Beardsley 1 – Trudeau 0 on CTV Sound Bite to Fire Harper Staff #CDNPOLI Aug 16, 2015

Don’t you just love this man’s high standards?

“Stephen Harper picked these people, he hired them, he promoted them, he protected them, and he’s keeping them on the public payroll while they run his election campaign even though he knows full well everything that they did,” Trudeau said (Referring of course to the staffers in the PMO and the Duffy trial). (CTV News, 15 August 2015)

Very impressive rhetoric. Great sound bite for CTV.

bedard & justin trudeauOf course what goes around also comes around. Young Trudeau has now set a very high bar for himself as well. One that he will have to measure up to for decades to come, assuming he lasts that long as Liberal leader.

Every political leader at one time or another will have staff who screw up and that includes Justin. Remember General Leslie and his moving expenses.

I will predict now that there will be plenty of missteps by all of the parties before this election is over; missteps that can be blamed on advice or actions of a senior advisor. And there will be screw ups in all of the leader’s offices after the election is done. No one leader is immune. So how does Trudeau plan to handle mistakes that his senior advisors make! Harper fired the man in charge. According to Trudeau the new standard is that you must also fire all of the assistants to the senior advisor who made a mistake? If I worked on Trudeau’s staff I would be getting nervous when blanket firing is the thing to do.

Not only that, but he is jumping to conclusions before a final verdict is in, simply reacting to a few days events without knowing the whole situation. That does not bode well for someone who wants to be Prime Minister, especially if he is willing to act before all the facts are in. Maybe that explains his comments “that the budget will balance itself” or his Care Bear comments on growing the economy “from the heart”!

In the past Justin has made some very serious mistakes, including the two above, often acting on his own, without the advice of his staff. How does he fire himself?

Enjoy the weekend folks!


  1. Justine Trudope is just a dopey and nothing else to talk about. Blah Blah Blah just like what Hugger said. So much BS that comes out of his snout and knows absolutely nothing at all.

  2. I wasn’t referring to Justin when I said “blah, blah, blah.”

  3. Author

    Jules congrats on your 2,000th approved comment on CFN. You probably have three times as many that weren’t approved…. 🙂

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Maybe I have more than three times non approved. It might hit one million non approved. LOL LOL. ROLF! One thing is it would have given you plenty of headaches and plenty of laughs at the same time.

  5. Everyone makes mistakes. EVERYONE. However, Harper’s inner circle and top advisers conspiring to deceive the public and Parliament to cover up a crime (yet unproved) by one of their own, goes way beyond a simple mistake. And because most of the people involved in the cover-up are still big-time players on Harper’s team, this issue will stick to the Cons like sh!t to a blanket until election day. There are countless reasons why the Reformatories should be given the boot, but this is the one that will seal their fate.
    And Wright quoting the bible to explain his charitable gift to Duffy (alms for the poor) is beyond hilarious!

  6. Justin’s continual misfires further reinforce the concept that he will follow in the footsteps of Michael and Stephan soon to be discarded onto the tried and failed pile. This is not a case of character assassination or evil plotting conservatives but rather one self inflicted wound after another. More good news for communistic leaning voters who want the government to control all aspects of their lives. Mulcair is likely overjoyed at this recent faux pas.

  7. Re: “mistakes” Mr. B, Ethics 101: What is the difference between right and wrong? Evidently the Harper Conservatives either don’t know, or don’t care. Do you?

  8. When did “right and wrong” become part of the game of politics? Finger pointing in this specific regard is juvenile behaviour at best. No contending party escapes guilt under scrutiny.

  9. As slimy as Duffy is, I think he’ll be considered a bit of a folk-hero for helping to bring down the Harper Cons.

  10. So politics is merely a game; right and wrong have no part in it. Welcome to corruption, lies, character assassination, and the Harper Conservatives.

  11. Author

    PJ I have yet to see you condemn a single Liberal politician. How about starting with former MPP Jim Brownell who supported the desecration of the Poppy with his words “I am not my brother’s keeper” while posting with his pic as the Hon. Lt. Col of the Glens? If you are going to use a paint brush with integrity you have to applaud and boo all equally, no?

  12. Fact check, Jamie. In an earlier post on another thread I said Justin Trudeau’s support of Bill C-51 was appalling. I say so again now.

  13. I want all of you to be aware of TPP where Harpo is supposed to sign this deal and it goes well beyond NAFTA and our sovereignity is at stake. I think that Australia went and signed on and I don’t know if the US has so far but Harpo said once the elections are over he may sign it. Nobody knows what is in this deal and leaders have been signing this blindly. Watch out for what Harpo does after the elections. TPP is (Trans Pacific Partnership) so I thought that I would let all of you know ahead.

  14. To you, PJ Robertson, politics may merely be a game. My understanding was that politics was the theory and practice of influencing people. It is about power. Right and wrong is not a fundamental of politics. Embrace all contenders equally as no political party is without its closet of skeletons.

    To be fair let us not forget Liberal Mac Harb (the biggest offending senator so far with upwards of 231,000 owed). Mac’s criminal trial was to start August 10th 2015 and run for 3 weeks with another week scheduled in September. Speaking to your thoughts on corruption all we hear about is Duffy. Duffy’s amount being scrutinized is far less than Mac’s but Harper and the Conservative Part of Canada make a decidedly better target as evidenced by the reporting of a Liberal dominated media. That may not be fair or equal but it is Canadian politics.

  15. I have not researched who the biggest liar in Canadian politics (leadership roles) was but I strongly suspect that former Ontario Premier McGuinty (Liberal) is on the short list. I am quite sure that after careful research someone would be able to reveal a Conservative (leader) that has spewed even more lies. Good luck with that.

  16. David Oldham, August 17, 2015 at 11:52 am
    “When did ‘right and wrong’ become part of the game of politics?”

    Not you who posted that, David? Your computer keyboard impersonating you, perhaps?

  17. PJ Robertson you seem fixated on this do you have a question? A better definition of politics? Something to enlighten? Anything? I thought you were a blogger but you seem to be impersonating a troll. I am all for meaningful dialogue if you wish to participate. Ball is in your court.

  18. Meaningful dialogue, Mr.Oldham? To go by your posts, wishful thinking, my friend.

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