Ministry of Health Responds to NDP Report of Man Kept in Hospital Loo for 13 Days! 022118

Cornwall Ontario –   The NDP sent out a release about a shocking incident.   A man in Sudbury was said to be forced to spend 13 days in a hospital bathroom!  The fact that the man was a senior is scary.

Here is their abbreviated release below:

Gélinas says patient kept in hospital bathroom for 13 days


QUEEN’S PARK – NDP Health critic and Nickel Belt MPP, France Gélinas, asked in question period Wednesday why Leo, a Sudbury man in his early seventies, was forced to spend 13 days in a hospital bathroom after being admitted for a painful back injury.


Photos of Leo’s show a small bathroom, with the head of Leo’s hospital bed pushed up against a toilet.


Gélinas demanded that the Liberal government take action to reverse the overcrowding crisis that is forcing so many Ontario families into heartbreaking situations like Leo’s.


[bs-quote quote=”“Leo spent 13 days in the small, cramped bathroom with a toilet directly behind his head. When I visited him, I couldn’t believe where he was being forced to receive his medical care – I wondered if it was even sanitary,” said Gélinas.” style=”style-14″ align=”center” author_name=”France Gelinas ” author_job=”NDP Critic”][/bs-quote]


Since May 2016, Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath has been releasing internal hospital data obtained through Freedom of Information laws showing the severity and breadth of the overcrowding crisis. Leo’s story is not unique. 


CFN requested a comment from the Ministry of Health in response to the NDP statement.   Laura Gallant sent us the following audio clip and comment for publication.

Media scrum with Minister of Health Eric Hoskins

As well Laura Gallant added:

[bs-quote quote=” At Health Sciences North, we’ve increased investment by over $14 million over the past two years, to a total annual investment of $279 million.

In addition, in this year’s Budget, more than $30 million in new investments have been committed to hospitals across Northern Ontario.” style=”default” align=”center” color=”#dd3333″ author_name=”Laura Gallant” author_job=”MOHLTC”][/bs-quote]

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  1. Something seriously amiss if this was allowed to continue for so long.

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