Petty Ignorant SD&SG NDP Candidate Marc Benoit Just Doesn’t Get it – by Jamie Gilcig 061018

Cornwall Ontario –  My gosh there are a lot of little political turdettes that take runs at office!   People still don’t get it.  Being an elected official is serving the public – that includes people that you might not like or even like you.  It means that if you’re successful you have to represent everyone or else you end up like Kathy Wynne – in the toilet with one of the worst political legacies in Ontario history.

My personal experiences with Benoit frankly have been less than impressive.   He seemed to be essentially part of a small NDP local clique of very strange people who have about as much chance of winning an election that my dachshund  does,  and at least he’s cute.

We live in a Democracy which means people like Benoit have the right to be as odd and weird as they are.  If they want to look like a character out of a Dostoyevsky novel hoping to gain office that’s their choice, but there simply are basic realities.   But if we don’t cherish, support, and nurture that Democracy we see what’s going on in dark corners of Ontario like Cornwall, and that’s a slippery slope.

For example, anyone that runs for office and doesn’t try to gain the support and access of area media outlets simply is…well….ignorant.   To spend anyone’s donated cash is frankly a sin in that manner.


“We are the only voice now that is going to stop Doug Ford and his plan to wreck our public services and destroy everything that this province holds dear. The only thing between him and that is the NDP, and we are not going to be the voice for a change for the better,” Benoit told the Standard-Freeholder. “We are not going to give up. The fight does not stop tonight.”

Now that’s one egomaniacal muppet.    The only solution it seems to many of his party’s problems pointed out were the hiring of more workers.    His leader said she’d refuse to use back to work legislation if elected premier.

What exactly is this ignorant radical fighting?  $1 beer?  What has he ever done to actually contribute to society other than hang around the shark tank at SLC trying to look like a revolutionary?  In Cornwall?  Really? lol

Looking at his linkedin profile he essentially graduated from the pathetically bad now defunct Journalism program at SLC and then hung around in student government while getting the odd freelance gig from the Freeholder.

Clearly at his age he doesn’t seem to understand what it takes to earn a living or produce value?   Many people that seem to be like our young muppet simply don’t understand that without people that create or produce there is no cash left for public servants.     It’s mystifying.  Maybe he needs to get a job and really feel what it’s like to be a real worker?

This election Mr. Benoit didn’t reach out a single time to the city’s largest newspaper.   He certainly knew we exist as he chatted with our Associate Publisher while she was in town last month.    But more importantly the word Democrat is in the name of his Party.   IF  members of the NDP don’t support or practice democracy, which includes freedom of the press, even if they don’t always write nice things about you,  what does that say about our society?   If someone that wanted to represent the viewers of this newspaper refused essentially to communicate with them why would he expect their support?

And we have an awful lot of viewers and not just in the Cornwall area.

Why would they participate in any general all candidate debate that excluded media outlets?  That’s not Democratic. It’s a gross corruption of Democracy as the Chamber of Commerce did again; even requiring one outlet it did allow to only record or shoot from a distant angle.  IE giving preference to one outlet over an other while excluding others completely is not a recipe for Democracy, but then again in the last municipal election the former President, Kevin Hargreaves, essentially said screw the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and then his restaurant went bust.

The NDP had a 27% chance of winning this riding at the outset of the election.   That number faded fast after Mr. Benoit was nominated to run and in the dying week of the election as Andrea Horwath Hudaked herself.  Most people in Cornwall had never heard of Mr. Benoit simply put.   There was no Orange Crush in this election where non candidates could get free gigs.

There was a clear desire for change in this province.  The people that actually pay the bills wanted to be represented because frankly they haven’t for quite awhile.

We’re not there yet.  Sometimes you have to burn down the metaphorical forest before it can regrow.   The Ford PC government may not solve some of the cancer inflicting Ontario, but for many it’s at least a change in direction from what clearly wasn’t working.

And anyone that wants to be in elected office or a public servant should be wise enough to have seen that and act accordingly, and actually listen to people which you can’t do if you hide from them as he chose to do.

Marc Benoit needs to get a real job and learn a bit about life before he runs again, or he can mimic the equally pathetic Liberal candidate, Heather Megill, another one that doesn’t support Democracy, and run for City Council.

What an odd world……

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  1. Well he is NDP after all. What kind of chance would he really have around here of getting elected? A snowman would have a better chance in July.

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