Kilger or O’Shaughnessy? Who’s the Better Mayor of Cornwall? POLL August 16, 2015

I was chatting with a veteran Cornwall politico this week and the subject turned to a common one; whether current Cornwall mayor Leslie O’Shaughnessy was an improvement over the man he defeated, Bob Kilger?

This was after Les lost a key vote on hiring of fire fighters at Monday night’s council meeting.   I pointed out that Bob would never have lost an issue by one vote in the manner that occurred Monday night, and that he’d never have allowed Wormgate to go National.Bobhappy1-800x422

While both men clearly have their political flaws, they have some very different ones.Leslie Oshaughnessy

Kilger fell into the rabbit hole with his council following him.   The Chem Tanks on our waterfront, the optics of his son’s hiring as a firefighter, the CFN boycott (which O’Shaughnessy has maintained) and false arrest of editor Jamie Gilcig while Kilger and his campaign manager were on the Police board and the Chief needed a new contract,  and allegations of corruption when it comes to permits and real estate dealings.

O’Shaughnessy has shown a total lack of ability in managing issues.

Showing up at the Vincent family home over their lovely ice rink.


Failure to deal with the Brock Frost scandal.

The Conflict of Interest Application for the Benson University project.

Appearing unkempt in professional appearances on TV or in the media.

Who was the better Mayor? Kilger or O'Shaugnessy?

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Council under Kilger appeared to be in a iron grip of bad theatre and single vision, even if it was a poor one.   While there were little bursts of opposition it usually led to banishment or in the case of O’Shaughnessy, resignation.

Under Les we’re seeing multiple factions and in particular Elaine MacDonald throwing organized labour’s weight around that is going to cost taxpayers a lot of cash at tax time.   There’s sloppiness in open council meetings.

I’m sure there are other issues but we’ll let you, our amazing CFN viewers post your thoughts.



  1. Kilger was the most dishonest mayor,however, his many contacts still look out for him,debts still being paid. Les does not get the respect a mayor should be receiving & earning. He is hiding from the press & seems to encourage bad press on Cornwall & simply does not seem to known when to speak & when to remain quite.

  2. Can we pick “none of the above?”

  3. Sure, lets compare…

    A) A mayor that earned his chops on-the-job, and on the ground… who can understand municipal/provincial legislation, and who can understand the relationships between townships, counties, municipalities and the province.

    B) A mayor that learned the ropes of backroom dealings, political gaming, and cover-ups, on the Hill and in the Prime Minister’s Office, who delegates everything, and gets his underlings to do his dirty work.

    One takes a lot more hits, but that’s from being more visible and more forthcoming than the other, who would contentedly serve himself, while a parade of victims, and his sucker minions, are screwed over… time and nature thankfully runs its course.

    So, in spite of the media missteps, and a civil service that doesn’t know how to comport itself (after years of micromanagement by scuzzy puppeteers)… If one had to say, which of the two is more benefit to us?

    In this instance, Les is more.

  4. Best of the worst?

    The current mayor is a definite disappointment in my opinion. The occurrences mentioned above are just the tip of a much larger problem I believe. Opportunities to effectively and admirably deal with prior whistle blower situations simply passed by. Opportunity to demonstrate through the budget process and subsequent tax imposed simply lost. New ways to consume limited resources (like bike markings on the roadways with lovely directional arrows) and no ability seemingly to form functional groups to address community issues (promotion of Cornwall and the looming electrical crisis Dec 31st 2019) for starters.

    In my books at this time these two men are running neck to neck for last place. The advantage however goes definitely to the current mayor. The question is…will he be able to capitalize on it?

  5. Oh boy here I go on this topic. I have sung plenty of doo doo at Kilger and I meant every single word of it and more BUT Kilger in general had a more professional system than what Les has and that is the truth and nothing but from me. Yes Kilger has done plenty of damage to {MODERATED} that is the truth and boycotting this good man and his great paper along with pushing the chem tanks without the knowledge and approval of the people and trying to get a convicted {MODERATED} Compared to Les Kilger had things better under control and yes I can still fling plenty believe me but Kilger held the reigns to a point whereas Les is just an imitation of Kilger fll of promises and didn’t fulfil on Diane Shay and others and just continued the attacks on Jamie’s CFN and I am not a fan of either one as you all know. I hide nothing and most of my posts are not posted by Jamie but what I say I mean every word. Again Kilger was a much more professional leader than Les. Gee that hurt me to say those words but they are true. Gee Jules you are slipping giving some credit to BOB. LOL LOL. ROLF!

  6. Author

    So Jules did you vote for Bob or Les in the poll?

  7. Jamie I did not vote in the poll and felt that my words would weigh on something whether I flipped into total insanity or what. Honest to God Jamie neither one are any good but to put it bluntly and honestly with all BOB’s faults and ugly, dirty under handed dealings that he has done to Cornwall and its people (to vote the lesser of two evils) is very hard to do BUT your wacky Jules has to say this. Of all the doo doo that I have flung at BOB and you know what I wrote but didn’t publish – BOB has retarined a much more professional image than what Les has done. Les was just a continuation of BOB in a different way and with a non professional council and a non professional way of running the town. I know that this all sounds nuts and corny and I agree fully with you and others but I have to admit the truth. I made a huge mistake in supporting Les when all the time it should have been our own Jamie Gilcig at mayor. I will tell you the truth Jamie why I supported Les and only for one reason and that is Cornwall’s mighty weird and archaic mentality of not accpeting people from outside – this is something that my husband and I spoke about this morning. You Jamie would have made a good manyor but because of those reasons I didn’t want BOB back in and with Les’ BS going on about helping Diane Shay I fell for it a really stupid thing to believe him and we all made that horrible mistake and I can sincerely say to you and all that I regret fully of supporting Les. I know that BOB was not a good person at all and chased away a good cop and tried to destroy him and so many other good people including yourself. I am so desparate for a good leader that I am ready to vote in your dog but Fitzy says “only crazy humans would take on that job” and that he wants to be left alone to be a dog. LOL LOL. ROLF! I thought that I would make you laugh. All of us have to be our own leader in many ways and that is the truth. Nobody knows how someone will turn out and it is all a gamble. You are the very best Jamie and that is the truth and believe me everyone knows it including your enemies. You have the very best paper and are a great person.

  8. Those pictures are just not fair ball Jamie !

  9. Pro 29:2 “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn”.

    I think such a poll is a little premature and unfair. At least we should wait for one term to be up and then have more facts and actions to be able to properly evaluate him overall.

  10. Pastor Newton neither man is worthy at all not BOB nor Les. I always agree with you and you point to the truth as usual but I do say that neither of them are good. The only difference is that BOB had some class of some sort and knew the ropes of politics and had a much more professional handling of his council than what Les has. Les had made promises and mucked up badly and if he mucked up badly in the firsts term then he won’t do any better as time goes on. I have Les pegged for what he is and I was one who wanted him in as mayor but I would have preferred Jamie but knowing the mentality of the sheeple of Cornwall I rooted for Les. If I had my way over again I would never have stood up for Les at all. I wouldn;t have stood up for BOB either but would have put Jamie in power instead. We live and learn the hard way in life. Les made Cornwall more of a laughing stock than what it already was be he added more spice to the mix and everything went viral. BOB tried his best to keep a handle on the pot from overflowing everywhere since he too made plenty of mistakes but knew how to hide it from the rest of the country.

  11. Believe Me 1….explain please.

  12. Jamie! You seem to be holding Mayor O’Shaughnessy at fault over the
    Conflict of Interest Application for the Benson University Project ..In my opinion that’s fine providing you appeal the Court decision against the Lawsuit that you filed in that regard or until the appeal period expires.

  13. Author

    Believe Me 1 I find it sad that you can’t hold our mayor accountable. Nobody is all good or all bad, but if we don’t hold those elected accountable it makes those that criticize accountability hypocrites.

  14. I never voted for eithier one of these Mayors.But that being said, i really don,t think it matters who the people choose to run this city.Time has shown the mayors are there only for them selfs and their friends.Untill this stops our city will not move ahead.
    Politic,s in Cornwall is nothing but a sham

  15. Marc L. you said it perfectly that the mayors in Cornwall are only there for themselves and that is 100% and more of the truth. Cornwall will never get ahead as long as the mentality of the sheeple remains way below other places and believe me it is mighty low and everyone laughs at Cornwall even those in the SD&G who live further from Cornwall. Nobody wants to be affiliated with Cornwall and that is the truth. I have seen it for 41 years here in Ottawa with all the jokes and laughter. My own landlord where I live now and for the past 11 years had a good laugh when we first came to see the apartment and asked about Mayor Martelle and all the drive by shootings going on. I told him that the action in the OK Coral died down a little because the mayor died. He asked me in a joking manner if he was shot and I said no the cigarettes did him in for cancer. Cornwall is well renowned all over the country and then Les added his spice to the mix with skategate and worm gate and some people wonder why all the comments on CFRA (I haven’t listened to it) but most likely very funny and at the same time degrading. Most people who are intelligent do not stay in Cornwall but have moved on for good so you are stuck with the kind of people that you see.

  16. Jamie ! You certainly must have believed that Mayor O’Shaughnessy as well as two City Councilors were in a Conflict of Interest situation that led you to file a Court case against
    them , however Judge Rick Leroy was quite clear stating that they were not in conflict if
    they voted to give money to a committee they sit on provided it works in the public interest.
    With that said!.
    I’ll stand and support Mayor Leslie O’Shaughnessy as I believe he’s an honest man , of strong integrity who will do his job in the best interest of the taxpayers of our City.

    Thank you for allowing me to express my opinion

  17. Some of us like it in Cornwall, even with all its warts, etc. Cornwall seems to draw the bad out of any politician who becomes part of the Cornwall fabric. The “sheeple”, as some prefer to call us, can only vote on what we’re told. Is it our fault Cornwall draws the worst out of politicians?

  18. Author

    We’ve always allowed expression of opinion and continue to even when hypocritical Believe Me 1. If you judge a man by their actions there is no need for hyperbole. As for the court case I’m muzzled for now, but as you sat and watched it I’m shocked that you typed those words. It was judicial rape.

  19. There is plenty of conflict of interest in Cornwall and boy oh boy is there ever and Les is only following the herd of sheep over the cliff of conflicts. Les promised to help Diane Shay but instead he pulled the fleece over his eyes and looked elsewhere. Les is not that much different to the antics of BOB except that BOB had a little bit more class and that is the truth. Les has done more embarrassment that hasn’t been seen since the days of Willie Wise and company, etc. Les is not a good leader at all and very weak and shift shapes. I am one that likes direction and not this kind of behavior. If a person says one thing and does another then they prove what kind of a person that they are. Don’t get me wrong I don’t like BOB at all but just making a comparison and a statement which I find to be my true feelings. Yes Cornwall is full of sheeple following the herd over the cliff of destruction.

  20. Jules….I have to agree with you.

    But we get the government we elect. What is the solution? Finding a politician that will do what they say. Finding one in Cornwall is a problem though.

  21. Author

    Hugger there was at least one good one for mayor and a few for councilor that sadly didn’t get the votes they deserved as to those that got votes that didn’t.

  22. Admin….I have to agree 100% with your latest comments. As the saying goes. …you get the government you deserve.

  23. I wonder why you didn’t put your name for the survey? You might be surprised to find that many would cast their vote for you. I know I would.
    This present mayor needs to improve his public speaking skills. Perhaps a lesson in learning proper syntax might help. I cringe when I hear the man speak on our behalf. His grammar is atrocious.

  24. Les is not an educated man and I didn’t support the man for his educational skills bu for his honesty which proved to be the complete opposite. Cornwall is known as a “blue collar worker” town and very few have the education necessary to be a politician or anything of that sort. BOB had no education but he didn’t remain his entire life in Cornwall and lived in other places with his hockey career and lives part of the time here in Ottawa and is in with different kinds of people. When you do not leave Cornwall for other places then your mind is not open to the world at large – Cornwall is more of a cocoon. People have to venture out of that cocoon and educate themselves. The people of Cornwall thought that doctors, lawyers, engineers, business people, etc. were gods and still do and that is how they get into all this mess and are strangled literally by the clique. Get out of the mess and see the world and believe me there is a great deal more out there than Cornwall and I can assure you all that.

  25. Miss Steak. the poll was about mayors, not mayoralty candidates.

    Cornwall is a cocoon? That’s news to me and I suspect a lot of us living here. So, we’re all uneducated if we live in Cornwall? And we think that doctors, lawyers, engineers, business people, etc. are gods? Uhhhh, I don’t think so. Something about Cornwall turns politicians to the dark side. I’ve been outside Cornwall, I actually moved here. I would much rather live here than in a place like Montreal, Toronto or Ottawa, etc. We are not uneducated buffoons because we choose to live here.

  26. Mr. Editor, Been pondering your question for two days now ! This is not an easy one ! But my first question, is where in hell did you drag up that pic of Mayor “O” ? As Jules would say, I’m on the floor , splitting my gut ! lol,lol, rolf ……
    OK let’s get serious here, Kilger was a horrendous Mayor, most felt in the beginning, that he’d bring something to the table, that never materialized. Then the scandals hit, we all know them, too numerous to mention. The need for change was clear & the electorate voted in Leslie. Most felt it would be a breath of fresh air. But, it appeared very early on, that someone has sprayed WD-40 on his ass & he’s been going down-hill since . Case in point, the Diane Shay situation, a lot of talk, but sure lacked in substance. Hang in there Diane ! Then , he tried to use his expertise in the PR Dept., it’s a toss up to see which was the bigger boom-doggle, skate-gate or worm-gate ? His promises of transparency could be disputed, although he was vindicated in court . Although, when you analyse (or think) about it, it doesn’t pass the smell test , “IMO” ? How can you vote to give money, to a committee of which you are a member ? If, you are a champion of the transparency in government cause, he should of ran like hell from that vote. “IMO” Extremely disappointed in him !
    So my good man (Jamie) after all this BS, I’m calling it a draw ! I don’t care for either ! “IN MY OPINION !

  27. People who live in glass houses (Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, etc.) should not throw stones. There is so much screwy and messed up about those cities that they make Cornwall a pleasant place to live. The sheeple in those cities should,not be pointing out what is wrong with Cornwall when there is so much wrong with Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, etc. Need I go on about the seat of the federal government or the seat of the provincial government? How about Montreal? I think it should seperate from Quebec and become it’s own district, much like Washington, D.C.

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