Crown Jennifer Burke Language Snafu Led to Laframboise $2K Fine in Death of Kristine Cadieux 013018

Cornwall Ontario – The big question many are asking is if Jennifer Burke should be fired as a Crown after the Cadieux case has been exposed?

It’s becoming clear that she assigned an articling student to a case involving a francophone from Quebec that resulted in a death. Instead of assigning to an assistant crown she sent in a Unilingual student for this case with no impact statement from the family.

Likewise there was no order for a sleep test for Felix Laframboise who stated that is why the accident occured.  There are many conditions that if were in fact at play would require a loss of licence period for Mr. Laframboise, but clearly no tests were ordered and the plea of being asleep at 7 AM may have helped reduce the charge and result.

Clearly the Attorney General’s office has to step into this case, if for no other reason to fully investigate what occurred at the Cornwall Crown office?

We have no received copies of the transcript from the tragic hearing.

The cover outlines who appeared before JoP L.Logue.


“We don’t have carriage of the, of the matter.”

That is something the crown should clarify and answer to.

Mr. Laframboise actually offers to have his moment in English, but the JOP maintains that it stay in French in spite of the linguistic challenges of the hearing.   Was she more concerned about language than Justice?   The JoP even fumbles the term “carelessly” as we see below.

It appears we now have Mr. Lafromboise mother speaking to the event as well.

This page is heartbreaking.  Can you imagine if the Cadieux family had been present to witness this Keystone Kops circus?

This is where Felix admits to being asleep, but again, no testing.  No forensic testing to backup the theory that a wee Ford Focus hitting a van dead on from behind would cause it to roll rather than a Quebec pass clipping the corner of the van as they came out of the construction zone.

Again, this wasn’t really a hearing or anything remotely equivalent to a trial.  The outcome was agreed before Mr. Laframboise entered the room which means that as farcical as this played out ultimately the big decisions were made prior which means that Jennifer Burke has some questions to answer to the family and those others who care about this case.

It appears that in this case, and countless others our local justice system isn’t up to snuff and needs to be reviewed and some officers of the court and even justices replaced.

What do you think should have happened dear CFN viewers?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. With its outright display of contempt for justice, the crown along with a justice of the peace, have made a mockery of themselves… Their inept acts and ommissions are a scandal to our courts.

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