11th Councilor Has Council Lost Control Over City Hall? Councilor Rivette One on One with CFN over Kilger Budget for 2014

jg2CORNWALL Ontario –  Andre Rivette was not happy Tuesday after Mayor Bob Kilger pulled a quick motion to add 1% to the 2014 budget which was quickly seconded by Bernie “Boo Boo” Clement.   Ms Clement, always quick to support her mayor was not available to comment.   Mayor Kilger, when he is in Cornwall, refuses to speak to CFN.

bob n bernieWith Minimum Wage going up Mayor Kilger also decided to push his coven of rubber stampers to up taxes to commercial buildings by over 3% which should just about devastate the few small businesses hanging on in the city core.

Mayor Kilger, who has yet to personally come out against the tanks on the former Kaneb lands, tried to add some dollars to Municipal works for infrastructure; yet seems to be fine with adding major truck traffic from the Chem tanks through our downtown roads which is about as suck and blow as you can get.

The biggest question that Councilor Rivette’s frustration raises is whether city management is wagging council’s tail via the mayor?   Mr. Rivette isn’t the  first frustrated councillor with Leslie O’Shaughnessy resigning over issues.

Speaking with other councilors last night the finger is starting to point to CAO Norm Levac who was quoted as saying that he took the CAO gig to add $30K per year to his salary and bumping him up before retirement instead of to actually serve the public.

This also highlights that Mr. Levac and other senior management do not actually live in Cornwall and pay the very taxes they are happy to pump up.   While there is little to nothing council can do about where staff live it surely must be a bitter pill for residents to see a management not bring in a budget with a zero increase when a motion was made last Fall.

Councillors also complained about questions and emails not answered by the CAO which is something this scribbler can understand as we have nearly 100 very polite emails with very basic questions sent to Mr. Levac and City Hall that have yet to be responded to.

How can we  grow and build a community when those we put on the Sunshine list behave in this manner?    We will be publishing a list of unanswered questions to City Hall shortly because frankly we just couldn’t make up something like this up.

In the meanwhile the budget process may end today with Mayor Kilger ramming home his raised tax budget.     The question is becoming quite clear.  Has this council been abducted by the Mayor, senior Management?

The process is open to the public and starts again at City Hall.   Will you be there to witness it?   You can post your comment below.


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