Beardsley 1 – Trudeau 0 on CTV Sound Bite to Fire Harper Staff #CDNPOLI Aug 16, 2015

Beardsley 1 – Trudeau 0 on CTV Sound Bite to Fire Harper Staff #CDNPOLI Aug 16, 2015

Don’t you just love this man’s high standards?

“Stephen Harper picked these people, he hired them, he promoted them, he protected them, and he’s keeping them on the public payroll while they run his election campaign even though he knows full well everything that they did,” Trudeau said (Referring of course to the staffers in the PMO and the Duffy trial). (CTV News, 15 August 2015)

Very impressive rhetoric. Great sound bite for CTV.

bedard & justin trudeauOf course what goes around also comes around. Young Trudeau has now set a very high bar for himself as well. One that he will have to measure up to for decades to come, assuming he lasts that long as Liberal leader.

Every political leader at one time or another will have staff who screw up and that includes Justin. Remember General Leslie and his moving expenses.

I will predict now that there will be plenty of missteps by all of the parties before this election is over; missteps that can be blamed on advice or actions of a senior advisor. And there will be screw ups in all of the leader’s offices after the election is done. No one leader is immune. So how does Trudeau plan to handle mistakes that his senior advisors make! Harper fired the man in charge. According to Trudeau the new standard is that you must also fire all of the assistants to the senior advisor who made a mistake? If I worked on Trudeau’s staff I would be getting nervous when blanket firing is the thing to do.

Not only that, but he is jumping to conclusions before a final verdict is in, simply reacting to a few days events without knowing the whole situation. That does not bode well for someone who wants to be Prime Minister, especially if he is willing to act before all the facts are in. Maybe that explains his comments “that the budget will balance itself” or his Care Bear comments on growing the economy “from the heart”!

In the past Justin has made some very serious mistakes, including the two above, often acting on his own, without the advice of his staff. How does he fire himself?

Enjoy the weekend folks!

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