Cornwall Ontario –  It’s amazing how far some can get in the Cornwall area with just a PSW certificate.   Makes this writer think I should get one too. Cornwall City Councilor Maurice Dupelle has seen his take him to a top management position with near Sunshine List remuneration with CommunityContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – The big question many are asking is if Jennifer Burke should be fired as a Crown after the Cadieux case has been exposed? It’s becoming clear that she assigned an articling student to a case involving a francophone from Quebec that resulted in a death. Instead ofContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Robert Cadieux and his V.O.I.C.E. members are celebrating today after Cornwall Crown Jennifer Burke ( Yes,that Jennifer Burke behind this writers false arrest, and conditions being maintained after a production order showed no phone calls were made so no threats were made) sent a fax to Mr.Continue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – We have a system that is utterly broken.  It’s a cash machine for law enforcement and judicial system that essentially depend on each other to earn their incomes and improve their budgets. There is a very low threshold of accountability for abuses or errors by police, andContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –   When I heard about the case of one of Canada’s most decorated soldiers, Collin Fitzgerald,  being utterly screwed over by our court system right here at the Cornwall court house I rushed over. Because of this newspaper a requested gag  order by the crown might haveContinue Reading

Jian Ghomeshi’s life will never be the same.  The countless legal bills incurred, the damage to his reputation, and at the end of the line the loss of quality of life and earnings can never be repaired. Chiefly because there is no real accountability of Crown Attorney’s in Ontario.  Continue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – So the question today is why won’t the Cornwall Community Police proceed with my complaint against Michael Bedard? Mr. Bedard made clearly false claims in February 2014 that I’d made threatening phone calls to him which resulted in my eventually being charged by police. The claim wasContinue Reading