CFN which actually has journalistic standards will not get into the gory details which were released in court.

In an utter act of hypocrisy Judge Deborah Kinsella (no relation to Warren) who brings a Judge Judy pencil case into court, refused a publication ban, which was the right thing to do, but something she wouldn’t do for a case involving City Councilor Maurice Dupelle. I guess connections do count in Cornwall’s Justice system?

No sentence was given as this sick excuse for a human has to be tested and probably pampered. Heck, they may put him on Council…..

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