Is the Ford Campaign Running Out of Steam? By Jamie Gilcig 052518

Cornwall Ontario – Even short campaigns have their peaks and valleys.    After it became clear that Premier Kathleen Wynne and her Liberals were toast there’s been a huge shift, especially from the Labour Block, back to the NDP which has given Andrea Horwath and her NDP momentum.

Lots of momentum.

And in elections, especially short runs, that can be a deal maker.

The question is if it’s time for Doug Ford to stop his bus whistle tour of the province and up his game, or gamble that the breakdowns of the public support is enough.  Does his campaign have a higher gear he can shift to?

Right now it’s looking as if an election were held today we’d have a minority government and depending on which way the Dachshund farts it would be either Ford or Horwath we would address as Premier the next day.

Ultimately a minority government would not be a bad thing right now although it would be fascinating to have Kathy be the straw that stirs the stick and see whether she holds her nose and would support Ford,  or if her ego would allow her to support the dippers after Labour essentially back stabbed her this election?

While it’s not surprising to see the shift to Orange and the surge in numbers,  the election is still Ford’s to Wynne,  or lose.

What do you think dear CFN viewers?  You can post your comments below.


  1. It all boils down to the fact that the Cons keep choosing certifiable asshats to lead them. It’s like they are deliberately throwing elections.

  2. The best scenario for the province is a minority government. The Fiberals will be lucky to get 10 seats. So they’ll just be over the definition of an official party. It’ll probably be a PC or NDP minority government propped up by the other. I have no issues with that. Minority governments are good as the governing party can’t do as they please without repercussions from their supporting partner.

  3. Jamie I have changed my mind about voting for Ford Conservatives for a certain good reason. There is a man by the name of Kevin J. Johnston in Toronto who is very racist and supports this man Ford and is up for racism. I have read enough about all of this and I will vote back Kathleen Wynne even though I don’t care for her she is still the better pick. There is so much that I want to say.

  4. Jules, lots of conservatives can’t stand the idea of Ford being premier. The PCs are obviously still not ready to rule with the caliber of leaders they have chosen over the last several years.

  5. Furtz after all the investigations that I have made and it frightened me like you wouldn’t believe to put Ford in the seat of Ontario. Very few people are really qualified for the job so I am sticking with Winnie until a much better person comes along. Ford cannot perform miracles and Ontario is in a disaster economically. Things are very dire.

  6. McGuinty Jr….now that makes sense!!

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