O’Shaughnessy Pulls a Kilger as Freeholder Reports to Ombudsman. By Jamie Gilcig 092317

O’Shaughnessy Pulls a Kilger as Freeholder Reports to Ombudsman.  By Jamie Gilcig 092317

Cornwall Ontario –  Oddly enough the Standard Freeholder was pretty much silent when this writer took our very hypocritical Mayor and two councilors to court over their gross conflict of interest over the utter joke that was the Benson Vanity University project that the mayor and councillors Elaine Macdonald, and Carilyne Hebert sit on.   All three didn’t recuse themselves in council as the group they were on the steering cap came not once, but twice to the taxpayers for cash.   In fact our mayor argued Hebert out of recusing herself.

Using the City’s own high priced lawyers and an apparently very friendly judge who abused his position (with Hugo Rodrigues sitting in the audience in court) they got away essentially with the abuse purely because entities like the Freeholder and others didn’t step up and support the action.

Now Hugo and the Freeholder are going to the Ombudsman over yet another in camera meeting.   This time it’s over the airport where it was business as usual Eastern Ontario style.     Essentially, it appears that both the City of Cornwall and Township of South Glengarry covered negotiations and information in a closed door meeting that clearly should not.   Hugo and the Freeholder deserve praise for bringing this public.

One would think that after O’Shaughnessy resigned over in camera and other abuses while as a councilor last term that he wouldn’t commit the same offence this term.

But of course now as Mayor he seems quite comfortable doing so.

Again, one has to give Kudos to Hugo for actually trying to practice journalism.  No doubt this round will cost the Freeholder some ad dollars(and possibly Hugo his job)  and maybe end up on the same list with the local power clique as myself and CFN.

This being an election year though means that ratepayers are reminded at how much they’re getting screwed over by the type of politics that roll in this area where Union influence guarantees certain seats on Cornwall council which when mixed with clannish popularity instead of ability lead to weak councils that get gerrymandered by management.

What do you think dear CFN viewers and victimized taxpayers?  You can post your comments below.


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