Ottawa & Laval Lose over 800 Jobs as Loblaw Moves to Cornwall. 010820

It’s funny how a single word can potentially have such a large meaning.

News of two facilities shutting down and Loblaws creating an automated distribution centre here has many asking how many jobs will be created in Cornwall and where will those employees be coming from as Cornwall has a huge shortage of qualified labour?

500+ jobs in Laval will end by 2021 with another warehouse in Ottawa being shuttered as well.

No word if the Cornwall facility will be unionized or if run by Loblaws or a subsidiary or related entity?

Many companies have had to import workers with some being bused in from Montreal to fill jobs.

Loblaws did not respond prior to press time and we will update as soon as more information becomes available.


  1. As has been reported here and elsewhere the distribution centre will be automated. I don’t see any new jobs being created. If anything I see job loses for Matrix. Whether fully automated or partially automated will determine if there are jobs created or jobs lost. I hope I’m wrong and jobs are created.

  2. I have to be losing my mind and may have to be placed at the Royal Ottawa Hospital for the mentally ill because I agree with Hugger. Gee I have to put up a gold star on the wall – this never happened before to agree with Hugger. Even what my daughter is doing in a supermarket along with many other jobs including office is going automated. Everyone will be unemployed and replaced by machines.

  3. The Matrix expansion will be fully automated aside from an additional skeleton crew to run it, and absorb the Ottawa/Laval business. Operations in the original part of the Matrix building will be unchanged.

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