Cornwall Mayor Leslie O’Shaughnessy Wins CFN’s 2015 Hypocrite of the Year Award

What can you say when someone runs on a campaign against City Hall corruption featuring a Whistle blower at his campaign opening and essentially turns his back on her after getting elected?

Why that’s almost like stabbing the person that got you elected or having to find a judge to give you a free pass while not declaring their own Conflict of Interest.

That’s the crazy kind of political mayhem that sadly is still going on in 2015.

Many Cornwallites thought that the wholesale change of dumping Bob Kilger and half of Council would have a positive impact, but not only is it back to norm at City Hall,  (get it, norm? )  but the bigger question is whether City Hall is spending more on legal bills than on the value of some of the cases they are dealing with?

While this scribbler can personally attest to the dragged out process over the Kilger T Shirt lawsuit we’re patiently waiting to get to court with as the delays and adjournments keep mounting, Whistle Blower Diane Shay has issued another press release after the City racked up more dollars on the public purse.

CAO Norm Levac and Council were asked if they’d like to comment regarding the press release issued by Ms Shay with no reply as of press time.

On November 23, 2015 Lynne Watt of Gowling LLP went before Council to receive direction on my lawsuit. It is important to note that Council and only Council gives direction and are not given direction by their legal representatives as they may wish us to believe.

They have had so many opportunities to do the right thing over the past year but unfortunately have once again chosen to continue to take a stand to cover up elder abuse, retaliation and the abuse of power. There appears that there are no limits to the tactics or taxpayer dollars that they are willing to use to protect themselves. They have consistently hidden behind legal advice to claim deniability and reduce their accountability and responsibility.

Diane Shay RNJ picThere are Ministry of Health & Long Term documents confirming the elder abuse in 2008, there are the 2011 court documents from the Ministry charges confirming the retaliation in 2008 based on the facts. The current Mayor (Leslie O’Shaughnessy) made public statements in 2011 and 2012 confirming the he believed that he was lied to by administration and that he had investigated and became aware that the retaliation/harassment was still going on in 2012. Council is a democratically elected body and should be able to make a straight forward decision given the law and mountain of facts available at this point.


“What has been done to her by intimidation.  This case needs to go to court and it should not be done at her expense.”   “The Truth has to be known.”   Leslie O’Shaughnessy.


You know, we teach our children to stand up to bullies in the schoolyard and I am simply standing up to bullies in the workplace in hopes that this case can help provide stronger legislation/policies for vulnerable individuals of all ages and those taking a stand to protect them. The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health identifies the issues Whistleblowers are exposed to with Workplace Bullying as;

  1. Isolating someone socially,
  2. intimidation,
  3. undermining or deliberately impeding a person work,
  4. removing areas of responsibility without cause,
  5. withholding information or purposely giving false information,
  6. Under working creating an atmosphere of uselessness,
  7. yelling or using profanity
  8. unwarranted (or underserved) punishment
  9. belittling a person’s opinion
  10. criticizing a person persistently and constantly
  11. blocking application for leave, promotion or training
  12. making jokes that are “obviously offensive” by spoken word or email
  13. intruding on a person’s privacy by pestering, spying or stacking
  14. spreading malicious rumors, gossip, innuendos that are not true

I have always believed in the power of the legal system but this case and many others just like it have changed my view of the world forever. It is moments like this that define us, regardless if you are the nurse trying to protect an abused resident by following the law or those trying to cover it up.

At the end of the day we are either part of the problem or part of the solution and this City Council has now made their position crystal clear. My stand remains the same, to find a solution to this very serious problem within the City of Cornwall. I may have been the first to file a formal Whistleblower complaint but I certainly was not the last which just makes me more determinated to change the internal Whistleblower Policies and hopefully impact legislation so both vulnerable seniors and their caregivers regardless of their role receive full protection under the law.

Take care,

Diane Shay

We printed this unedited.

To watch the video above one has to ask the simply question about what has changed in Mayor O’Shaughnessy’s position?  How hypocritical can you possibly get?

The city furnished us with their legal bills for the last several years.    The City’s legal bill nearly doubled the yearly amount to $167, 880 in 2015 over 2012 or 2013.   What triggered that doubling?  (Number does not include arbitration or adjuster/legal amounts spent)

Mayor O’Shaunghnessy has been near silent over this issue, and as Ms Shay points out it is council that gives direction and not legal counsel who after all are paid very well by the hour.

Nobody likes to be held accountable for their wrongs, but surely one must ask how one goes from the video above to running up legal bills to avoid resolving an issue that someone speaks so passionately to while running for office?

To see more of the O’Shaughnessy videos click this LINK.

Do you know what they do to whistle blowers in Cornwall?  

Those were Mayor O’Shaughnessy’s own words.   What would you call him now that he’s mayor?


And for those of you that are still confused by the Boycott from City Hall of this newspaper this video answers many of those questions and not only how things worked under Bob Kilger’s mandate, but also under Mayor O’Shaughnessy’s.     As he complained at the beginning of his opening about the writings of Todd Lihou and Claude McIntosh, who now sits on his council, there was only one media outlet that defended him when he resigned.

What do you think dear CFN viewers?  Is Mayor O’Shaughnessy the right choice for Hypocrite of the Year in Cornwall?

You can post your comments below.


  1. One time mayor for sure,what a big time loser & disappointment,total opposite of his promises

  2. With Brock Frost a close second.

  3. I don’t think that Lez will get in again as mayor and has done more damage than to rectify the matters. Diane Shay has gone through hell and back along with Rob Hickley and others and Lez has just turned his back on them the same way that BOB has done. The only difference between BOB and Lez is that BOB had a more professional bunch as his council than Lez has. The corruption is still going on. Nothing has been solved at all and it will not be solved until the public takes to the streets and demand that things have to be done now not later. Lez you are in charge and you did a mucked up job and you have hurt a few good families one the Vincents with the skating rink fiasco and the other the Cadieux family with the worms and lemonade stands. These children were being taught good values in both families and you should be proud of these people. You lost the Vincent family and believe me that was a big loss for Cornwall because you don’t get families like that very often to go to Cornwall. The Cadieux’s were teaching their kids that you have to earn the money to buy what you want in life and with nothing in Cornwall and kids of such a young age they had nowhere else to turn to but selling worms and lemonade. Well according to Ottawa’s papers there are hundreds of Ottawa City Workers that are being laid off and more to come in 2016 and roads may not be plowed the way they used to and last winter a lot of streets especially the conditions of some of the main streets were atrocious – kind of resembled some of Cornwall’s streets with all the snow and ice including the sidewalks. Lez it was Jamie Gilcig’s CFN that got you elected – yes your opponent seeking the position as mayor. I can tell you honestly that Jamie would have made a much better mayor than yourself but I know Cornwall’s backward mentality and rooted for you instead even though Jamie would have been the best candidate as mayor and is a man with integrity and a big heart and would have helped the people like Diana Shay, Rob Hickley and anyone else who needed his assistance. Lez you couldn’t even handle the smallest problems of the kids rink and lemonade/worm stand how do you think you are going to handle big problems that come along. I am sitting here in Ottawa as a former Cornwallite laughing at you and believe me you are not much better than BOB. I think that it is time for you to think what you will do if you don’t make it in the next term as mayor. You have no vision at all Lez for Cornwall and many families are literally suffering while certain people live high on the hog. Cornwall has absolutely nothing to offer the little people of Cornwall and young people have no other choice but to leave – I remember what I had to do many years ago and never regretted nor looked back – we all had to hit the road because there is nothing in Cornwall at all to turn to.

  4. Jules….too long to read. Make them shorter or break them up into paragraphs.

    In regard to snow clearing there are city / provincial standards that all municipalities must abide by. So, a city cannot just decide not to plow or reduce plowing.

  5. Hugger I rattled on but I am mad as hell at seeing the incompetent {MODERATEED} that Lez turned out to be. This turned out to be a mighty big disappointement and what is the use of throwing BOB out to the garbage heap and putting in another incompetent and liar.

    About snow shovelling I read that there will be well over 100 city employees in Ottawa laid off and that it will affect snow shovelling. I think that there is already 100 laid off and much more to come in 2016. Ottawa has LRT being constructed and that is taking a huge bite out of taxes but you won’t see the big shots in the city being let go but those who do the real work.

    I think that Jamie should be the next mayor of Cornwall – let us all root for Jamie.

  6. Late this afternoon I read the toilet papers of record and saw the article about Diane Shay and the city wasn’t going to compensate her. Lez should literally resign because he ran on a lie – gee what other person that we all know who ran on a lie – your very famous world renouned Brock Frost. We now have two Brock Frosts here – two liars. Resign Lez, Resign.

  7. Sad to think that Brock might have made a better mayor than the one we are saddled with. As for council, well the electorate is never wrong. The people of Cornwall voted and got what the majority wanted. Thank your neighbour. friends and relatives and if you didn’t vote you have no voice. Maybe next election we will get it right.

  8. Very good article Mr. Editor, outlining Mayor Les’, winning of the prestigious “CFN HYPOCRITE OF THE YEAR AWARD” ! There, was never a doubt as to who would carry this dubious honor into 2016 ! It should be noted that CFN bestowed this accolade with still a month, left in the calendar year ! Pretty bold move ?

    As Mary Bray stated in her comments, to which I agree, he is a disappointment which will last only one term & has not dealt with the Diane Shay situation, in any way shape or form ! (IMO) We didn’t elect you Les, to listen to $600.00 an hour lawyers, at some point in life, one has to bite the bullet & make a decision ? That decision is a simple one, deal with Ms. Shay & settle this wrong ! The only people getting richer are the City lawyers ? Here’s a new word for your vocabulary Les “TRANSPARANCY” !

  9. Rattled is being polite.

    Ottawa LRT!! A good idea? Nope. Ottawa doesn’t need it. This comes down to Jim Watson wanting a legacy.

    I just wish the city of Cornwall would settle with Dainne Shay. It’s the right thing to do. ANd the sooner the better (and less expensive). Jules if politicians resigned every time they lied after getting elected after campaigning we wouldn’t have any politicians. Not that that is a bad thing. left.

    I tend to agree with David Oldham. We can thank the people who didn’t vote Seems to happen a lot.

  10. In stead of allowing a politician to resign (like Dalton), after exposure on an ethic violation(s) – lying, stealing, incompetence, payoffs, mismanagement of tax payer’s money, etc. the following should happen: 1. tar and feathering, 2. a providential wide ban on them holding office ever again. “Run them out of Dodge…”. and yes, all moneys mismanaged, that ends up missing, or unaccounted for has to be paid back in full, and that with interest! All government pensions, retirements earnings, etc. – taken to pay back money misappropriated.

    “When it goeth well with the righteous, the city rejoiceth: and when the wicked perish, there is shouting. By the blessing of the upright the city is exalted: but it is overthrown by the mouth of the wicked” (Pro 11:10-11).

  11. I sure do agree with you Pastor and it is so mighty hard to find a good person to be mayor or council. The entire bunch on Cornwall’s council and mayor reminds me of the Monte Python and the Holy Grail – they are all idiots and don’t know how to run things except into the ground. You throw one out and more crazies come forward. If these wackoes were made to pay back we would have an honest government at all levels instead of a chaotic mess of corruption and lies. If politicians had to pay back the enormous debt that they made they would never see the end of it. The sheeple don’t know nor realize the mess that we are all in.

  12. That’s not the law now PTN. SO….

  13. Newton, you left out burning them alive for eternity in a fiery lake!
    You’re slipping up there, Bud.

  14. We have a little weasel for a mayor in the Township of Leeds and the Thousand Islands that we’d happily donate to Cornwall if you’d take him.

  15. Furtz it would be easier to burn them at the stake and let us see them all go up in smoke. We can take marshmallows and weiners and have a nice picnic.

  16. Canadians for some bizarre reason think that there is no way to get rid of a bad politician barring the next election. Canadians for the most part do not seem to understand democracy. Canadians apparently identify more with socialism and fascism (Pierre Elliott Trudeau). Canadians vocalize displeasure with the U.S.A. and the concept of “Americanization” however we could benefit from their grasp of democracy in my opinion. Dalton would have been removed from office and charged for crimes perpetuated against the taxpayer if we truly understood democracy as our neighbours to the south do.

    However we are Canadians we don’t stand on our feet we merely sway a little on our knees and we don’t need to turn the other cheek because our heads are constantly spinning. We are Canadian. Funny that used to mean something. Try defining who we are now and say that you are proud and really believe it.

  17. The previous leadership bears enormous responsibility for Cornwall’s plight and the current mayor and slate of councilors are merrily continuing what seems to be Cornwall tradition. Another expensive study concerning a matter that has been repeatedly (according to recent statements by Denis Carr) bantered about. Eleven elected representatives that either cannot make intelligent informed decisions or choose to pass the buck. What do they do for us besides waste our resources? University feasibility studies (when we already have local access to Ottawa U and others) whistleblower fiascos (Diane Shay et al) storage tanks as a result of poor planning, attention to detail and general lack of vision but enough we all get the point we just choose to do nothing about it.

    It is no small wonder that Cornwall’s population continues to suffer setbacks. A slew of warehouse jobs and a void of professional careers. Our lack of leadership and direction is fueling Long Sault growth. We are increasing the tax base in communities surrounding Cornwall and undermining our own fragile economy in the process.

    The study in my opinion is yet another example of the blind leading the blind. The mayor should resign and concede that he is in over his head and accompanied by as slate if inept wannabe politicians.

  18. Hey Furtz (talking about sheep) rejoice in the fact that you live outside of Cornwall otherwise the wool would be pulled not only over you eyes but you would be in over you neck.

  19. Jules – you are way out of line here. No joke at all. Do a Google search for “Smithfield, London” and educate yourself on the bloody history of the Roman Catholic/Church of England, to their practices of burning “them at the stake and let us see them all go up in smoke”. Many true Christians stood for the truth of the Bible, and paid for it with their precious blood. The Bible calls for fair justice for all, not cruel, tyrannical governments controlled by apostate churches. We are guilty as most politicians are for voting them in, and allowing them to stay in office. Hos 4:9 “And there shall be, like people, like priest: and I will punish them for their ways, and reward them their doings”.

    Furtz – The Bible does declare -“the wages of sin is death,…” .”And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire” (Rev 20:15). There is grace now; time to repent and trust Christ now. It is either turn or burn. No soul sleep, no annihilation, a soul created by God suffering eternal torments forever. God says that is just for sinners who reject to love and obey His Son. I say Amen!

  20. Author

    David let’s also not forget cutting the budget of the public art gallery to zero while funding a study for an Art Centre. Let’s also not forget not single councilor asking Brock Frost to step away from the table until his legal issues were cleared up; IE showing leadership.

    Let’s not forget a council having 7 police officers show up 47 seconds after a mayor hit a panic button over a t shirt and then delaying a law suit or a mayor and his campaign manager on the police board while the chief was up for a new contract staying silent while I was charged falsely and then kept on conditions for nearly a full year after completely being cleared.

    Let’s not forget a mayor and two councilors using the city lawyer to defend a conflict of interest application and then because the original judge was on the same committee as them, brought in another judge who was a partner with the law firm I had current litigation against, including sitting councilor Brock Frost at the time, with said judge not declaring his own conflict while Hugo Rodrigues sat silently in the court room without reporting that.

    There’s so much more. Most of this council, including Leslie, were on that last council. We simply didn’t do a good enough job of cleaning house.

    Let’s not forget this council charging the department at the center of the chem tank cover up with tendering them a report on the issue as well.

    Banana sauce…..

  21. We need legislation passed in Canada that would enable David Oldham to remove (and punish} any elected politician who doesn’t meet with his approval.

  22. With all incompetence, no leadership or should I say lack of (same thing lol) & the biggest “lulu” of late, in having economic development issue their investigative report on the fiasco, cover-up, regarding the beloved chemical tanks ! Reminds me of the ol tale, of the fox looking after the hen house ? I would imagine, that a few sitting Councilors are sitting back grinning like a Cheshire cat, at the fumbling & bumbling of Mayor Les ? Counc. Dave “Benson” Murphy, has been running for the big job for years, what about Counc. Justin “lil Don” Towndale, would no doubt get the “nod” probably a good choice . Let’s not forget Counc. Carolyne Hebert, maybe, those bright lights are beckoning ? All this will unfold in less than three years folks, can we hold on that long ? lol

  23. Jamie every time I think about what Cornwall did to you with false statementgs and actions beyond belief I am pushed further and further away from that crazy, wacky, illiterate, keester kissing bunch of cliques and I can go on and on and on like the Eveready batteries. The way things are managed in Cornwall is managed into the pit of hell. You would never believe how I roar with laughter at this end and at the same time I just want to punch the living hell out of that dirty bunch including the BFPD and all the people who support this nonsense. The BFPD who had you thrown out were nearby most likely in a few rooms from the horseshoe area. Lez is no better than BOB at all and all were involved way ahead of time for this fiasco to happen – this was all planned out ahead of time. As for Brock Frost the only thing that he has is an education but other than that he cannot handle the public, and really is no good at anything but laying false charges on good and innocent people. The people of Cornwall are going to pay for what they do. If the people don’t wake the hell up down there they will go further and further into the hole. All we see is the same thing year after year after year and Cornwall has lost a great many good people and that is the truth. Good people leave for very good reasons and they don’t go back to such a hell hole.

  24. Jamie I don’t know where to post this but I went on the Freeloader and spotted the man from Cornwall Island Antoine Deslormier is dead at age of 67. The CSBA treated this man horribly when he was trying to get to the hospital for treatment. This is another black eye for Cornwall for not allowing this man to go to the hospital. At least they could have accompanied him to the hospital or get him an ambulance. Holy Toledo Cornwall has more black eyes against it than any other community.

  25. Black eye for Cornwall? No. Black eye for CBSA? Yes. There is a very big difference between Cornwall and the CBSA.

  26. What do you expect from councillors with not enought education to even try to make informed dicissions.We have to pay councillors and mayors more money so we can get well educated people running this city,the old saying coun,ldn.t be any more right YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.

  27. Cornwall doesn’t have a leader – all Lez did was stick himself on top of a photocopier and changed the face and body but his lunatic ideas stem from BOB. The council table is filled with lunacy and you cannot get any crazier than that. The fox guarding the hen house for sure. Now that the horse ran out of the stable they are even trying to put humpty dumpty back together again when he is smashed to pieces. Lez cannot lead a horse to water let alone a town.

  28. Pastor when I was in school many many long years ago I learned about the French Revolution about the kind of a civil strife between Catholics and Protestants in France and the Protestants were the Hugonots. I guess the same thing happened in England as well and many came over as refugees just like we see the Syrian people today. Nothing has changed where religion is concerned. Syrians who are Islamic and Sunni are in as much danger as Christians because ISIS is a fanatical religion if you want to call it a religion. Many people in Europe were burned at the stake and one was Joan of Arc. Things have always been the same and they won’t change until Jesus comes back to earth. Take a good look at what happened in Ireland between the Catholics and the Protestants and the bombings that went on in that beautiful country. My own family (parents) were divided over religion and I never knew my cousins – we were the most estranged bunch that you have laid your eyes on.

  29. If you all take a good hard look at the situation that Cornwall is in with no jobs and no prospects and the entire system is run by the clique and it is they who decide who can make a business in Cornwall or not and what kind of a business. Many people have gone to Cornwall in past years wanting to set up shop and were rejected and one was General Motors and Nick Kaneb turned it down and it became Massena’s gem. Nick Kaneb was a well educated man and had a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Boston Mass. US. Nick was not a stupid nor an illiterate person making big money punching buttons in a mill like a monkey and getting huge salaries. The unions is what destroyed Cornwall as well as our Canada, the US and Europe. All the indusries that were in Cornwall left for countries who will work for a lot less money and they are not coming back at all. The people of Cornwall have to change and get educated or else the town is not going anywhere. Lez cannot lead, has absolutely no vision and was only a mill hand and knew no other way of life and just follows BOB like as if he were his double. You the people out there have no other alternative but to change and you have to accept people from the outside like Jamie and I can tell you that Jamie is a good man. I recommended Lez because I knew that you people would not accept someone from the outside and that is wrong. Jamie has vision and for some mighty strange reason he likes Cornwall. When Jamie and his ex wife went to live in Cornwall the people didn’t want his services doing volunteer work nor join any committees and what does that tell you about yourselves. Honestly I would never live in a town like that at all and Jamie has gone through hell on earth and if that were me the stink that I would make would make everyone’s head spin. Jamie’s heart and soul are in the right place and it is about time that you all support him and accept him into the community. Jamie is doing things that I would never undertake to be humiliated like what he went through. All the best to Jamie and I mean that all the way and said that since the beginning. I sure could not have gone through what Jamie went through at all.

  30. Yes unions killed jobs. But let’s be clear on something. They killed more than just jobs in Cornwall, they’ve killed jobs across Canada and the U.S.A. The cost of living in Canada is much greater than the U.S., or Mexico.

    I’ll agree most of the jobs available in Cornwall are not the greatest. But when you don’t have a job any job is better than no job.

    Changing a city’s culture is not easy.

    Yeap, all us country bumpkins in Cornwall have to get educated or we won’t amount to anything. I agree to a point. But the retired portion of Cornwall are done with the education system. Ontario’s education system is in such a mess.

  31. Author

    Hugger you can’t put all the blame on Unions. NAFTA destroyed us. It gave companies the incentive to move overseas and pay lower wages without the same regulations they face here. It tilted the deck and we have never been the same since. Add in the standard Union behavior and many of our industries were doomed.

  32. I didn’t put all the blame on the unions. There are so many factors involved in why economies get tanked.

  33. Hugger we sure do pay mighty high taxes in Canada and that is for sure. Now that the US has Obamacare the taxes are getting higher. Califormia is like living in Vancouver B.C. which is a place for the very rich and not for the ordinary people. People are leaving California for Texas for work and a little less in the cost of housing, etc. TPP is going to shock all of us – wait until it is ratified. The big corporations and banksters are the cause of all of our problems and things are going to get worse.

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