Cornwall City Councilor Maurice Dupelle at Centre of Ministry Investigation & Court Case via Community Living Glengarry 042718

Cornwall Ontario –  It’s amazing how far some can get in the Cornwall area with just a PSW certificate.   Makes this writer think I should get one too.

Cornwall City Councilor Maurice Dupelle has seen his take him to a top management position with near Sunshine List remuneration with Community Living Glengarry, based in Alexandria,  where he used to run the White Swan Linen service, a social enterprise that was essentially exploiting handicapped workers.  A larger question may simply be why Community Living has someone with only a PSW certificate dealing with issues that have led to this disaster?

Now he’s at the centre of a case involving his initial handling of an incident between two adults who have guardians and are under the auspices of Community Living Glengarry.

The case is now in court because of the gross dropping of the ball by Cornwall area crown Matthew Collins who himself may be called onto the carpet for suggesting that someone who has a guardian has adult competency.  In fact he’s spent thousands of tax dollars on a case that clearly seems to have been botched by himself and probably should never have made it to court leading to several of the parties lawyering up and as one legal local wag shared;


He’s made such a mess of it he has to push it through to try and cover his ass.

It’s ironic that under Jennifer Burke her offices would spend this many resources on such a case when they spent so few on the Cadieux death investigation and prosecution, but then this is a local justice system that may have just put an alleged long time crooked police officer who was recently pushed out of the CCPS in as a Justice of the Peace?

Community Living’s Danielle Duranceau confirmed with CFN during a telephone call that they are in court and that CLG wanted to cooperate fully.  Councilor Dupelle did not respond to calls from CFN.

We will be updating this story as more information is available.

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