SD&G #OSPCA Refuse Abandoned Cat in Cornwall. By Jamie Gilcig JUNE 15, 2017

SD&G #OSPCA Refuse Abandoned Cat in Cornwall. By Jamie Gilcig JUNE 15, 2017

Cornwall Ontario – As most people know I am an animal lover.   I rescued a senior cat at a shelter who was about to be euthanized for being anti-social.  Sure enough the first thing he did was bite me.  That’s old man Sam pictured above with his little brother Fitzy the Wiener Dog!

I fought for him and they agreed that if I had him fixed I could take him home   They said he was eight to ten at the time, and that was 17 years ago!

Sam is now an old man.   But if it wasn’t for that shelter taking him in, even if for awhile before making the decision to euthanize him, even though he was healthy, would he still be alive today?

Politics and money sadly rule the OSPCA it seems.   I could be totally wrong, but this isn’t the first time I’ve had to write about the local branch turning away a stray or abandoned cat that is exposed to the elements.

That can only lead to more cats, illness, suffering and many times of course, the death of an innocent animal.

Isn’t the entire purpose of the SPCA to take in animals, crowded or not, and do the best they can?   People complain about “Kill” shelters, but wouldn’t it be more humane to euthanize an animal than leave it exposed to the elements and streets?

Diane Leslie, of Long Sault called us today stating how upset she was that after spending a week trying to coax a hung cat out of its hiding place and driving over 30 minutes to the SD&G OPSCA branch that they refused the cat.

She said that she’d looked up their website for their operating hours and that there was no message stating that it was full or that they wouldn’t take a cat.   The hard working feline lover took the poor black and orange cat that she estimated to be about six months to the shelter and even offered to pay a $30 abandonment fee, but the shelter said it was full and suggested that they simply put the cat back where she found it.

That’s the not first time I’ve been told that from a CFN viewer.  Sadly it probably won’t be the last.

Diane opened the crate and let the cat out in the office.  She said that the workers protested and said she could get charged by police for abandoning the animal, but she said it wasn’t hers and walked out.

Ms Leslie said that she pleaded with three workers at the shelter, but to no avail.  She told this writer that she didn’t understand that after years of supporting the OSPCA that the first time she encountered them for something, this would be her experience and she said she no longer wants to support them.

We reached out to Alison Cross at OSPCA headquarters in Toronto and she sent a statement back for publication.

Hi Jamie,

As there are no municipal animal control bylaws in the region that pertain to cats, anyone looking to rehome a cat, whether owned or as a stray, are provided by the Ontario SPCA with a variety of options available to help assist in the rehoming. The Ontario SPCA SD&G Animal Centre does offer a waitlist as an option to anyone that contacts us to rehome an animal. If this option is not wanted by the individual other options are encouraged.

Alison Cross

Director, Marketing & Communications

Ontario SPCA, Provincial Office

That was a bit boggling to me so I sent her a few follow up questions.

Hi Alison,

Can you confirm what happened at the affiliate as I described to you in our phone call?    What is a person to do with a cat that is being a nuisance or is in danger then?

Are you confirming that the OSPCA will turn animals away if the space is full as this person has alleged, and can you tell me what happened to the cat she left in the SD&G office? 

I need to know what to let the public know as most people think that the OSPCA is there to take in abandoned animals without waiting lists or appointments and why isn’t that info on your website as in this case it would’ve saved this woman a 30 minute trip?
Her response was that I had her statement.
Clearly all communities need an animal control officer and a safe place for animals with no home.   Besides the important factor that so many of us truly care about animals; some even more than our fellow humans, there are health and safety issues as well to be considered.
People donate and support the OSPCA, but surely more needs to be done if they are turning away animals?   Surely there are other OSPCA affiliates, shelters and rescues that if the SD&G branch was full that they could find even temporary solutions with rather than telling the public to put an animal back into the open without food or proper shelter?   Because in this writer’s opinion we don’t need the OSPCA to be subsidized to so.  It makes little to no sense.  No animal should be turned away by any branch of the OSPCA.
Of course I could be wrong.   It could just be silly local politics and the city and counties simply not coughing up enough cash to help the local branch, but if that’s the case it should be public because cats count as much as dogs and can have a larger health impact on the public.
Ms Cross refused to answer, but I’m hoping that the Black and Orange cat is safe and will be available for adoption soon.
Surely SD&G & Cornwall need a real solution for animal control and protection.   Oddly enough the OSPCA will charge you and remove your animal when you don’t take care of it, but seem to be ok with leaving a cat in a dangerous feral situation?   That makes no sense?
What do you think dear CFN viewers?  You can post your comments below.


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