CORNWALL Ontario – Humility can be a great lesson.   What we are learning today as Transport Canada and the Federal government allowed Trillium Distribution Cornwall Inc. to pour concrete and finish their Chemical tanks on our waterfront is that when you don’t work together you lose. In this caseContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario –  Andre Rivette was not happy Tuesday after Mayor Bob Kilger pulled a quick motion to add 1% to the 2014 budget which was quickly seconded by Bernie “Boo Boo” Clement.   Ms Clement, always quick to support her mayor was not available to comment.   Mayor Kilger,Continue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario –  Thank you for the response to our 11th Councilor column.   It’s been impressive and your feedback has been helpful and amazing. The biggest issue since we started was the  waste spending on outside agencies here in Cornwall. It’s that time of the year when outside agenciesContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – I get asked a lot about local politics.   Young people, old, heck sometimes by politicians themselves.      There is a lot of material in Cornwall which can be good and bad.    With elected officials and some management playing games with the releasing of infoContinue Reading