Bad Politics Again Hit SD&G OSPCA as Fundraiser Turnout Falls #EPICFAIL 092418

Bad Politics Again Hit SD&G OSPCA as Fundraiser Turnout Falls #EPICFAIL 092418

Cornwall Ontario – The SD&G Ospca twice refused full year ad plans from this newspaper, one paid for by a local businessperson.    Playing politics instead of putting the animals first has led to tragic results.

“This is one of our biggest fundraisers of the year,” said Carol Link, manager. “We had a low turnout this year, maybe about 10 people this year.

Carol Link, who should have been fired long ago, was quoted in media.  At what point do the animals plight be served?  With over 1 million human pageviews monthly can the OSPCA afford to play politics like this?

It’s no secret they are desperate for City Funding, but there are now other cat operations in the area and there are rumblings of a Humane Society forming in the region as well.

Today on social media one man summed up something that many are feeling and sharing as the local affiliate turns away people seeking help for abandoned or lost cats.

End result a cat not cared for, and a good well meaning person turning away from the local OSPCA.  And this isn’t the first post of its kind this writer has seen.

Area activist Steven Forrest wrote:

I know the SPCA does some good for the area and are always looking for support. But, I will not be donating anymore to them anytime soon. Surely there’s a better way to operate. If a person gets and discovers an Animal that is not in good shape. Instead of throwing it out on the Street, because the SPCA will not offer support and sort of says you’re on your own sucker. Yup !, I was made to feel like a Sucker ! What are the other Animal Groups that help out in the Area. Henry is as Bummed as I am as the photo shows. I didn’t feel any compassion at all from them and was not given any resources for help. I now has a Cat a very thin Male that you can barely notice weight with a crusty butt and scabs in it’s Ears cat in my Home that probably is infecting my Cats because I have a Stupid Big Heart and because I give a Dam about the Homeless Cat problem. Sorry SPCA, no Donations from me for a while. Maybe I should NOT demand better. I rescued the poor Cat. The SPCA did NOT want it either that’s why I have it in my House.

It’s time to clean house locally and hire some people that will put the animals clearly first and serve the community so that good will can be built again.

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