BREAKING – Cornwall Crown Appeals Laframboise $2K Fine for Death of Kristine Cadieux 011918

Cornwall Ontario – Robert Cadieux and his V.O.I.C.E. members are celebrating today after Cornwall Crown Jennifer Burke ( Yes,that Jennifer Burke behind this writers false arrest, and conditions being maintained after a production order showed no phone calls were made so no threats were made) sent a fax to Mr. Cadieux’s lawyer that in fact an appeal would be made to the decision in POA court against Felix Laframboise.

Mr. Cadieux posted the news earlier this afternoon.  We will be updating the story to add his comment to CFN viewers.

As we reported earlier (LINK)  no victims statement had been entered before sentencing and Mr. Cadieux appeared to have been left out of the prosecution before a sweetheart $2,000 fine was given to Mr. Laframboise in the collision on the 401 that resulted in the death of Kristine Cadieux, severe long term injuries to Mr. Cadieux,  and an emotional and financial devastation to the family.

In fact the now 21 year old Mr. Lafromboise’ license wasn’t even suspended.

The bigger question is why didn’t Ms Burke prosecute the high profile case herself instead of it going through a rookie prosecutor in POA court?

Mr. Cadieux created a facebook group dedicated to holding the justice system more accountable and this seems like a first victory for the group which has grown to over 1,000 members since CFN broke the story four days ago, which has since been picked up regionally by many media outlets.

The group is moving forward.  For more information you can check them out by clicking THIS LINK.

Updated to add a statement from Robert Cadieux 

Congratulations to the members of V.O.I.C.E and all the others who have taken a stand on this issue.  We thank the hardworking press for their much valued coverage of this story.  The fight for justice in this instance is not over until we have our victim impact statements read at the resentencing hearing.   Once that is done an apology from the accused should be forthcoming.  At that point the Cadieux Family will accept the apology and attempt to rebuild our shattered lives.

However the members of V.O.I.C.E and the public need to know what happened in this case. We will be pressing for an investigation into why and how a deal reached on July 27 2017 was permitted months before all of the evidence was collected and assessed.

Further other court cases will have the full support of V.O.I.C.E and we will make just as much noise. We have a new group with 1400 members who are sick and tired of the way victims are being treated.

The criminals are being given the most reduced sentences possible while the victims are left to fight with their own insurance left to deal with health care issues that require a sharp mind.

They are left to deal with years and years of legal wrangling that leave them frustrated.  No more deals in backrooms without the victim’s knowledge.

V.O.I.C.E was the driving force in getting these results and will continue to do so for other victims when the system is failing.

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