MP Eric Duncan Impotent On Dam Water Issues in SD&SG. By Jamie Gilcig #cdnpoli 010820

Media reports offer some weak apple sauce to residents that are seeing some strange sites along our waterway.

The releasing of waters, which many are of the opinion are being done at the expense of our area and in a heavy handed manner that is impacting our fish and bird populations, have left some of the Lost Villages areas showing, as well as simply being upsetting to area residents.

While there surely is a balance between the needs of communities along the water ways; weak leadership is failing our community.

Mr. Duncan is no stranger to this issue. As assistant to former MP Guy Lauzon and mayor of South Dundas he clearly would be up to date on any issues such as this.

In the meanwhile, beaver, muskrat, and our fish stock, which are a major area of tourism for the area are suffering dramatically.

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  1. It seems the name of the person as our MP has changed, but the results for this area remain the same. As the song title goes “The Song Remains The Same!!”

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