UCDSB & Cornwall Schools Fall in Fraser 2012/13 Report – Why Does Cornwall Score Worse than Brockville?

201112 elementary schoolsCORNWALL Ontario – So which schools in Cornwall improved or receded in 2012 according to the Fraser Institute Canadian study?

Let’s take a peek!

2012 Cornwall Elementary Schools FRASIER

Cornwall’s best school in 2011/12, St. Anne’s slipped substantially going from 142/2714 to 551/3030 in 2012/13.

In 2011/12 Viscount Alexander ranked 567/2714.   This year they ranked 1218/3030 and slipped to 4th on the chart.

Rose des Ventes was 1173 in 2011 and in 3rd place.  In 2012/13 they rose 1039/3030.  Kudos to RDV!

Notre Dame scored 1173 in 2011.  They fell to 1616 and a few notches this year.

Eamer’s Corners plunged to   2664/3030 after being 1305 the year before.

East Front jumped to 794 this year after scoring 1518.  Kudos to the kids at East Front!

Marie Tanguay was 2188 and moved to 2073/3030.

St.Columban’s was also at 2188 fell to 2957/3030

Immaculate Conception was 2278 in 2011/12.  It jumped to 1530/3030.  Kudos to them for jumping so mightily in one year!

St. Peter’s 2228 to dead last in Cornwall with a ranking of 3005/3030 in all of Canada!

Sacred Heart 2378 fell to 2822.

Bishop Macdonell 2405 also fell to 2855/3030

Gladstone 2645/2714 rose to 2429/3030.    Kudos to the kids!

Central was also 2645 in 2011/12.   In 2012/13 they scored 2664/3030

Ahkwesahsne Mohawk was 2667/2714 in 2011/12 and in 2012/13 they moved up a few notches to 2939/3030

So what is causing our Cornwall area schools to rank so poorly?  Is it the Fluoride in the water?  Poor teachers?  Economic suffering as the per capita incomes are lower in Cornwall?   Healthcare?  Not enough local stimulation and activities?

Is it simply that our best and brightest move away and that what’s left score lower?   Are the bars dropped too low instead of being raised high?   The Fraser report has been criticized locally; but would that criticism be there if the scores were higher?

So let’s look at nearby Brockville Ontario which has a population of about half of Cornwall, but whose economy is nearly triple.

Brockville 2013

Over half of Brockville’s schools score in the top half of the rankings with St. Francis Xavier ranking a very impressive 76/3030.

So how is it that Brockville seems to do such a better job of educating their kids than Cornwall does?    Is the system skewed toward our friends 90 KM to the West somehow?

And why do the Catholic schools score so much higher than the schools under the UCDSB?

Is it the culture?   Is it the impact of parenting on educating their children in this day of limited budgets for schools to work with because some school boards are busy spending money on high priced Toronto legal firms?

The good news for Cornwall Ontario is that there’s a whole lot of room for improvement.   The question is if the will to do so is within the community?

Fraser Report Card FAQ

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