Cornwall Ontario –   Our city councilor here in Cornwall, Claude McIntosh,  actually once wrote about me having to do all the jobs here at CFN as though it were something to be embarrassed about or amateur.   Of course he’s participated on a City Council that boycotts this newspaper and in fact his last column,  after decades at the Freeholder,  was one attacking yours truly.

While I do most of the heavy lifting I’m very lucky to have some amazing columnists and support team.   And of course there are you, our amazing CFN viewers who give guidance via your clicks, comments, messages, and viewer donations.

Speaking of which, feel free to hit that paypal button below as in 2018 we’re going to see more paywalls in media because we just can’t do our job as well as you’d like without resources.   And nothing truly of value is ever truly free.

For example, we need about $13,000 to cover the Provincial election.   If everyone who viewed CFN in an average day donated a single dollar we’d just about be at that target and you know you lurve our political coverage so please, dig deep and impress us and the community.   And there is no better way to show that you support your community than by advertising your business, service or organization on CFN.   Beside the huge numbers we deliver, the value is untouched by our competition and we’re even more cost efficient than social media and digital advertising with big conglomerates from the US.  (email us at


Emily Hutcheon came to CFN as an intern.  She’d been taking the now deceased Journalism program at St. Lawrence College(which also boycotts CFN, maybe because they get $100K per year to rent out their auditorium from City Hall?)  and in fact took abuse from her school and some classmates for taking our internship which was bewildering as some had to intern at non media outfits.

Em dug in fast and hard.   She wrote about the East End of Cornwall.     She had opportunities an intern rarely gets, she had results and exposure from our viewers, and then she moved back to Toronto and like many, has had to rely on service jobs to pay the bills.

But Emily, who aspires to greater deeds with words, decided to write a column here on CFN as she works towards her goals.  In fact almost all of the columnists on CFN are women, which is something I’m also proud of.

And as my workload in other non CFN areas has increased it’s become harder to juggle things so I decided to reward her integrity, hard work, and amazing zest to improve her skills and talent by giving her an opportunity that she’s earned.

She’s going to be working in all facets of making this odd gonzo newspaper function,  and she’s going to help our growth in the GTA.

I once had a venture capitalist offer to write a cheque if I’d move CFN and myself to Ottawa.   I didn’t want to do that.   As odd and messed up as some people are in this town, Cornwall is my home, and if and when I ever leave it will be on my own terms; not because losers like David Murphy, Ed Lumley, Bernadette Clement, Elaine MacDonald, Roy Perkins, Jeanette Despatie, Randy Sauve, Dr. Paul (The Health Unit doesn’t supply us with releases and health alerts putting the public in danger),  the board of Your Credit Union (yes, CFN’s bank boycotts us too even though a bank is supposed to be about numbers, but then look at who’s on their board !) almost all of the Kinsmen, and other assorted conspiratorial cliquesters wish it so.

But we have changed our focus in the last two years and I’m very proud that we’ve now reached over 1 million human pageviews per year in Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto, and are heading in that direction for other cities like Kingston.  We’ve focused out growth outside of the Cornwall area and it’s been very rewarding and very interesting.

Achieving that with limited resources has been fulfilling, but now it’s time to let some others jump into the show, and Emily will have that opportunity and possibly even to one day take over the helm of CFN because our young people are our future, and I am not a young person.

CFN will always keep its name.  It’s masthead will fly proud and strong as long as our amazing viewers want it to, and judging by the amount of pageviews we get, it feels like you want more of what we do.

So again, please click that donate button!  Pretty please!   Especially you ladies.   CFN has more women than men reading us.   We have more young people and more on mobile devices too.    (OUR 2017 Numbers & Demographics)

We’re amping up for the Ontario Provincial Election and really ramping up for our 2018 Ontario Municipal elections as it really is time to change the political culture of the Cornwall Ontario area, as well as other communities like South Glengarry where a lump like Frank Prevost may run unopposed for mayor, and the farce that is South Stormont.

CFN viewers were responsible for dumping Bob Kilger and half of his council in 2014 here in Cornwall.   This time we’re hoping to do a better job of helping better people get elected who will turn Cornwall into Brampton 2.0 and clean out city managers who have shown to be corrupt and/or incompetent.    A vote can be a powerful thing.

So everyone please post a comment below and welcome Ms Hutcheon to the team.    You’ll probably be seeing more of her in the coming months on these page, but mostly you’ll see her impact as she develops a team of younger writers and voices from across Ontario!


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