11th Councilor – Is it time for a Puppy Mill Bylaw in Cornwall Ontario? I say yes! by Jamie Gilcig

Fitzy RingCORNWALL Ontario –  In this edition of the 11th Councilor I’m going to talk about Dogs.  Not our city going to the dogs, but about a new by law that might be time here in our fair city, and that is to not allow the sale of dogs except by registered local breeders or from accredited/licensed  shelters and rescues.

Before purchasing my puppy Fitzy above I visited a breeder in the country that essentially was running a mini puppy mill in Huntingdon Quebec.  I steered clear of the puppies offered.   I found Fitzy at another home litter with the mother and litter present.  I was able to see where he was born and the general conditions that he spent his first few months in, and he’d been to a local vet where he was purchased.

While utterly goofy he’s been in perfect health.

Local media covered a story of some nit wit who left their perfectly healthy dog outside of a local shelter overnight while it was closed, in winter!   Authorities actually found these creeps, but no charges were laid and frankly I feel that there should have been as there simply is no excuse for that sort of behavior.

A small group is trying to form a boycott of an area pet store that sells dogs; most likely from puppy mills.    Larger stores like a Pet Smart will usually work with local shelters.

Pets should never be impulse decisions. Millions of perfectly healthy dogs and cats are euthanized every year because  that puppy just isn’t that cute any more and eats the furniture.

A pet is a 15-20 year commitment usually.   The loyalty and love that they give us cannot be matched, but the real price is the fact that we have to protect them as though they’re own children or family member, which they are.   In the event that you can no longer care for your animal, here in Cornwall, there is no excuse to abandon an animal.   Even if the local shelter is closed you can call Cornwall Police Services at 613 933 5000 and they can take your dog to the OSPCA.

Puppy mills make hay on the latest trends in dog loving.   I have seen some really messed up impacts of inbreeding and breeding without care.  Hip and joint issues, skin, allergies, behavioral, cancers and other degenerative illnesses and there is no OHIP for pets.   Vet bills can be frightening, and if you can’t afford to pay for treatment not only will your pet suffer, but it might be removed from your care.

So  does it make any sense to allow any retailer in our city to be importing Puppy Mill pets in this day and age?

Fitzy & Sam July 2013

(Sam is now 24.  I rescued him the day he was to be put down at a shelter for being anti-social when he was 10 years old.)

And while I’m mentioning this subject if you are looking for a pet please consider adopting an older animal.   Babies are cute, but there is a ton of training that comes with that deal.   Many older dogs never get homes and some are the first to be put down in shelters, but make the best of companions.  Cat or dog, Seniors make wonderful friends.   So please please consider adopting an older animal.

Updated to add an online petition!

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  1. Jamie you are absolutely right indeed. Give Fitzy a pat from me and a cookie. That little dog is so cute indeed. That thing around his neck is almost as big as he is.

    Some years ago when I would look at the toilet paper of record someone abandoned their beautiful beagle dog out in the rural area and the dog got killed by a coming vehicle. That made me so very sick and the one who had the dog was not an elderly person but a young person that had no heart and many people who cannot afford a pet should never have one to begin with. Animals are very expensive to keep whether by food or by vet bills and you have to have the financial means to keep them and they sure do bring their love with them and their loyalty. Your dog is your best friend Jamie and the dog doesn’t go and talk behind you back nor in front of it – you know what I mean – true loyalty.

    Just lately I read about a man in Alaska who got hurt being flown from his snowmobile and his dog saved his life. The dog kept him warm in the freezing temperatures and he told his dog to seek help from some snowmobilers coming not far from where he was laying and the dog went after the people and wouldn’t stop following until the men followed the dog and found the man on the ground. I can’t speak enough good things about having a loyal and loving pet. Again Jamie a fine gentleman like you who is mighty good to animals does not hurt other people and those who hurt you should be putting their heads down low in shame.

  2. I wish anyone who deliberately abuses or mistreats any animal a long agonizing and painful death.
    A little harsh, maybe, but there is NO excuse for that kind of thing.

  3. I agree fully with you Furtz and no you are not too harsh and that is the punishment that people should receive who abuse animals. Do not purchase animals during the holidays and you only give an animal to your child who is responsible and if not refrain from doing so.

  4. I wholeheartedly agree with a puppy mill bylaw and it should be enforced with an iron hand! so sick of seeing ill looking puppies at pet stores!!! you know all too well where they came from! and when you ask you can never get a complete answer from them!! all animals in pet stores should be regulated not just for puppies but for all the animals in pet stores, including birds, fish, rodents, whatever they sell I refuse to buy or send anyone to pet stores that sell animals! so many sick and suffering animals it is really sad!

  5. The best place to get an animal is at the humane society and so many animals are in need of a good home. Some animals have been abused and need a loving home where they can be well cared for. So many children are abandoned overseas as well and it goes to show you what kind of a society that we have today that has no feelings at all for humanity as well as animals. We have to change ourselves for the better. When animals are bred as pure bred and usually if the animals are of the same family then something happens to their genetics just like people. That is part of the problem with those puppy mills and the same with cats, etc. Cages need to be kept very clean as well and disease spreads even to humans if things are not kept clean.

  6. I agree with Jules. The best place to get a pet is the OSPCA, That’s where we got our little guy. Not only do you get a loving pet, you save one for being put down. I don’t know if the local OSPCA is a shelter that puts them down when there are too many or not. Does anyone know?

  7. A bit off topic, but today a “man” in the Ottawa area (Vars) was arrested and charged for deliberately dragging a dog on a rope behind his truck. His name was released and is in the Ottawa papers.
    My comment above applies to this sadistic POS big-time.

  8. Puppies mills are disgusting an so is the spring hunt on bears who come out of there den and are stabbed and beaten by thrill killing Americans for a $1,500.00 dollars your great premier just passed a law allowing it .How sick is that?

  9. Furtz that is horrible and Vars is a rural town just a skip and a hop outside of Ottawa and we used to go out there for drives to vet out of the city. So many things to on out in the rural areas that would shock all of us and I didn’t look at the paper but this sickens me awful bad.

    Silentfrancoamerican this entire world is mighty sick indeed and yes “McGuilty #2” is a mighty sick person indeed and she was supporting “McGuilty #1” and I would never vote for her nor any of them – they all have the embers of hell waiting for all of them.

  10. Furtz I just went on the Ottawa Citizen quick like to see about the dog that was dragged at the back of a truck. The culprit’s name (I would love to use other names but I can’t because Jamie will not print it) is Paquette (that is his surname) and he is 73 years old. The dog is a 2 year old German Sheppard and he has lacarations and is at the Humane Society and the doctor is keeping an eye on him for a few days before they put the dog up for adoption. I would love to tie that old geezer to our car and drag him through the streets of Ottawa to teach him a good lesson that he would never attempt ever in his life to ever do such a thing ever again to an animal or a human. Before a dog, cat or any animal goes out to anyone they should be screened heavily.

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